Chapter 12

Mysterious Deaths

Faith Sloan

People all around the globe die every single day. Yet some of those deaths make headlines due to the mystery surrounding them. There are numerous conspiracy theories that continue to crop up in this particular realm. In this chapter, we will cover some of these mysterious deaths that continue to be discussed.

John F. Kennedy

Even though the assassination of JFK was covered in a previous chapter, it also warrants being addressed here. This is one of the mysterious deaths that people continue to talk about today. Many experts today feel that there is no way that one man could have been responsible for setting it all up.

The conspiracy theory involves the idea that there were many other people involved too. Perhaps even from the FBI and the CIA. There have been thoughts it may have been due to his links to the mafia and to Marilyn Monroe.

Malcolm X

In February of 1965, Malcolm X was assassinated. According to an FBI report, he had a total of 10 bullet wounds to various points of the body. The slugs that were examined came from three different types of guns. The newspapers reported that two men had been arrested. However, the bodyguards and those close to Malcolm X stated that those two men were never at the event. Hence Malcolm is on the mysterious deaths list.

The conspiracy theory of Malcolm X’s mysterious death involves information that the USA government was responsible for the assassination of Malcolm X. Perhaps they thought he was generating too many followers that were passionate about equality? There are also other conspiracy theory rumors that he was taken out by members of the Black Panther gang.

John Ali, a former friend of Malcolm X, is also at the core of many of the conspiracy theories. Some believe that this guy sold him out in order to make good on a deal with the CIA. Before he could be deeply questioned, Ali was killed in a car accident – faulty brakes sited as the cause. This only further makes some feel that a conspiracy indeed took place.

Martin Luther King Jr.

April 04, 1968, Martin Luther King, Jr. was assassinated. This is one of the conspiracy theories which lumps him in the mysterious deaths category which doesn’t seem to lose any traction, even after so many years have passed. According to some sources, King’s son met with James Earl Ray in 1997 to discuss his role in the death. Ray has been in prison for the crime.

Ray continued to state he is innocent, and King’s son and family believed him. There was an inquiry into the accounts in 1977 and 1978. In 1998, they were able to get Attorney General Janet Reno to open a brief investigation into the death of King. Official reports state that Ray shot and killed King from a hotel window across the street from where he was leading a worker’s strike.

Ray did initially confess, but told King’s son he only did so in order to avoid the death penalty. He died in prison in 1998 without being able to clear his name. Those that believe a conspiracy theory surrounded King’s mysterious death feel there was a great deal of organization behind the killing of Martin Luther King, Jr. The three top contenders that they recognize are liable include:

  • Army Intelligence

  • FBI

  • Lloyd Jowers (Memphis bar owner)

  • Mafia

Nicole Brown Simpson

In June of 1994, the estranged wife of NFL star O.J. Simpson was found along with Ronald Goldman at her home. Many people remember the media sensationalizing the slow moving chase of Simpson’s white Ford Bronco. While there was circumstantial evidence that pointed to Simpson as the murder, he was acquitted in a jury trial.

Some of that evidence included a pattern of domestic violence for the couple. There were also documented threats from O.J. to Nicole that stated if he found her with anyone else, he would kill her.

Then there were cuts on his hand, and he stated that he cut himself on a glass in his hotel room. There was also the driver that reported waiting more than an hour for Simpson to emerge from that hotel room on that morning.

Many believe that there was a conspiracy theory in place to protect Simpson from a conviction. Some of the theories include the judge and even members of the jury being paid off. One of the biggest supporters of this theory is Goldman’s father. He has written a book about it and continues to speak about it.

No one has ever been arrested since as a suspect in the deaths of Simpson and Goldman. Their mysterious deaths remain a cold case. There are plenty of people who believe the man responsible is already behind bars. Simpson has been sent to prison on unrelated charges that occurred several years after this incident.

John F. Kennedy Jr.

In 1999, JFK Jr. was killed in a plane crash, along with his wife and her sister. They were on their way to a wedding. While it is considered to be a part of the “Kennedy Curse”, many feel that there are just too many bad things that have happened to members of this wealthy and prestigious family for it to all be an accident. That is why John F. Kennedy Jr. is on the list of mysterious deaths.

The conspiracy theory indicates that the plane had been tampered with in order to dispose of one more Kennedy that was too powerful, that had too much information, and that knew people in high places. The conspiracy also points out that photos and videos taken of the wreckage by the Navy before anything was removed have been lost or destroyed.

Princess Diana of Wales

The People’s Princess is what they called her, and many around the world mourned when she was killed in a car wreck in 1997. Dodi Fayed, who was her boyfriend at the time, also died in the accident.

There are many theories about her death, and they could be due to the fact that people just don’t want to accept what occurred was a fateful accident. Some feel that the Queen herself may have played a role in the mysterious death of Princess Diana. There was no secret that the royal family wasn’t happy with the Princess Diana and all of her publicity after divorcing Prince Charles.

There are conspiracy theories that she may have been threatening to expose secrets she knew about the royal family in order for them to leave her alone. The Queen wasn’t about to be put in her place or blackmailed in any way. She could have hired any number of people to make it look like an accident involving a chase by paparazzi.

Marilyn Monroe

Was actress and model Marilyn Monroe killed because of the information she got from President JFK? It was no secret the two had a long term love affair. The official cause of death is suicide, but there are plenty of conspiracy theories out there that don’t allow that to be taken at face value.

One thing we don’t often hear with those theories though is that four times previously, Monroe had tried to take her own life. She was believed to suffer from severe depression. So it is very plausible that this time, she got the job done.

However, the evidence that points to it being a cover up are also circulating. For example, she had once been married to baseball legend, Joe DiMaggio. At the time of her mysterious death, she was planning on marrying him for a second time. She also had two movie deals and a book deal in the works.

There are those that believe the USA government got tired of Monroe leaking information that they felt was an embarrassment regarding JFK. They also may have been worried that her upcoming book would include information that they couldn’t risk being disclosed.

John Lennon

The Beatles will always be legends, and the death of John Lennon will always be remembered. One of the theories is that he was taken out by the CIA or FBI, not John Chapman. His death occurred in 1980 and continues to be commemorated every day in Central Park of New York.

Chapman went to prison for the murder of Lennon, but he clung to claims of being innocent. One conspiracy theory of John Lennon’s mysterious death is that the music he was writing had such a big influence on people, that the government was worried about what messages he would send that contradicted those they were sending.

The most prominent of the conspiracy theories though is that Lennon was urging citizens to take a stand against the media. He had been outspoken about censorship and warning people that they shouldn’t take everything that the media shared at face value. It is possible that he was taken out to stop that message from being spread.

Paul Walker

One of the newest conspiracy theories surrounding the mysterious death of someone is Paul Walker. He was a well-known actor and also part of many charitable organizations. He was killed in late 2013 in a car accident with a friend, leaving a charity event. There are those that don’t believe the wreck that killed them was an accident.

The conspiracy theory here is that Walker was aware of some discreprencies with the funds for the organizations he was working with known as Reachout Worldwide. He may have thought that money was being taken from the donations that weren’t being used properly.

Investigators have sited excessive speed as the cause of the crash. However, many believe the driver of the vehicle never would have been driving at that speed in a residential area of California. The conspiracy theory is that the car was tampered with and that the driver was unable to control the speed of the vehicle.

Recent reports state that there were mechanical problems with the car identified, but whether or not foul play was in the mix continues to be at the core of this particular conspiracy theory.

Faith Sloan

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