TelexFREE 52 Week Renewal Process – How It Works

Listen to this video to understand how the renewal process works. When you renew, you get placed into a binary by yourself. Your team will not follow you until they renew. And the income will stop until they renew. Here is how to optimize the compensation plan. STOP placing people underneath your initial positions that are getting ready to renew or you will lose that income. Listen to this video NOW!

TelexFREE: How To Set up iPayout Global Ewallet

How To Set up ipayout Global Ewallet Payment System in TelexFREE – Video Training!



ipayout global ewallet in telexfree backoffice

ipayout global ewallet in telexfree backoffice

Yes, that’s right folks, the E-Wallet link is now live in your TelexFREE back office. If you do not have an E-Wallet account you can now log in and get one. And if you do have one, you can access it now from your back office. We do not see a link to pay invoices out of the E-Wallet system yet. That should be there soon.


Do I have to have an E-Wallet account for each TelexFREE account and or position that I have?

The E-Wallet link is now active again in our back office of TelexFREE. People are wondering if they have to set-up an E-Wallet account for every TelexFREE account that they have. And the answer is NO, you do not have to. You can still easily transfer funds between TelexFREE accounts that you own and have complete access to by logging into your back office and then by going to STATEMENT, then TRANSFER, and then simply transferring your funds into one main account. Then, set-up an E-Wallet account for that main account and make withdrawals from that main account out to your E-Wallet account on the iPayout platform.

I can not login to my TelexFREE account, why?

One problem many people make is thinking their user name has capital letters in it. Regardless of how you entered your user name when you set it up, use all lower case letters to login and see if that works. And usually it does!

I just made a withdrawal request, how long before it will show up in my E-Wallet account?

It has many determining factors. When you request a withdrawal from TelexFREE, your withdrawal request gets loaded into a computer file along with the thousands of other people who also made a request that day. After a week or 10 days or so, and whenever TelexFREE can satisfy these payments, it is then that you will receive your withdrawal when TelexFREE sends this “withdrawal file” to the E-Wallet company, iPayout, to load into your personal E-Wallet accounts. So, based on our recommendation and experience, it will probably take around 10 days to 2 weeks before you see it fully populate in your E-Wallet account. Our suggestion, consistently execute weekly withdrawals, so that you receive funds on a weekly basis. Also, know that TelexFREE has a long history of paying all of our withdrawal requests. Find great satisfaction in that, that there is a proven transactional history with TelexFREE and the Promoter field. Promoters are getting paid! Period. As we know more we will share it with you. We hope this helps you understand the magnitude of the business that you have access to…and your hands on!



(*) For anyone that has not received a link to set up their new e-wallet for Telexfree and you have GPG. Please send email to and let them know your username and tell them you were in GPG but you haven’t received an e-wallet validation email yet.

If you NEVER were in GPG …

Everyone please understand. When TelexFREE switched to the new iPayout Global Ewallet system, they created accounts for everyone who had a GPG account. A lot of us had never created a GPG account. So a lot of us did not get an ewallet account. And we do not need an ewallet account for every position that we have, since a lot of us have more than one position. We only need one for our main account. On the conference call last week, Jay the IT manager said, if someone does a withdrawal, then TelexFREE will create an ewallet account for them if they don’t have one. So one of the best ways to get an ewallet account if you do not already have one is to go in and make a withdrawal request on Tuesday. Just make the request like normal. Even if it says it is going to your bank account, it will go to your new ewallet account. Then you will get the welcome email for your ewallet account. It may not come immediately but it will come. Give it a few days.


