Avoid ProjectSurf, SportyBro, Frankie C, LASporty, Nick Elle, Lee, David Hyland (Orintario/Orinto), Frank Criscuolo, SCAM at all Costs…

Who is Frankie C? I met the real Frankie C (is the same as or is associated with SportyBro who is a desperate gambler who goes by Nick Elle and Lee, Frankie CC, Frank of ECC, David Hyland as Orintario) years ago on the moneymaking forums and via Yahoo IM. I helped him tremendously. Unfortunately, he grew up to become a scammer instead of a good person due to his gambling losses. How unfortunate and pathetic …

I posted this in Dream T eam Mo ney but the Project Surf thread at ASA Forum (AutosurfAuthority) is closed. So here is the deal.

Serial Scammer and/or Scammer Team, SportyBro, Frankie C, Frank Criscuolo, Nick Elle, Lee, David Hyland (known as Orintario or Orinto) who claims he is a student at a Christian educational institute. AVOID at all cost! Warning, Frankie CC, Frankie C, ProjectSurf.com, where Frankie C and SportyBro both claims to be from Massachusetts. Do not indulge. Do not come close to giving him any of your money. He hangs out in MoneyMakerGroup MMG but got banned. He has a new Surf site claiming to return 9% for 15 days. That already has impossible written all over it. Do not give him your money for surfing. Frankie CC is the ultimate. Check out TalkGold for SportyBro who scammed some claiming to become an agent of sports betting for them but played roulette instead. He played no games. He pocketed the money. Check out http://www.ASAMonitor/Forum to see how David Hyland/Orinto/Orintario has scammed via moneytrip.org

Warning! Do NOT risk this one.

p.s. Frankie C. How is your poker scam going? And what about your sport betting agent business as Sportybro better known as Nick or even David Hyland …

Frankie C.

I’m Frank Criscuolo, you might know me as “Frankie C” from ECC’s You Tube free picks videos. If not, well you can now call me “Frankie C“. ECC came to me about 2 years ago and filled me in on the sports handicapping business and their interest in having me aboard as one of their seldom cappers. I accepted this opportunity due to what I have heard about the guys here. I like what they do and how they run this business. Their 100% honesty policy to their clients is something that I have always believed in with my own. Whether it is to locals or people believing in me over the internet.

Sports handicapping is in my blood. My father was a ‘capper, his brothers were ‘cappers and their father (my grandfather) was a ‘capper. They were known from locals as the ATM of sports picks. I’ve learned everything I know from them, good and bad. The thing that I do differently is I have spotted sore spots in when they lose. They have trouble picking themselves up sometimes from a hangover of a loss (you won‘t win every pick, I‘m sure you know this). I caught onto their weak spots and changed from their ways making what I do my own. My plays on the free picks videos speak for me when I say, “I do NOT overload on plays. I cautiously pick my plays and use a money management system that builds a bankroll for when I’m ready to unload on something. This way when the time comes I‘ll have it to back me up”. So first advice from me to you even if you don’t purchase my plays, BANKROLL. Obtain a bankroll and do NOT use it on anything else, especially after hitting a big play. You don’t want to lose it right back.

Some people may think that sports handicapping is easy, well go analyze about 100 games over the course of a season, make your plays and see how many times you lose by 1 point or ½ a point or 1 run, 1 goal or whatever it may be. Long term I will help you win! Yes, unfortunately that’s what I said long term for you impatient players like I once was. This isn’t the lottery, you will not win over night. Well it’s up to you and I’m here when you need my help.

In 2007 I helped clients to a +1,260 of profit in all sports combined (for $100 players that’s $126,000). In 2008 I surpassed that and gained +1,435 ($143,500) and my FREE PLAYS alone for 2008 I profited +550 in FREE PLAYS! That’s $55,000 for FREE! Where else can you get that? So please don’t waste your time and money on scam artists. Even if it’s not my picks your purchasing, check out the other cappers on ECC where you know we are honest with you, but I hate to see my friends come to me and tell me how they were ripped off by other sites, claiming their records, stats and lines they feed you such as don’t pay until we win! (what does that mean? take our plays and lose what we give you but when we finally win then you pay us?) those sites are outrageous. If you own stocks you trust your broker, well trust your capper. Good luck in your decisions and I wish you the best.

Frank Criscuolo

“Frankie C.”

Check out SportyBro in Ta lk Go ld forum. He scammed there too. GOTCHA!

God Bless

UPDATED 11April2009 5:18pm EST

Hi guys. I just received a YM ping from David Hyland (orintario) out of the blue.

