Here we go AGAIN. USA Government FTC Closes Down VEMMA for what?

Well according to the guv’ment

Federal Trade Commission says nutritional beverage company engaged in ‘deceptive and unlawful acts and practices

I saw this account at


Although Nguyen remained skeptical about Vemma, she promised to try it out for a year, signing up in late July. But she didn’t have enough money to pay for the $500 Affiliate Starter Pack, which she would need to qualify for the tempting car bonus Vemma promises some of the affiliates who have climbed the ranks and reached the Diamond level. All Nguyen was able to scrounge together was $150. By signing up under Castro, she had become part of his “downline”; as her “upline,” he stands to profit from a portion of Nguyen’s sales and recruitment efforts. Immediately after joining, she began to pitch her friends and acquaintances to join the company, hoping to recoup her costs and build her own downline.

Vemma seemed to offer the things she desperately wanted: a sense of community and financial autonomy. She dreamed of going to college without having to rely on student loans. She had been told her son might inherit her student loan debt and she didn’t want to take that chance.

Only, making money through Vemma proved to be harder than Nguyen had expected. Conspicuously absent from the brand ambassadors’ sales pitch was the fact that while the company raked in millions of dollars, turning a select handful of those at the top into millionaires, 97 percent of those who joined the company averaged less than $13,000 per year, according to Vemma’s 2013 income-disclosure statement.

Nguyen has tried talking to her co-workers at her day job at a local amusement park about joining the company, but most of them blow her off, she says, telling her it’s a pyramid scheme. That’s a sign of the fading influence of Vemma. In 2012, Arizona State University was instrumental in marketing the group to students and launching the “Young People Revolution,” also known as the YPR movement, but times have changed. Most of the students in Phoenix, Scottsdale and Tempe questioned by Al Jazeera America said they had heard of the company, immediately identifying it as a pyramid scheme.


Well, I, for one wouldn’t  listen to a bunch of folks working for minimum wage at a local amusement park calling any business a pyramid scheme. They aren’t exactly experts in analyzing business models nor in providing a living wage for themselves. They are walking around with eyes wide shut working for peanuts while the amusement park owners are living the good life while they have zero chance of making it to the top. But that’s neither here nor there. We encounter these ‘experts’ every day in the USA.

If you are a vacumn cleaner door to door salesman and you got 100 BIG FAT NO’s a week, does that mean the vacumn cleaner company is a scam? However you answer this… says a lot about you. Maybe it just ain’t what you should be doing. Try something else … perhaps flipping burgers at McDonalds’ or finding your WHY … finding your PASSION and giving that a whirl.

People go into network marketing/MLM because they let someone RAH RAH them and put promises of glitter, gold, fast fun life, cars and pretty/handsome people in their lives while cash fall down from the sky without any work involved.

Sorry boys and girls … if you fall for that, that’s on you. Take the busted bubble as a learned lesson and don’t do it again. Ya gotta get serious about your business just as you had to get serious about getting your Bachelors of Science degree in Chemistry. There ain’t no such thing as a FREE Ride. But you already knew that. <wink wink>

Being that more than 80% of small businesses (NOT MLM) FAIL every year in the USA, can we say that those 80% are scams? Really? Crap happens. When you are enterprising, you will experience failures. The eventual winners will dust off their knees and go at it one mo’ time. So when 80% or MORE of MLM affiliates fail, why do the outsiders scream scam and pyramid and the insiders who FAIL go running to the authorities claiming they were involved in a Pyramid? Sounds fishy to me. Just because you got involved in a company with viable products  that you tried to promote to me and others, and you failed miserably, does not warrant such an outlandish conclusion.


So the FTC Closes Down Vemma.

On the other hand, if this is true, then VEMMA needs to be SMACKED! A former affiliatte who calls himself the anonymous “Revanchist” had something to say…

The Revanchist argues that to receive most commissions and bonuses (like the car), Vemma requires auto-deliveries of products. Multiple FTC complaints also accuse the company of using customers’ credit cards to charge for recurring monthly shipments they never requested. Just last year, a class-action lawsuit was filed against Vemma in California. Representing “tens of thousands of members,” it accuses the company of charging customers for auto-deliveries of the products every month without consent.

Vemma was closed down for, among other things, using “interrelated companies that commingle funds and have common ownership, officers, directors and office locations,” according to the FTC lawsuit.

I am sure that some of the complaints are legitimate. But here is one that is a non-complaint.

Vemma Complaint to TFT Record 9 on Faith Sloan blog

Vemma Complaint to TFT Record 9

So not only deceiving the masses and requiring autoship and affiliates telling recruits they must buy the BIGGER more EXPENSIVE packages in order to become the next Donald Trump …. they also had operational violations.

SIDE NOTE: Who wants to have hair like Donald Trump any way…

But I digress…

Yeah FTC closes down Vemma for these ‘things’ BEFORE litigation … BEFORE the court has issued a ruling … BEFORE they are found guilty. But that is the USA government. Democracy and Freedom in action. Loving it!

I do NOT agree with MLM companies MANDATING Autoship in order for an affiliate to collect commissions on retail products that they WORKED to generate. That is ridiculously unfair to a new small independent business owner. We need to kill that crap in the MLM industry. Hello? Direct Selling Association (DSA)? Act in a leadership capacity here .. why don’t you?

If the product is great, then the affiliates/distributors are going to buy the products on autoship any way. If your products are fluff , over-priced and sucky, no one wants to buy it and no one can sell it except for the slick talking distributor who sells ice to eskimos! Be confident in your offerings. Have offerings that are in high demand, consumable, priced competitively and you won’t have an issue with killing the Autoship Mandate.

Now … It was also documented that CEO Benson Keith Boreyko made roughly $12 million in 2013 – 7,500 times more than three-quarters of Vemma affiliates.

My first reaction to this non-news was YAWWWNNN… That is nothing compared to what Bank of America top Executives pull in compared to their customers AND employees. Give me a break. If that was a criteria for labeling a scam, then let us beat down the doors of American Airlines. Oh yeah… and the taxpayers bailed their greedy evil butts out and they still are unwilling to give average folks a re-structured mortgage loan or the American small businesses a loan on a rainy day. Phtooey!

How about Jeff Bezos of Amazon whose net worth is $46.7BILLION. A far cry from $12million that Keith Boreyko is taking home. And I betcha that 100% of Jeff’s employees and customers net worth can’t touch his numbers. Can we say “Silly Relevance”?

How about Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg almost THIRTY SIX BILLION DOLLARS net worth off the backs of his gazillions of FREE members, their content, their friends, their contacts? Really? AGAIN “Silly Point of Relevance”. IRRELEVANT!

Yes… another article coming soon … Amazon, Facebook, Google and the lot of them collecting all kinds of demographics on us for FREE and making TRILLIONS combined on them. That is legal as all heck because they are complicit with the USA government. Another digression…

Ya know … I remember that the Wake Up Now (WUN) guys were fighting with the Vemma guys. And WUN became a royal mess and the distributors on both sides of the fence were acting like little children screaming “my company is better than your company”. Since WUN was shut down by corporate incompetence, mismanagement, and hype-o-critical (no that’s not a misspelling…), is it possible that those anonymous complaints originated from some Wake Up Now folks? Just fold for thought, my friends. hmmm..

My name is Faith Sloan and I could give a hoot what anonymous people on the internet has to say.  Show your identity and only then will you matter. YES! I approve this message. BOOYAH!

Darn FTC Closes Down Vemma. I mean “REALLY?”

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