National Wealth Center Peter Wolfing is NOT Scammers NWC Peter

You just have to read this about fake scam NWC, ladies and gentlemen. Undoubtedly some of you have fell for it. BE INQUISITIVE ALWAYS!

But don’t be like me. I wasted about an hour of my time. You should just hang up if you are not an undecided masochist/sadist.

Pay attention to my sidebar about GPSFunnel NWC Guaranteed Signups Rotator. Hmmph… don’t like what I say … SUE ME! Stand in Line!

Here we go! Go get a glass of IASO Tea, Put your Feet Up, and Pay Attention about this fake scam NWC!

I received a text message today from 1-949-396-0873 (9493960873). “Faith-Its Peter(NWC) R u looking to make huge commissions online? Rply YES and get hooked u up with a crazy sales funnel paying $200/day on auto-pilot.”

It looked like my friend and all-round good guy whose mission is to educate and empower the masses, Peter Wolfing from National Wealth Center. So I thought maybe he was providing us with a brand new high converting National Wealth Center (NWC) sales funnel even though the words didn’t sound like Peter. So I replied YES to the text message.

I get a call. The person on the line said I replied to them and wanted to talk about this funnel. I’m like you don’t sound like Peter Wolfing of National Wealth Center. He says “Oh. We are getting that all day long! What a coincidence. We don’t know what National Wealth Center is. We are Network Capital and Peter is blah blah blah” So I said okay. What ya got for me and how much it cost. So he says they have a proprietary system backed by billionaires in Silicon Valley and they gave them $120million blah blah blah.” He said Scott Miller and Mike Filsaime and Brunson blah blah. Now I know these guys. I said I know Mike Filsaime from back in the laste 90’s to date and Scott Miller from Indiana. And of course I have heard of Brunson. We all have done business together albeit not directly. He says. No another Scott Miller. Peter and Scott are common names. RIGHT! So I retort … What do you have and how do I come into play? Here we go with the fake scam NWC game.

They put me on hold for some woman to supposedly step me through this proprietary sales funnel that is converting 25% with sequential emails based on behaviors blah blah. I told her I am available Monday because I have work to do tonight and don’t have time.

So she put me back on the phone with Peter or Joe or Dick head … I forget the names because this back n forth went on for a while.

They got the wrong gal. ( I really had another word for “gal” but my Mother may be reading this… lol)

They started talking about they have their own CPA network and said you don’t know what we are talking about. I said uhhh… I know CPA as I am a member of some of those networks. Then this dude Peter put me on the line with uhhh Joe.

They tell me they need someone to MANAGE the system. To analyze the 30 odd matrices they have in terms of data analytics.

I said they sounds easy enough. I have a B.S. in Quantitative Methods from the University of Illinois and have worked with some of the biggest pharmeceutical/biotech corporations in the USA, UK and Japan so you ain’t said nothing.

Slight pause from dickwad of fake scam  NWC.

So a “brother” got on the phone with me talking about my attitude. Sounded like an illiterate person bastardizing real words to make himself sound superior. He had me laughing internally. He says we don’t need you blah blah blah… we need people who fit into the ‘culture’. I said well No. I don’t fit in any culture which is one reason i don’t want a J.O.B. Can you cut the crap and tell me what this is. He kept up his pseudo-psychological weak arse bull crap. He was talking about an NDLC which I have never heard of. So I said you mean “NDA” right. But he kept right on with his weak con man psycho-babble.

Fake scam NWC needs to step up their game… or maybe the masses do indeed fall for this crap. The world has gone to hell in a hand basket of flowers.

Dear, I don’t need to be special nor loved to know I am of valued. So your words don’t  pull at my heart strings with the “we are looking for a small group of special people” crap. and “We don’t even know whether you qualify…blah blah blah” Make me laugh jerk and Gimme the facts jack!

He says that if he and I knew everything we wouldn’t be on this phone call. I said absolutely. I wouldn’t have contacted you guys if I proclaimed from a mountain top that I was all-knowing. So what is this thing and what are the next steps. Still a bunch of used car salesman crap about me changing my attitude so Joe can step me through their funnel. I said my attitude remains the same but I am open minded. He kept on and on and on. SHADDUP! So he put me on hold to talk to the next dim wit.

He says well you have to admit that these guys from Silicon Valley are smarter than us since they are billionaires and are backing us and they want to tap into affiliate marketers blah blah blah. We need you to analyze the data and maybe reboot the server. In my mind, I was like “Re-Boot the server?” LOL! So I told him, I have a M.S,. In Systems Managment – Software Engineering and any child with an ipad can re-boot a server but what has that to do with managing analytics or affiliate marketing sales funnels.