Cómo configurar ipayout Sistema Global de Pago Monedero Electrónico en TelexFREE – Training Video!
(*) Para cualquier persona que no ha recibido un enlace para crear su nuevo monedero electrónico para Telexfree y tienes GPG. Por favor, envíe un correo a suporte y hacerles saber su nombre de usuario y decirles que usted estaba en GPG pero no ha recibido un correo electrónico de validación e-wallet todavía.
Si nunca estuvo en GPG …
Todo el mundo por favor, comprenda. Cuando TelexFREE cambió al nuevo sistema iPayout Global Monedero Electrónico, crearon cuentas para todos los que tenían una cuenta de GPG. Muchos de nosotros nunca había creado una cuenta de GPG. Así que muchos de nosotros no recibió una cuenta ewallet. Y no necesitamos una cuenta de billetera electrónica para todas las posiciones que tenemos, ya que muchos de nosotros tenemos más de una posición. Sólo tenemos uno para nuestra cuenta principal. En la rueda de prensa la semana pasada, Jay el gerente de TI, dijo, si alguien hace un retiro, entonces TelexFREE creará una cuenta ewallet para ellos si no tienen uno. Así que una de las mejores maneras de conseguir una cuenta ewallet si usted no tiene ya uno es ir y hacer una solicitud de retiro el martes. Simplemente haga la solicitud de manera normal. Incluso si dice que va a su cuenta bancaria, que irá a su nueva cuenta de billetera electrónica. A continuación, aparecerá el mensaje de bienvenida de su cuenta de billetera electrónica. No puede venir de inmediato, pero todo llegará. Dale unos días.

Contact the Person Who Sent you Here or Call me, Faith Sloan at 1-800 670 3202, skype: faithsloan, email: telexfreeglobalteam @ gmail dot com To JOIN TELEXFREE

Faith Sloan said ProfitableSunrise is Back – Michael Rothermel

Faith Sloan sent email to Michael Rothermel stating that ProfitableSunrise is Coming Back

I was phoned by a good friend and colleague asking me if my ears were burning.
I said “What”?
He said well my name was mentioned on some call hosted by some guy named Michael Rothermel.
My colleague told me that Michael claims that I sent him an email about ProfitableSunrise.

Michael Rothermel announced on some ProfitableSunrise conference call that Faith Sloan sent him an email announcing that ProfitableSunrise is coming back.

I do NOT know Michael Rothermel.
I do NOT sit on any of is conference calls.
Are you kidding me? He is holding conference calls about Profitable Sunrise?

Here is the email that I supposedly sent to Michael Rothermel

Beginning of email forwarded to me from my colleague that was written by Michael Rothermel.
———- Forwarded message ———-
From: Michael Rothermel
Date: Tuesday, April 23, 2013
Subject: A little positive news about ProSun

Here is what I received from one of the folks on the list, My Thanks to her.

My comments on this are in green and in brackets.

Call tonight, sorry about last week, My son had me going in circles and I missed it..


? Sound Healing Binaural Beats ? Deep Alpha Waves – Meditation Music, Brainsync, Brainwave


I just got a phone call from my friend XXXX – he just talked to a guy in Profitable Sunrise who invested $40 million into the program. [I would speculate this to be one of the original investors]

This guys has conference calls twice a week – he is sending XXXX a video I will pass on to you when I get it later tonight.

This man, I forgot his name, says that PROFITABLE SUNRISE IS NOT DEAD AND IS COMING BACK!

Roman is revamping the program, we are going to be issued 1099′s – he has a private site that has been calculating ALL our earnings all this time.

They are making the program compliant and LEGAL. [I don't know shy it was not LEGAL before]

There’s more – but I’m so excited I can’t think of it now.

Keep the faith – will send the video when I get it and we need to get on these calls to keep informed.

[If anyone knows of how to get more info on this and can let me know I would appreciate it. This is all I have but I am sending out feelers to try to get more info on the calls and video that are mentioned.]
***End of email forwarded to me from my colleague that was written by Michael Rothermel.

Here is my email I just sent to Mr. Rothermel whomever the heck he is. I think the guy was misinformed.

Beginning of Faith Sloan’s email to Michael Rothermel.

SUBJECT: Michael, I take BIG TIME issue at you using my name. I did NOT send you an email about profitablesunrise
Michael Rothermel

A colleague of mine said that on the Prosun call (you guys still having these?), YOU said that I sent you an email stating that Profitablesunrise is coming back.


Did you know that ProfitableSunrise, roman novak, etc are being litigated against by the SEC?

So the silly ridiculous statement that PS is coming back and will provide 1099′s is LUDICROUS! Unless of course, Roman is going to do business while stretching out his hands so his wrists can be HANDCUFFED. LOL!



End of Faith Sloan’s email to Michael Rothermel.

