Chapter 5

Types of Conspiracy Theories, Secret Societies, and New World Order

Faith Sloan

There are far more unproven conspiracy theories though than those that have been proven. Those that continue to be out there seem to come and go at different times in terms of their popularity. For example, the conspiracy theory surrounding the assassination of JFK seems to get lots of attention annually around the anniversary of the event.

There are so many types of conspiracy theories, secret societies, and new world order that we can’t possibly list all of them. However, the information in this chapter will provide you with a very good indication of what those categories seem to be.

Conspiracy Theories

  • Aliens

  • Censorship

  • Culture

  • Environmental

  • Government

  • Health

  • Historical events

  • Law enforcement

  • Media

  • Military

  • Mind Control

  • Murder plots

  • Sports

  • Suppression of knowledge

  • Suppression of technology

New World Order

The concept of the new world order can be complex and hard to understand. Those that believe in this particular type of conspiracy believe that there are fringe benefits out there for those with money and power. They believe that those with money and the elite continue to work to suppress the working class and the poor.

As the economy takes a downward spiral, you start to hear more and more about the new world order conspiracy. People tend to think that it is intentionally that the cost of living is high, fuel prices are soaring, healthcare is skyrocketing, and yet wages aren’t going up. The high unemployment rate also is hard to ignore.

The new world conspiracy believers also feel that the government as well as large companies are able to spy on us. They collect data about what we do, who we talk to, and they are making it harder for us to get by without them. They feel that there are controls on healthcare and on food supplies in order to keep people suppressed.

Some of these conspiracies include:

  • The Bohemian Grove

  • The Illuminati

  • The Order of the Skull and Bones

The Bohemian Grove

The Bohemian Grove covers about 2,700 acres and it is located in Monte Rio, California. There is a private club here that is where some of the most powerful and prestigious men from around the world meet a few times per year. They may stay for a couple of weeks at a time. To give you an idea of the types of individuals that are members, they include the following:

  • Bank executive

  • Business leaders

  • Media executives

  • Musicians

  • Politicians

While there are only members from the US in the Bohemian Grove group, they can bring guests with them. This often includes prominent leaders or businessmen from other countries. The combination of wealth and power in this group doesn’t sit well with the general public.

Organized protests have taken place outside of this club. Journalists have long been trying to get in so they can experience first-hand what is going on. In 2000, Alex Jones went to the Bohemian Grove under the cover of being a guest. He was really trying to get some great footage for his conspiracy theory.

He was able to get some hidden cameras inside with him. Mike Hanson was along with him to get footage. While he completed a documentary about it, he wasn’t able to share any secrets. Guests are only able to see certain areas of the location.

The Illuminati

The term Illuminati refers to a group of people in a position of power around the world. They target specific types of roles that give them access to that power along with wealth. They are involved in culture, finance, government, and religion.

According to the conspiracy theories, these individuals take part in all types of activities behind the scenes. This can include assassinations, media manipulation, and the Federal Reserve system. Their goal is to create a one authoritarian government, The New World Order.

The Order of the Skull and Bones

Quite a few people are surprised to learn that the Order of the Skull and Bones is located at Yale. This is a very upper scale and prestigious college. It is believed this is the ultimate secret society due to the drug smuggling and espionage it covers up. Sounds like a thrilling movie!

Each year, seniors at the college select 15 freshmen. It is considered an honor to be selected. There are rumors that in many families attending Yale and being part of this group has taken place for several generations. Some of the conspiracy theories go as far as to claim that this group was being the assassination of JFK.

There are plenty of rumors that state the Order of the Skull and Bones are a stepping stone to joining the Illuminati. If they do well in this college branch, then they will be initiated to the upper level once they go out into the real world. Part of being able to do so is to get a grand education at Yale so that they can be in powerful positions.

Faith Sloan

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