Dip wad (sorry i lost track of the names of the 3 guys and 1 gal I spoke with) said something about Silicon Valley backers. I said I am well familiar with Venture Capitalists (VCs) because I and 2 other women spoke to many VCs back in the 90’s to get financed but we eventually got $3million from angel investors. I bowed out and chose not to become an employed but I received hundreds of thousands in stock options. No IPO yet but they are profitable in a San Francisco downtown office today. Another pompous digression to shut him up…

He was quiet. Put me on hold and got Dip stick #2 on the phone again. I said I am tired of this crap. You guys haven’t said anything. Anyone in their right mind, would not have engaged them but I figured I’d waste their time as they are wasting mine. I just came home from shopping and stopped off and had one Top Shelf LIT. That’s a Long Island Iced Tea. Yes… I just had one. I know my limit… But I digress YET Again…

Then I get put on hold again. I ran upstairs, opened some cabinets and nothing was of interest so I got some Halloween candy and brought it back downstairs. Then I fed the fish… not candy, silly… transient digression …

Those boyz sound like used car salesmen. You know the type. Put her on hold and make her curious and want whatever it is we have. I put the darn phone on mute, undressed, put on some shorts and a t-short. checked my emails and replied to a coupla folks.

Then I talked to my Mother about the TLC Nutraburst   with its new formulation with sugar cane or sumptin instead of sugar and we laughed a bit. I then realized that i had cheech and chong on the phone and dimwit got back on with Joe or Peter or GhostBusters.

Now he is telling me how I messed up the process not trusting him and being too “inquisitive”. And that i was supposed to do A and B and then get to Meathead #3 who is the top of the chain. I said I freakin talked to Meathead #3 multiple times. What the heck do you want and what is this sales funnel. I want to see this high converting trap of yours. He says, you do want to make a million in 6 months. I was quiet and thinking “I have to wait 6 months?” But I just ignored his question. Then he kept on gabbing on about nothing.

Then he put me on hold for a bit and I hung up. Dip-doo-doo called back and I said “Now What?”

He said you’re messing up the process. You need to change your attitude. I said Not a chance in hell will I change for you.

I said you guys are saying you have a high converting funnel, I asked one question and each of you called me “inquisitive” as if it is a bad thing. What is our next step and what would I have to do? Would I have to pay to drive traffic to this funnel or what? Cuz I am thinking they will charge me a few thousands of dollars to have access to this high converting sales funnel built for me.

Well they fooled the heck out of me. It was nothing like that. It was like the comedy of errors where I was secretly wishing I had 2 BOCKs and 3 Shots of Top Shelf SOMETHING! But there’s no alcohol in my home so… I’ll have to get high on this phone call.

Then finally “Peter”: said yes, you have to drive traffic to the funnel. But I advise you don’t use blah blah blah and use CPC because blah blah blah. I said why the hell you didn’t say that when I asked 40 minutes ago whether I have to drive traffic to this sales funnel? Well Faith you have to go through the right process. What?

Now you know the answer what do you think? I said let me see this funnel. Still he won’t show me his funnel nor statistics related to his success.

I said let me get this straight.

You have an awesome proprietary sales funnel that converts 25% and I get $90 per sale And I have to pay to drive traffic to the funnel and share the proceeds with you 30% to you… 70% to me. WHAT? Get the hell out of heah!

He says well I believe in the 10% 90% rule of trust. I’m like what? You trust me 10%, I trust you 10% and over time we trust each other the other 90%. I rolled my eyes.

“Peter” says So what is your networth? I said what is your net worth. He said We have to trust that when you get the funds, you will send us the 30%. So we have to gain trust. I said I can tell you anything. This ain’t due diligence. So my networth is $1billion and I have property in the Cayman island, Panama, Russia, and I own one of the islands that Branson of Virgin procured years ago.

He says you are not being truthful. I said right! So go find a way to perform due diligence on me. Because your questions about my networth is ridiculous. He says we need to know this. FOR A FREAKIN SALES FUNNEL??? He says no. We need to make sure that when you start making all of this money from our sales funnel, that you are going to cut us a check for 30%.

this conversation happened twice… with “Peter” and “Joe” .. they started asking me about my bank account, assets, and net worth. AS IF! I really wanted a French Brandy at this point. No such luck!

I said I’ll tell you what…. Modify your software. It is deficient. Modify the software where when a sale is made, 30% automatically goes to you and 70% automatically goes to me and whether you trust me or not becomes a moot point.

I think ol boy wasn’t liking me… I wasn’t his typical “patsy” who is impressed by name dropping, and the use of the words “billions” or “millions”. DRAT! He hung up! My Friday night will be rather lonely without fric, frac, cheech and chong.

Freakin weak con men. Don’t fall for it ladies and gentlemen.

