Chapter 2

What is a Conspiracy Theory?

Faith Sloan

Conspiracies Exposed - Faith Sloan

There are numerous categories that a conspiracy theory can fall into. Any idea or concept that a person or group may have engaged in secretly or to cover up another event can fall under this umbrella. The goal of the secret or cover up is to achieve something such as:

  • Avoid legal action

  • Influence

  • Political Office

  • Power

  • Wealth

It doesn’t necessarily have to be on a wide scale to be considered a conspiracy theory. Of course, the more people that know of the issue and that talk about it, the bigger it becomes. Some conspiracy theories have been around for decades. Bring the issue up to a group of people and the debates will begin.

There are many types of people that can be involved in a conspiracy theory. Really, nothing is off limits. The most common groups that have been identified include:

  • Government

  • Churches

  • Corporations

  • Individuals

  • Military

Regardless of the topic or who is involved, all conspiracy theories have the underlying factor that there is knowledge believed to be intentionally hidden from the general public. There are those that believe secret societies exist out there with the sole purpose of covering up acts and being able to gain something of value from doing so. Some of the most popular secret societies that are talked about include:

  • Bilderberger’s

  • Illuminati

  • The Council on Foreign Relations

If they exist, what power do they have and why?

Any time there is a theory in motion to dispute what has been stated in a story or to resolve an unknown factor, it can be blamed on a secret type of alliance within a group to get such results. Those with the theory will go to lengths to be able to discredit the story that has been put into motion by those in power.

With that type of scenario, the mere statement “conspiracy theory” can put some people on the defense in society. They will cling to the credibility and they will foster hope in the entity that they trust that offered the story. For example, those that are very faithful to the ways of their church would never believe that their church was involved in any type of conspiracy on any level.

Part of the reason why conspiracy theories exist is that people aren’t happy with an answer they don’t feel makes sense. Life doesn’t always work out so that there are facts that you can neatly wrap up. In many investigations, there has to be conclusive evidence that points to a particular event unfolding.

People also have a natural tendency to have to find a source to blame. It helps them feel better about a situation that they may be feeling helpless about. For example, they may out of work and not have many prospects. However, they feel better blaming the government for controlling the economy as they don’t feel as helpless as if they accept it is just the nature of things at that point in time.

The materials here are offering the term “conspiracy theory” in a neutral tone. The idea is to generate some thoughts on the various topics mentioned. Not to state that they are indeed wrong or that there has been something certainly covered up. The mysteries that are underlying with any conspiracy theory topic though is quite fascinating.

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Faith R Sloan

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