Conspiracies Exposed:

A Skeptic’s Guide to Conspiracy Theories, Secret Societies, and the New World Order – Faith Sloan

Chapter 1: Introduction

Conspiracies Exposed - Faith Sloan

One of the fascinating things about humans is that our minds all work differently. Two people can hear the same information, and walk away with different conclusions and different perceptions. The unique spins can bring up questions and they can also influence what others think.

We have the freedom in our society to share what we think. We also have the freedom to share those thoughts with other people in many forms. When it comes to the concept of conspiracy theories, there are literally thousands of them out there that have possible outcomes. Are they what they seem at face value, or is there something more to them that is hidden?

To be fair, some of the conspiracy theories out there have actually been proven to be true. On the other hand, many of them have also been discredited. Thanks to modern science and technology, plenty of testing can be done. Many of the conspiracy theory concepts though aren’t black and white. There are many shades of gray to them.

There are plenty of books, websites, movies, and videos out there that talk about conspiracy theories. Social media has certainly entertained quite a few of the stories and kept them in the spotlight of the general public.


We live in a society that prides itself on freedom of speech and the ability to share information freely. The problem though is too many people seem to think that everything they read online is real. There are those that prey on people to get their funds too so you have to be careful.

Creating a fund to help uncover what the government is hiding is a great way to evoke people to emotionally connect. Then they will open their wallet and make a contribution.

Many of these offers are real, and they do use the money to conduct research. Others though are a scam and you have to be able to differentiate between the two of them.

Ask lots of questions and get facts before you offer any funds. Those that are superheroes in the war against conspiracy theories aren’t going anywhere. They will gladly accept your money another day!

Hyde Park, located in London, has a place called Speaker’s Corner. This is where a person can freely go to talk about anything they would like to. There have been common folks that do so as well as famous individuals. Many of the speeches given have talked about conspiracy theories and breaking them down.

When a person has a passion about a certain topic, they will search to find the truth. However unbiased a person intends to be though, their subconscious can prevent that from really occurring.

If a person would like the outcome to be one way, they can interpret the information to fit that desired outcome. It is also important to realize that some of the information out there is fact and other pieces of it are myths or speculations.

It can be very interesting to take a close look at conspiracy theories. Determining your own thoughts on a given subject can be something that opens up your mind and new thought processing. Listening to what others have to say in favor of your stand as well as opposed to it can make a huge difference in how you feel.


Conspiracy theories have been around for a very long time, and new ones continue to come to light on a regular basis. They are a big part of the global socialization and cultural elements. Many of the conspiracy theories do have some logical elements to them as well as broad theories.

In order for a conspiracy theory to be created, there has to be a story in place with elements that explain what happened that differentiates from the original. There must be supporting evidence that can be presented to show why that original story could very likely be false.

Once there is some traction behind a given conspiracy theory, it can grow at phenomenal proportions around the world. On one side you have those that are quite passionate about the theory and they want to see the truth come out. On the other, you have those that wish to give credit to the original story and they search to discredit the conspiracy theory information.

While you won’t be able to solve all of life’s mysteries or conspiracy theories reading this, you can get some very interesting facts. First, you will hear about some conspiracy theories that have been proven to be true. Next, you will explore various information on different types and subjects of conspiracy theories. Then you can make up your own mind what you think about them.

However, you will get the feeling that there are some possibilities in many areas. Perhaps it will even entice you to do some research on your own to come up with more facts to base your final decisions upon.

Faith R Sloan

<stay tuned for chapter 2>

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