I am copying Peter Wolfing on this so Peter can warn his membership that these idiots may have his list and are pretending to be him so we can reply to their text message.

Because no one knows I am in NWC since I joined that joke of a teambuild called GPSFunnel who kicked me out of their facebook group for being “inquisitive” about their ethics and “fairness”. NWC is NOT Network Capital by a fake scammer Peter. NWC is National Wealth Center owned by an all round good guy with genuine interest in the success of people. Their educational tools are to die for.

National Wealth Center NWC Products

National Wealth Center NWC Products

SIDEBAR: Why don’t bad people like inquisitive people. One lonely boring night, on the advice of a friend, I joined GPSFunnel BEST Guaranteed Signups deal when there were about 500 people in. They promised me 4 signups. I paid $175 every month for 3 months… Hmmm.. They said I would get 4 people in 2 weeks, then 1 month and then 4-8 weeks.They have just short of 3000 people in and I have 1 signup. Last time I looked 4people * 500 = 2000people which means I should have had my 4 people. Yet and still, someone joins and in 1 week, they get their 4 people and I still have ONE. How do you skip 2000 people? It has been over 3 months and duhhhh…. still only 1 person. It is either the truth … or it is a lie… there’s no inbetween. Looking like the latter to me.

Oh yeah. The boys says it is because of shopping cart abandonment. Uhhhh… Don’t get me started. I don’t know everything, but I do know shopping cart abandoment since I have built shopping cart / e-commerce systems. The term “shopping cart abandonment” would NOT have caused 2000 people to be jumped in a supposedly FAIR GPSFunnel Rotator. If they had 10,000 or 50,000 or more members, then it would make sense. Anything less, is just a bunch of boondoggle-squat.

Now GPSFunnel is creating another teambuild to drive the existing NWC people into. Supposedly it will cost much more than NWC. That is when I got “inquisitive” and kicked out of their group. Shucks! I just want to know their opinion of the high attrition rate in GPSFunnel and why are the top guys making all of the money and the majority of their team never saw a penny? And why they want to change the channel now and drive all of these loyal people into YET ANOTHER DEAL so they can line their lion’s fur pockets with mo money … while leaving the masses out in the cold AGAIN? DEM BOYS WERE’NT LIKING MY “INQUISITIVENESS”! LOL!

Maybe GPSFunnel would like to partner with Fric, Frac, Joe, Peter, and the girl and phone me with the same phone tag silliness.

If you want a real ETHICAL teambuild that doesn’t make promises of giving you 4 people in 2 weeks or even 4-8 weeks, then check out

I actually suggest that you stop looking for short cuts. Get into a business …. any business and WORK IT! Or just look for a job and work that if it is fitting for you. STOP THE MADNESS of FALSE Riches and Promises. Yes YOU! STOP SALIVATING on GET RICH EMAILS and WEB SITES. GET TO WORK or LET WORK GET TO YOU!

Or shucks! Just go to for FREE, engage socially, and make some Christmas Cash. You won’t become a millionaire, but you will be able to pay your utility bills and maybe buy that special gift for that special someone in your life. Support Qkadoo’s Indiego Crowdfunding Campaign to raise $50,000 at PLEASE! Ya’ll need this since ya’ll ain’t gonna retail nothing and y’all ain’t going to build any network in any MLM/network marketing company. Let’s be real. Don’t waste your time!

p.s. one day the USA Security Exchange Commission (SEC) will focus on this kinda boiler room scammer telemarketing crap that negatively affects ALMOST EVERY American instead of wasting tax payers dollars looking for money in all the wrong places. Or maybe their attorneys will get back to basics by doing REAL legal research instead of acting like the naive unknowing by reading silly blogs and considering them as references of merit. Some will know what I am talking about. I post ridiculous posts and feed the idiots little tidbits of idiocy. They inform the SEC. The SEC issues subpoenas and they find there is nothing there. LOL! See Silly? I told you to do REAL research. We have to get back to the basics. Therein lies the jewels and the truth. Try the Cayman Island! Yeahhh.. therein lies the truth! LOL!

And AGAIN … NO! Don’t join GPSFunnel with their misleading crap! If you do, Don’t come back to me crying. I already told you. It’s a facade … false dreams … hopeless hope… 

Just join NWC directly. Use their educational products to feed your personal and professional growth monster. And if you choose to share it with others, then do so. There ain’t no free lunch so stop looking for it!

National Wealth Center NWC Products

Faith Sloan (who doesn’t give a hoot what anyone thinks of her except for God, her parents, her siblings, her offsprings, and her REAL friends)

1.800.670.3202 – this ain’t any MLM company support line. PAY ATTENTION  BEFORE PHONING ME! where youngsters discover their “WHY” and actually DO something about it. (LAZIES need not apply. I’m not hearing it!)

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