“Total Life Changes are scammers.” “TLC is scamming us.” “TLC is taking our $40 autoship money and not shipping our tea.” “I QUIT!” “My customers are angry.” “I am angry. This sucks!” “Why doesn’t Total Life Changes get its stuff together?” “I have never seen anything like this mess!” “They keep hanging up on me!” “Customer support sucks!” “Why don’t they hire more people to handle the calls?”

LOL! Those are some of the comments I am hearing from people who claim that they want to change their lives for the better.  A little pebble in the road and you bust a vein and go ballistic. Shucks! I’d never pass you a baton in a relay. You’d go insane with an outpouring of heated vitriole when the team behind you kicks a rock at your shin. Chuckle Chuckle…

If you have never experienced any issues in your life worst than having to wait a month for tea, then you have been living the good life, for sure! Many people are worried about paying their car note, paying their mortgage, making sure their children are safe and not exposed to addictive drugs, wrecked and sick that their loved ones are suffering from the holds of cancer, etc.

So if I can just get through a month without tea, I promise I won’t kill myself or my neighbors’ children!

We are business owners and I thought that we get that and that we suck up all the education and training we can get in order to communicate that publicly. Our mouths dictate our success. What we say has a tremendous effect on the outcome of our efforts. Our efforts dictate our success. And of course, our BELIEF dictates our success.

If you believe it is a scam, watch the videos. In one of the videos, they tell you how to request a refund and leave the company. They WILL give you the refund and the money will be back onto your debit/credit card within 3-5 days.  Do the same thing with your customers who want a refund. It is only fair. Then y’all can skip happily home and feel much much better without the huge burden of waiting a whollllllllllle month for some darn tea! LOL!

Every single day, no matter how we tell the people that with massive growth comes new business problems that has to be addressed, folks roll their eyes and continue to carry on long conversations with one another in facebook and elsewhere of the “woe be me” nature.  LOL! Sounds like a party I won’t be attending.

Folks then come back and say “Faith, I get it, but the customers don’t care!” I say “Manage your customers’ expectations! You are an independent business owner (IBO).”

Ask the Lloyds, Portis’ and Scotts the pain they endured a year ago with Total Life Changes. You think waiting 21 business days is the end of the world? Shucks! That pales in comparison to what the front runners experienced in the early days of TLC.

Guess what? Now they are millionaires! They didn’t QUIT! They didn’t publicly  moan and groan. They communicated the issues with their team. They talked to their customers. Some IBOs quit and some customers left. It is OKAY! That’s life.

Many in network marketing or traditional business or even sports, embarking on goals, etc will QUIT when the going gets tough! Shucks! If my only concern in life is that my tea order is taking a month to get me, then I am having a WONDERFUL LIFE! LOL!  Really? Seriously?

I am NOT a QUITTER. My PURPOSE in life is MUCH BIGGER than a late shipment of tea. My “WHY” is MUCH BIGGER than a temporary hiccup which WILL soon be something of the past. I can see it now. We’re all drinking tea and coffee at an event and saying “Remember when …?” And all busting out laughing because we ENDURED the uhhh “pain” of waiting for tea.

There are 20 different products we and our customers have access to. Just separate your orders. If you want to buy IASO EMU OIL, then don’t bundle the order with the tea. Then you will get the IASO OIL within 3-5 days while you wait for the tea.

Come on people! Put your life’s problems in perspective.  I am almost SURE that the other issues you tackle in your life on a daily basis are far more pressing and painful than uhhh.. waiting a month for tea. It even sounds crazy when I type it. Busting an artery over tea? Getting ulcers over tea? Getting headaches because I have to wait for tea? Screaming and fussing over late shipment of tea? WOW! CRAZY!

Some of us have to work on our Personal Development and Mindset. There are a lot of training online that can help with that.


Faith Sloan
skype: faithsloan
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