Michael did get back with me and wrote:

Faith, the email below came across my desk today. I sent it out not realizing that it was a month old. I did not say on the call that you said it was coming back nor any statement that would resemble it. People tend to hear what they want. I may have said “I think it may come back” but nothing more than that.
I did say that the email appeared to originate from you but I did not say you sent it to me.
I will send out an email with your wish granted; ie. Faith Sloan did NOT say that ProSun was coming back, for clarity to whomever thought that was what they heard.
The email seems to have originated with GIR alliance, aka Jon Simmons.
If there are any other misunderstandings I can clear up for You, please let me know.


Update: I noticed I missed a phone call. So I dialed the number at 10:23pm CST and lo and behold, it was Michael.
He said that he did NOT mention my name nor said the email was from me. I asked him why my phone is jumping off the hook tonight about his call. Then he said he doesn’t know but insists that the email originated from me. I told him it did not. Then he said it was from GIR. I said absolutely. Then he went back and said it originated from me. So I just told him outright no it DID NOT! Then he claims he didn’t mention me on the call. Sounds like a freakin bunch of cyclical redundancies of contradictions. In any case, he was very manly and hung up on me. LOL! Thank you very much. Stranger things have happened…

Faith Sloan – 1 800 670 3202

skype: faithsloan

My status

ProfitableSunrise is Back – Just Migrating the Server

ProfitableSunrise is Back – Just Migrating the Server

Dude created this video on 02April2013.

He claims profitablesunrise is back and they are just migrating the server.

View this video. In case this video is ever removed, i have a copy on my server.





Begin my answer to this video by DUDE

That video is ridiculous. The profitablesunrise image they are showing is the last image they had on file when the site was UP. The date last checked means that it is the time they last checked the site. They check everyone’s site every day. That doesn’t mean the site is up. Do you see the site up? The guy in the video is not quite in his right mind.
Video Dude is showing that blacklotus is up. We know it is up. LOADS of sites use them for  DDOS protection. That is their BUSINESS. Has nothing to do with the status of profitablesunrise. Profitablesunrise used their services. That’s it!

The ip address has nothing to do with a po box analogy. Get outta heah!
Even looking at the video, you can see plainly that the the last time was updated in the registry is 05january2013.  Plain and simply … no one has bought nor transferred the domain name. It is active because it expires in 2017. That is all that means.


Domain does NOT equal to webserver. You can go buy a domain name right now for 1 year, 5 years or whatever. But you can choose to do absolutely nothing with it. It is still gonna be considered REGISTERED and ACTIVE. That has nothing to do with the WEBSITE being REGISTERED and ACTIVE.
He says he is looking at the other sites affiliated with   THAT IS NOT WHAT THAT IS. THAT IS SHOWING YOU the domain names that the novak dude associated with LOL!

General TLDs: whois (registered and active website) whois (registered and active website) whois (registered and active website) whois (registered and active website) whois (registered and active website) whois (registered and active website)
Go to those sites. Roman registered all of them and pointed them to so no one would buy them to lead folks to their sites. That is done in the industry all the time.  Go look at Google didn’t want me to go buy so they bought it first. LOL!

So Roman bought all of those domains (shucks! they only cost like $9 each to buy a domain name). He wanted to make sure that Video Dude didn’t buy them. LOL!
The whois information shows nokak as sthe owner of the domain. It has always been like that. He should try calling the phone number.
The status says website is DOWN just like he saw it in his silly video. because they turned it off

It doesn’t mean they ‘took the website off the index page’. LOL! Silly wabbit. It means the server is DOWN. That is NOT what happens with what he says a ‘server migration’ . That is what happens when the durn server is OFF. plain and simple
Video Dude’s interpretation of the graph is just oh so freakin wrong. LOL!

He says there are 2 sides to a web site. A server side and a client side. WRONG!

There ain’t no CLIENT SIDE of a webserver. YOU and I are the client side of any website. Your mobile phone or laptop or desktop computer is the CLIENT babes. There is only a server side of a server. That is why it is called a web server and not a web client. And it Has nothing to do with an index page either.