Here is the transcript. This takes the cake.
David Hyland: whats ur name?
Faith Sloan: huh? my name is Faith Sloan. Does that show up? I see your name is David Hyland.
David Hyland: yes
David Hyland: Nice to meet you
Faith Sloan: you must not participate in many surfs or hyips if you haven’t heard of me. LOL!
Faith Sloan: I’m alwasys going on about something or the other.
David Hyland:
David Hyland: so what good programes ur in now adays?
Faith Sloan: adgateworld, tame-the-net,gni,miho,akterra, drf group,forumtraffic,afforableaffiliates
Faith Sloan: and u?

Faith Sloan: i stay away from high roi ripoffs
David Hyland: iam in thedrfund, projectsurf and banksolidprofit
David Hyland: yes me too
Faith Sloan: projectsurf? uugghhh, mr. Frank ECC of the east coast cappers, eh? i am not particular about him and he is not particular about me since i caught him in many lies
David Hyland: but from time to time
David Hyland: Realyyy iam planing to leave it after last pay tommrorw my package will expire
David Hyland: so il stay with the drfund and banksolidprofit
Faith Sloan: great idea.
David Hyland: and il be looking for another good program
Faith Sloan: drfund yes. … i have about $5000 there.
David Hyland: kool i invested 3000$ there
David Hyland: they are paying
Faith Sloan: by the way, banksolidprofit has already closed as a scam. where have you been?
David Hyland: not its working
David Hyland: yesterday i was paid
David Hyland: i was paid 200$
David Hyland: and i earn commisions
David Hyland: Linda is very active
David Hyland: do you know Linda?
Faith Sloan: they scammed about a month ago. ‘Linda’ the admin is actually ‘Daifallah’ the scammer.
Faith Sloan: see [url="http://www.asamonitor.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=15352&st=0"]http://www.asamonitor.com/forum/index.php?…=15352&st=0[/url]
David Hyland: wait let me check
David Hyland: this is first time i read it
David Hyland: but i have been paid yesterday my pay out 200$
David Hyland: and every time i eanr commision , they send me my commision same day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
David Hyland: ops earn
Faith Sloan: yes, paying todayy but watch it. it will blow up within a month when the admin runs with your cash. are you sure you aren’t working for mr. projectsurf? LOL!
David Hyland: iam just investor and i care about my money
Faith Sloan: how much did you just cash out with DRFund on your $3000.00 investment?
Faith Sloan: you there?
David Hyland: yes iam here
David Hyland: I have not been paid yet thedr fund
Faith Sloan: huh?
David Hyland: pay out from 5 to 15 days
Faith Sloan: how much did you cash out?
David Hyland: cash out was yesterday 10th
Faith Sloan: how much did you cash out?
David Hyland: i cashout 100$ and comounded the rest
David Hyland: i want to maximuize to 5000$
Faith Sloan: oh i get it. i got work to do. i’ll talk at ya later. God Bless.
David Hyland: You too , Nice to meet you , we can share business togother in the futre for new programes
David Hyland: ops future
David Hyland: i saw ur site
David Hyland: florida Lotto
David Hyland: what its about?
Faith Sloan: sports betting? just like frank ecc. interesting. How is MoneyTrip? what is that all about?
David Hyland: i been hacked
David Hyland: so iam buidling from the begning
Faith Sloan: sure whatever you say. LOL!
David Hyland is typing a message.
David Hyland: yes its the truth

Then he immediately signed off of YM. Too funny!

Hey guys. As we chatted, my intuition says that this guy did not come out of the blue to speak with me. Whether he is real or not is irrelevant.

But remember this: Frankie CC is admin of ProjectSurf. There is a Frank who I found to be involved with the East Coast Cappers (ECC – handicappers for sports betting). That appears to be how ‘Frankie CC’ pseudonym was derived. FRank ECC. Cappers are sports bettors too. Sportybro engages in sportsbetting too. Since the ProjectSurf autosurf thread is closed, I cannot post this there. Too bad. I did post some of this on my blog at [url="http://faithsloan.com"]http://faithsloan.com[/url] BE CAREFUL out there!

It looks as if he this orintario character is trying to promote 2 scams: projectsurf and banksolidprofit. I do not have proof that orintario is working with FRankie ECC but what are the odds that both of these guys are into sportsbetting?

Remember above he never mentioned that he frequents this forum. we all know that banksolidprofit is a big ol’ scam. hmmm…

They could all be the same person or just another pathetic gang of thieves.

I am willing to bet that he is not a member of drf group since he went away to check out payment details and i had to ask him about his cashout 3 times before he came up with that lame compounding response. Boy oh boy where do these guys come from?

God Bless