Total Life Changes Shipping Loads of Tea.

TLC Backordered Tea is Shipping! YES!

Buy 1 month supply of TLC Total Life Changes Delgada Weight Loss Coffee and NRG capsules today!

Breaking News!
Total Life Changes Shipping Loads of Tea

TLC is strategically bringing the tea back where a limited supply will be ordered per IBO. This will ensure that we don’t end up in the same position as before.

No more ordering hundreds and thousands of tea sachets!

Thank you, Dexter and Tonya Joyner Scott!

The team members in shipping worked all weekend and we now have tracking numbers for orders placed on April 27th!! They are now preparing to ship autoships which will bring us to a place of “Caught Up”!!!

Just wanted to share the news and keep you updated. Blessings!

GET BINARY QUALIFIED NOW Before TLC run commission report early Friday morning at midnight! Don’t lose your CarryOver that you have in the bank. OUCH!


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Total Life Changes Iaso Tea – Rep ID# 3341031 (TLC)

TLC Iaso Tea has a 20+ year history. It offers a unique blend of all-natural ingredients designed to deliver spectacular results.

Faith Sloan Top Leader Total Life Changes Products Review

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