RE247365 Scam or Something Else?

Relationship Energy is the biggest comedy of errors or deliberate face palm smacks I’ve ever seen!

Yes … I am referring to Relationship Energy better known as RE247365.

RE247365 Scam? You make the call. I’ll just report the facts.


NOTE: The original Relationship Energy video was edited by a youtube user to create the following video. I am not endorsing any of the links on the following video.

My primary and only business is Total Life Changes. See Our Team Site Here. Now where were we … view video below to hear Peter Jensen speak…

Faith Sloan response to Peter Jensen of RE247365 above video. This will make you fall over. The new compensation plan by Peter Jensen of RE247365 Relationship Energy says that he will NOT pay the members their past due bonuses unless they pay the extortion fee of $40 a month for 10 months AND continue building the RE247365 business to RE-QUALIFY! SAY WHATTTT?

We did indeed expect a change in the marketing plan to ensure that it was compliant. That was told to us months and months ago. The bonuses and the pricing structure was said to be temporary. But no one expected this video update from one of the owners of RE247365.

Peter Jensen says in his video above that he doesn’t want us to deal with the integrity component at this time. Well…  I am sorry. I am not familiar with conditional integrity. It is a question of his INTEGRITY. He lied at least 3 times to me personally.  I specifically texted him when he promised to pay my $5000 in 2 payments of $2500 and then a few days later came back and says he will pay it in 5 weekly payments of $1000 each. Each time I said okey dokey.

I then  text him as a followup and said something like “Peter, a man’s word is his character. I am going to trust that your word is good this time” And he text me back and said thank you. At this time I received a $1000 check drawn on Wells Fargo and Wells Fargo said we were not allowed to cash the check. We could only deposit it. I laughed and told the teller at Wells Fargo to have a nice day. I deposited the check. It did indeed clear RE247365 checking account 1 day later.

Then Peter Jensen comes back a  few days later and reneged on his WORD. He said he can pay us the RE247365 bonus pay that he OWES us, over a TEN MONTH TIME PERIOD! WHAT??? Picture “Kat Williams” saying “WHAT???” LOL!  So the remaining $4000 RE247365 bonus you OWE me and the remaining $1250 you owe the $2500 people will be paid $500 and $125 a month respectively for 10 months?  It sounded like one of those Charlie Brown cartoons where the adults speak in some sort of unrecognizable language. WAHN WAH WAH WAHN!

Relationship Energy – RE247365 Scam? You make the Call…. I can only speak the facts, jack.

Well I refuse to get upset because self-induced stress ain’t my cup of tea. But a lot of people were not happy to hear news like that right before Thanksgiving. And many people already committed/spent their $2500 and $5000. Now they are in the freakin hole. Happy Thanksgiving from Peter Jensen and Relationship Energy (RE247365).

So all of those BIG RE247365 PROMOTIONAL MARKETING CHECKS  we celebrated around for $2500, $7500, $25,000, $100,000 or more have NEVER been deposited in any of the the RE247365 distributors’ bank accounts. RE just begun paying the $2500 and $5000 bonuses when this crap hit the fan.

My recommended solution would be that Peter Jensen, Relationship Energy RE247365, AAC, AAES, AAICF come up with the cash and pay their debt. He should be willing to mortgage his home and other assets to pay his distributors. At the end of the day, if I had a business which went through bad times, and I BELIEVED in my business, then I would do anything to salvage it while keeping my word to my sales force. Right now, I don’t see any sacrifices the principals of Relationship Energy – RE247365 are making. Thus they don’t have BIG SKIN in the game and thus their RISK is not as large as it should be.


In terms of the hacker who compromised their system and contributed to the cashflow problems…

There was a hacker who broke into the system. BUT … he didn’t access any finances. He first hacked my account working with the anonymous blogger over at “behind idiocy”. Then … welll.. i won’t reveal the details because it isn’t appropriate at THIS time in THIS venue. But the hack had nothing to do with Relationship Energy cashflow problems. And I know absolutely nothing about a Pakistani group stealing via credit card fraud. In terms of all of the MISSING Money… I’ve never seen anything like that. LOL! POPPYCOCK! If I walked into Wells Fargo and cashed a check for $5000, for example, and Wells Fargo cashed it, then guess what? Wells Fargo is LIABLE and they would have taken care of it. PJ said that someone cashed a lot of bogus RE247365 (Relationship Energy) checks on their Wells Fargo checking account. That doesn’t make any sense to me and I’ve been dealing with banks for almost a half century.  IF that happened, then Wells Fargo has a huge problem with their systems. Nonetheless, my recommendation that they simply close the bank account and get a new one would have solve that issue. NO-BRAINER.


Finally … Peter’s reference to the Pakistani credit card fraudsters … I know the team he is referencing. They put in hundreds of folks using their credit cards. The credit cards were NOT fraudulent as far as I know. Relationship Energy has their money because they tried to sneak in without USA credentials. So RE247365 terminated hundreds of their accounts BUT did NOT give them back their money. Come on, now! TELL THE TRUTH, PJ. And not only that … you blocked their upline’s account even though she paid her monthly fees and did not violate any terms and conditions. She can’t control what her downline does. Give them their cash back if you deem fit to terminate them. Ya can’t have your cake and eat it too! So this incidence just like the hacker incidence had NO negative bearing on RE247365’s cash flow. You paid them NOTHING! I mean SERIOUSLY??? REALLY??? You didn’t know I would call you on this did you? Oops!

So the bottom line is this. I cannot in good conscious recommend Relationship Energy RE247365 to anyone even if they begged me and beat me with a baseball bat.

Here is a video I published before Relationship Energy RE247365 went ballistic and start demanding money for crack. This video addresses some bloggers who wrote why RE is a scam and I disagree with their asinine reasoning. We would say it is a scam because of the above! .. Not because Boo Boo Boy and his fellow bloggers says the products exist on the market  already. I mean like duhhhh…. right?

RE247365 Scam? You tell me.

Here is the NEW and Compensation Plan for RE247365. Pay attention to pages 2 and 3. This is where he tells members of the Players Club (The SUCKERS Club) that he ain’t paying them their earned bonuses unless they agree to his extortion demands. Does RE247365 owe you $2500 or $5000 or $7500 or $25000 all the way up to over a quarter million dollars for your hard work? HAH! Here is where Peter Jensen’s INTEGRITY, ETHICS, and MORALS outline how he is going to treat you in terms of your BACK PAY he OWES YOU!

Relationship Energy – RE247365 Compensation Plan 2015

Faith Sloan

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