We believed we could build a better search. We had
a simple idea, that not all pages are created equal.
Some are more important.
~ Sergey Brin, Co-Founder, Google
It’s quite complicated and sounds circular, but
we’ve worked out a way of calculating a website’s
~ Larry Page, Co-Founder, Google
To rank well, build a site so fantastic that it makes you
an authority in your niche.
~ Matt Cutts, Head of Google Web Spam Team

People respect and follow important people more than others. Note that Google ranks important pages and sites higher than others.  We may be on to something with this subject matter expert thing.
If you’ve been around the online marketing scene for a while, you may be familiar with the paradox of search engine optimization (SEO).  SEO is the art and science of ranking high in the search engines, of course primarily  Google, for the words people are using to find what you have to offer.
Folks, here’s the dealio:
If people think you’re important, Google will think you are important too as a subject matter expert or authority

This confuses many webmasters and online marketers, since they wonder how people will deem them important when people use search engines to find things online in the first place. How are you important  or a subject matter expert if you’re invisible in the search engines?
And how does Google know that folks think you’re important or a subject matter expert anyway?


Stay tuned!

Faith Sloan – Subject Matter Expert on lotsa stuff.

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