I was doing some research and reading about leadership. We need to be discerning about what we read online by so-call gurus and true leaders. It was written on more than one blog and educational material as well as spoken in many high priced training videos some of the following points …

You can tell if someone is a true leader. True Leaders never sell products on their social network profiles. Top Leaders ONLY motivate and give advice.  They lead people to succeed by telling them the steps to succeed. Top Leaders display vacation photos, family and loved ones photos and their appearance at events and training sessions

I write that to tell you this. THAT IS HOGWASH!

First of all Motivation comes from within and does NOT come from other people no matter how much you look up to them. A pep talk and the hoopla rah rah crap works … temporarily. You get all worked up and say “I CAN DO IT!” “I WILL WORK UNTIL I BLEED TO GET TO MY WHY!”. Then you get home or a week later, you are back to your old habits.  This so call motivation creates temporary team momentum and slight performance increase. It really isn’t motivation!

I believe that one of the qualities of a TRUE LEADER or even  a PARENT (LOL!) is that we do what we ask our team to do … not what we spew out of our mouths. We, too, MUST SELL products at every chance we get … be proud of network marketing and the business that we choose to embrace… Relax and stop taking life so stuck up darn seriously … Stop pretending that we are ABOVE all others…

Truth be told … not many of these so call ‘true leaders’ are selling products in their network marketing company! I truly believe in LEVERAGE and leveraging on the efforts of my team. But I also believe in selling products. I like to see regular people consume my products and come back with a big ol’ thumbs up! That makes me feel good. Do I have to spend my life selling products? Absolutely not. But SHUCKS! Sell some products you big ol’ leader you!  …AND become a product of the product, why don’t you?

I remember being told a couple of years ago by a colleague and friend that I am “too available”. I asked what the heck did that mean. He tells me that I answer everyone’s call immediately. I respond to all skype messages. I support OTHER people’s team members.

I laughed and said “GET OUTTA HEAH!”  I do that because I am Faith Sloan? and Faith Sloan enjoys helping and supporting people.

Who said you had to become an UNAPPROACHABLE JACK ARSE JERK in order to be considered a TRUE Leader?

Oh Don’t be RIDICULOUS! Ye Read Too Many Silly stuff on the intrnet … You start drinking the Koolaid and Eating the Dog Food.

Methinks it is time for YOU to become more discerning in what you choose to BELIEVE on the Internet.

True leadership ain’t difficult but it also isn’t you pretending you are who you aren’t or acting as if you are a tainted form of God Almighty. Be yourself my  true leaders!

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