Wake Up Now (WUN) Officially Closed February 09, 2015

It pains me and it puts a black eye on the Network Marketing industry when the distributors in 2 different Network Marketing companies fight one another. This is what is going on since Wake Up Now (WUN) has shut down.

No. This has been going on with Wake Up Now (WUN) and Vemma and then Wake Up Now and RE247365 for quite some time now.

Faith Sloan Talks RE247365, Vemma and Wake Up Now WUNFaith Sloan Talks RE247365, Vemma and Wake Up Now WUN Faith Sloan Talks RE247365, Vemma and Wake Up Now WUN

Many of you know what I think about  RE247365 because I said my 5 cents on a previous post on my blog.

Armando Torres is partnering with Peter Jensen (PJ) to revamp RE247365.  He reached out to me just to inform me of the great things they are going to be doing and are doing. I am happy to hear that. Torres has given RE247365 a cash infusion, I believe, and now their energy business is in many more states and the travel business supposedly has the lowest prices you can find any where.

Good for them and I do wish them the best. But there is no way I can look at them since many of the people who built RE247365 were not paid the bonuses due them. I don’t have any personal vendetta against, Peter Jensen. This is just business. You breach a contract, you should work extremely hard to make it right…. just business. Moving on …

Now back to Wake Up Now (WUN) officially closed as of today 09February2015.

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When RE247365 came on the circuit, many WUN distributors jumped ship and started working the RE247365 business. That caused a lot of public contention amongst the distributors in facebook, youtube and other social networks. Then when RE247365 encountered some major problems with alleged fraud, bank account issues, and merchant services vendor putting a lot of their cash in reserve, the WUN distributors had a party bashing the RE247365 distributors who jumped the Wake Up Now ship.  Big time fighting was going on there…

Now that it was announced that Wake Up Now (WUN) Officially Closed (I believe WUN filed bankruptcy), it may appear that some of the WUN distributors have pie on their faces because of course, the RE247365 distributors are giving them some of their own medicine.

I believe we should all just take a deep breath. Let us embrace the network marketing BETTER WAY and show everyone that we’re BIGGER than the fighting that is going on. It truly isn’t worth it because at the end of the day, everyone will move on and find another home.

Just like any business outside of the network marketing realm has a high probability of failure, network marketing companies are no different. that is just the nature of business. Some fail and a few succeed.

Let us come together and minimize the black eyes that our industry is taking as a result of our public actions.

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