It truly does NOT mean ‘there is some programming taken place’. How the heck did he deduce that?
‘Registered and Active’ means the DOMAIN NAME is Registered and Active. Welll duuuhhh.. We know the domain name is registered and active and will be so until it expires in 2018. LOL!  The domain name has not expired in the whois registry. That is all that means. Cuz Roman purchased it and it is active until the period in which he purchased the domain name EXPIRES. I have lotsa domains like that. But there are no websites associated with them. Silly video Dude.
AGAIN… ‘Last Checked’ simply means, that is the last time the domain name was pinged by domain tools. That’s it. They check all websites daily. WOO HOO! sheesh!

DUDE! PROFITABLE SUNRISE IS GONE AND AIN’T COMING BACK. THERE AIN’T NO SERVER MIGRATION. The server is sitting in California in a CAGE turned off.  Or maybe, blockdos turned the server on to give the guvment everything that was on the hard drive. Then they disconnected it. Yes. That baby is OFF.
See… BECAUSE … The server at is taking too long to respond. That means the webserver is DOWN or OFF. That’s all that means particularly when EVERYONE gets the same message.

But thanks for the video. We should send it to the World’s Funniest Videos for all the world to see!


end of  my answer to this ridiculous video by DUDE


I think my 30 years in technology and more than half of that in web server and infrastructure technology give me some knowledge of this subject matter.

The Video DUDE  is obviously NOT a technologist and shouldn’t quit his day job. LOL! But he needs to stop the madness and release the people from false HOPE!

Folks, is STILL using the Domain Name servers located in California, USA. Ya think that Blockdos will let profitablesunrise be hosted on its servers in the USA when the feds are litigating? NOT ON YOUR LIFE. So again, That baby is no more!

Registrar: BIZCN.COM, INC.
Whois Server:
Referral URL:
Status: clientDeleteProhibited
Status: clientTransferProhibited
Updated Date: 05-jan-2013
Creation Date: 18-sep-2011
Expiration Date: 18-sep-2017


Go back and read the above OFFICIAL registry information again.

NOW: Let us focus on the domain ‘activity’

As seen in the registry, the last time the domain was updated was January 2013

Aint no activity going on, dude.

Thus reportings of ‘movement’ of the servers is unfounded.

Back where we started … web site is down and in case Dude is not aware, the SEC just began litigation. See previous article. Roman is NOT going to re-start PERIOD! But he may already be back with 10 other hyips under different names and you just may be participating in some of them. wink wink …

So it is better if those who know nothing to stop stroking the masses and for you folks to plug your ears and stop spreading their nonsense. Too much quack quack noise out there.


Faith Sloan – 1 800 670 3202

skype: faithsloan

My status

Profitable Sunrise – USA SEC Securities and Exchange Commission Litigation

Profitable Sunrise – USA SEC Securities and Exchange Commission Litigation


The SEC sued Inter Reef Ltd. dba Profitable Sunrise in Federal Court.
Profitable Sunrise is based in the United Kingdom. It operates, the SEC claims, for the profit of four other defendants, based in the Czech Republic: Melland Company S.R.O., Color Shock S.R.O., Solutions Company S.R.O., and Fortuna-K S.R.O.

“Profitable Sunrise operates for the benefit of unknown individuals and/or organizations doing business through companies formed in the Czech Republic and using bank accounts in the Czech Republic, Hungary, Latvia and China, among other places.”
The SEC seeks disgorgement, penalties and an injunction and wants four bank accounts frozen in Budapest and Prague.


Litigation Release No. 22666 / April 5, 2013
Securities and Exchange Commission v. Inter Reef, Ltd. dba Profitable Sunrise, Melland Company S.R.O., Color Shock S.R.O., Solutions Company S.R.O. and Fortuna-K S.R.O., Civil Action No. 1:13-CV-1104 (U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Georgia)
SEC Obtains Temporary Restraining Order Against Uk Company Operating Fraudulent Profitable Sunrise Internet Scheme and Names Czech Companies as Relief Defendants




Faith Sloan – 1 800 670 3202

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ProfitableSunrise – Nanci Jo Frazer’s GIR Alliance Updates

ProfitableSunrise – More Updates from Nanci’s Group…

Begin message from Global Impact Resource (GIR) Alliance / Nanci Jo Frazer’s Group

Dear Global Impact Resource (GIR) Alliance family,

Here is our latest update — it’s a LONG one, but maybe it will help you :

We were very excited to learn this week that the ProSun website domain was purchased by someone in China. We believe that this person / business might be one of Roman’s customers.

