Finally SolidTrustPay Getting Tough on Fraud?

Recently Solidtrustpay blocked quite a few HYIP, Revshares, and money making programs Solidtrustpay accounts to prevent fraud.

Last week they just went crazy and without notice they locked many of their customers’ accounts. No notification, no email, no phone call… NADA!

So all of you HYIP, Revshares, and money making programs who use SolidTrustPay will have to show your faces along with your identification (selfies) in order to get access to your accounts.

Right now in the States (USA),  you see this in your SolidTrust Pay backoffice: Based on your country and state, you are able to transact up to 2000.00 per day. Total transactions include all deposits, transfers, purchases and withdrawals.

Note: SolidTrustPay didn’t write $2000 a day withdrawal limit … they wrote $2000 a day transaction limit! Oooches!

And compared to the past, USA citizens don’t have much choice in terms of becoming customers of many payment processors out there any way. You are now liked … Wait a minute! The USA is not well-liked in that industry. LOL!

So if you are on the up and up and have no intention of committing fraud or perpetuating scams, then you won’t be all up in arms.

If you are above aboard and offering SolidTrustPay as a method of payment for your members, then you should celebrate!

You will have an advantage over those scammers who are hiding like snakes in an incestuous pit of poison.

Many of you know that I am one who have issues with government privacy intrusion without probable cause along with the USA’s guilty until proven innocent approach to justice… that’s a whole ‘nutha article on the horizon.

But in this case, I’m on the side of protecting the people against these fraudsters.  Since you keep banging your heads to enter the doors of tired old HYIPs and Revshares, you can’t cry when they run with your money. After all, it is YOUR RIGHT to put your money wherever you want!  Shucks! The majority of you ALREADY know the deal. Nonetheless, the “admins” of these dead-end programs deserve what they get as well.

Using fake and/or stolen passports and identification documents? Sorry buddy boys and girls, now you gotta show your face or get out of business! 



I disagree with the presumption that this move will eliminate fraudsters HYIP and Revshare admins. But it is a step in the right direction. Continue to pay if you will. But at least you can make your own choice to play with eyes wide open.

>Now if only the day will quickly arrive when web hosting companies will prohibit anonymous, bitter, scammer fraudster bloggers from hiding behind the veil of privacy to spew their venom just because. They, too, need to show their faces or get out of the game! If you want to make a living on Google Adsense Ads while throwing shade anonymously, then get out of the coward closet and get a backbone!

WHEN that day comes, it would truly be a day of celebration, indeed! Then we will all see the veil of anonymity lifted and discover that these boys and girls are really the people they are warning you to stay far away from. They likely have vested interests in other shady dealings.

I truly believe the day is coming. LAWDY!

Live Life … Love Life … and Don’t Let Others Make you Sweat!

Remember that Winners hone in on with laser-like focus on the finish line. Losers watch the Winners!

Winners Focus on Winning. Losers Focus on Winners - Solidtrustpay

Winners Focus on Winning. Losers Focus on Winners

Signing off!
Faith Sloan – Entrepreneur and Independent Thinker

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