Total Life Changes No More CarryOver Volume if you do NOT GET BINARY QUALIFIED Folks! URGENT and EFFECTIVE June 01, 2015!

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So what does Total Life Changes mean by becoming Binary Qualified?
Binary Qualified means you are on AUTOSHIP and have a personally enrolled ACTIVE distributor in each of your 2 (left and right) legs.

According to TLC, An ACTIVE distributor is defined as an IBO who completes a qualifying order every 30 days at the minimum point requirement. The order can be an AUTOSHIP order or a personal order as long as it meets the minimum points required. I RECOMMEND AN AUTOSHIP ORDER TO ENSURE THAT THE REQUIREMENT IS MET EVERY 30 DAYS. Set and Forget it in your Total Life Changes backoffice!

BEGINNING JUNE 1, 2015: If you are NOT BINARY QUALIFIED in Total Life Changes,  then your carryover volume will not accumulate for you in your back office. It will flush each pay period until you become binary qualified.

Yes. It is here and will be enforced … Total Life Changes No More CarryOver Volume.

If you currently have carryover and are not BINARY QUALIFIED then you need to become BINARY QUALIFIED before June 1, 2015 to keep and continue accumulating those carryover points.

This has always been a rule in the compensation plan but the company has not been enforcing it. They will begin enforcing it starting June 1st. Total Life Changes No More CarryOver Volume

This is a no-brainer, ladies and gentlemen!

How to get this taken care of?


Team, Many of you on my team have been privileged to received a lot of volume on the power leg. You have been sitting there staring at it and planning around it for MONTHS!

Now you MUST step up to the plate and get binary qualified NOW! RIGHT NOW before Friday at midnight when commission run happens!

Come on guys! Just 2 people at $40? JUST TWO? Seriously?? LOL!


TLC IBOs will now be allowed to skip ranks. You will no longer be required to hit the previous ranks before you can qualify for the next rank. For example…I can become Director in my first week of business with Total Life Changes and not have to become Associate first. Or I can be a Director this week and skip all the way to National the next week as long as I meet all the requirements.



Faith Sloan asks the IMPORTANT Question: Are you READY? If you want to join the Whys Guys, the Best Total Life Changes Team TLC and you are ready to commit to a total life change, click here to get started. If you want to join the WHYS GUYS Total Life Changes TeamBuild, then call me 1.800.670.3202, email me: unstoppablesuccessteam @ gmail com or skype me: faithsloan or meet me in Facebook faith.sloan.Godschild.

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Total Life Changes Iaso Tea – Rep ID# 3341031 (TLC)

TLC Iaso Tea has a 20+ year history. It offers a unique blend of all-natural ingredients designed to deliver spectacular results.

Faith Sloan Top Leader Total Life Changes Products Review

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Someone in our awesome Health-Related Facebook group asked about our products and osteoarthritis.

Here is the answer:
Persimmon Leaves which is one of the Ingredients in the IASO Tea has been documented to help with osteoarthritis, IASO Oil, IASO Nutraburst, IASO Gano, IASO Chaga and IASO Techui. IASO Oil along with Gano. Because the IASO Oil penetrates 7 Layers Deep even through nerves, muscle and bone. The IASO Gano helps in that it searches for the negative to bring about positive results. Is also an Anti-Inflammatory. Also would recommend the Nutraburst as it works at the cellular level providing nutrients and vitamins that are needed in the body. IASO Chaga Provides a powerful dose of antioxidants, Provides a powerful dose of essential amino acids, Enhances the immune system, Has a anti-inflammatory benefits, Improves the circulation of blood all over the body, Increases energy and strength, Manages weight – dissolve 2 open capsules in warm and drink, Reduces muscle and joint pain, Helps overall body stress cleanse, Maintains optimum alkalinity and PH levels, Oxygenates the blood, Builds strong blood, Protects DNA, Helps detoxification of all cells, skin, blood, liver, intestines, colon, kidney, bladder, lymphatic system, lung & respiratory, yeast & fungal, chemicals and heavy metals (including lead and mercury). IASO Techui will provide needed proteins and energy to help the body get moving. While we do not make medical claims for curing, treatment, prevention, diagnosis or cure of any disease or illness. If you are a customer is under a physician’s care, or any medical treatment, we encourage those individuals to seek the advice of their healthcare provider before altering their nutritional regimen.

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