New Bank:
•Due to the increasing problems with the Czechoslovakia bank, Roman’s Chinese client is helping Roman move to a Hong Kong bank.
•Roman is working on a debit card and a e-checking system to facilitate withdrawals.
•We understand that only bank wires might be allowed for withdrawals.

•He and told us that he was going to be upgrading, since our old servers were totally maxed out.
•Roman moved the servers to Hong Kong in order to protect us and ProSun.
•The servers are safe, and our data is safe.
•The 36 – 48 hours sent out by a support person referred to 8-hour business days.
•We expect the servers to be up and running very soon.
•One leader recently posted that the servers would be up late Sunday night, but we have not been able to verify that with Roman.

New Website:
•We understand that the current programs in place will remain the same.
•Roman plans to introduce new programs after the Easter Gift has been issued.
•We heard this afternoon that the website release has been delayed a bit because Roman is address several security issues from the original website:  1) Hackers can easily reset your passwords; 2) you all of a sudden cannot log in;  3) no double opt-in for secret words, 4) no second confirmation for email address etc.
•We believe that Roman will protect our Available cash.
•Double opt ins when you sign up.
•Possible new name and different business structure.
•We may or may not have daily benefits accruing during down time.  We truly believe that the daily benefits have been calculated.

•Roman currently has 120 support staff – 70 for loans, 50 for PS.
•He will be tripling the support staff in the next few weeks, so that he can better serve us.
•The must have their high school bachelors masters degree, and speak up to five languages
•Roman will be assigning 3 dedicated account managers for our community.  This should help us resolve our outstanding community problems quickly.
•When the website comes up, we ask that only those with outstanding issues email support.  All others, please wait 48 hours before you send them an email to allow for the support staff to catch up.
•Our own support team will have the right to refuse to help you if your behavior is unbecoming.
(irrelevant group private info deleted by Faith Sloan)

During a recent interview Nanci conducted with Roman, Roman commented on the following:

•Roman told us recently that his loan portfolio is now 600 million.  Our total group participation represents only 5% of his total loan portfolio!  Meaning, he doesn’t need us to do his business, but he wants to help us, bless us.  This is why we are considered to be his charitable arm.
•We were never allowed to be an investor.  Investors needed 200-500K.  They were not part of a group, but were friends of his, who became co-owners.
•We are not co-owners.  The other 95% who are investors are the only co-owners.
•Some states now refer to Roman’s activity as a violation of SEC rules and regulations.  Therefore, the program model that we have seen in the past might not function in the same way when the new website is released.

Loans Applications:
•95% of the loan applications they receive are rejected.
•The #1 reason: Roman doesn’t know them.
•people who has referred people he knows will receive loans.The only people who can apply are

•Roman will not meet with anyone who has not put in 100K.
•Roman’s investors have to be approved before the meeting

Clients / Borrowers:
•Working with a big manufacturer in Asia as client for one of his bridge loans.
•The Long Haul was formed to create stability.
•Only has had 2 defaults in the past year.
•Verification takes only 2 to 3 days.

•Roman currently has 120 support staff – 70 for loans, 50 for PS.
•He will be tripling the support staff in the next few weeks, so that he can better serve us.
•The must have their high school bachelors masters degree, and speak up to five languages
•Roman will be assigning 3 dedicated account managers for our community.  This should help us resolve our outstanding community problems quickly.
•When the website comes up, we ask that only those with outstanding issues email support.  All others, please wait 48 hours before you send them an email to allow for the support staff to catch up.
•Our own support team will have the right to refuse to help you if your behavior is unbecoming or demanding.

(irrelevant group private info deleted by Faith Sloan)

We hope this helps calm any fears, and replace those thoughts with thoughts of peace and trust,

God bless,

GIR Alliance Admin


end of GIR Alliance Update


BEGIN Faith Sloan’s writing

I have no comment.

Yes … seriously… I have nothing to say. I am at a loss for words. LOL!


Faith Sloan – 1 800 670 3202

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