Chapter 11


Free press is one of the rights and freedoms we have in the USA. However, we need to be cautious with that. Media can sensationalize a headline, they can put the twist on it that they want us to see. They can create a hero story out of a tragedy because it gives the public hope.

While the media has a hard job, to report the facts and share information, there are many conspiracy theories out there that they are included in. Many people believe that the media only tells us what they are authorized to tell us. This is especially true when it comes to the government and even to important businesses.

Here are some of the common media conspiracy theories that continue to circulate. There are many, many more out there though. An entire report could be dedicated to those alone.

DTV Transition

The changes to digital TV are all around us, but what was the purpose? There is a conspiracy theory in place that it has to do with the Big Brother watching us concept. They fear that inside of the digitalization process, there are cameras and microphones that all the government to listen and to watch us in our own homes.

According to such theories, the boxes that are installed for digital TV to work are where the cameras and microphones are located. There are also conspiracy theories that claim the digital TV monitors allow the government to experiment with mind control over people. They often do this through subliminal advertising and through what is seen on different TV programs.

Additional thoughts on the messages include that the government may wish to desensitize citizens to the world of terrorism, epidemics, and other problems that arise in society. That way when the government actually takes part in them, the public will assume that there were outside forces in motion. This is one of the conspiracy theories that has gained momentum since 09/11.


HAARP stands for High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program. This program is operated by branches of the USA military and a few other entities. They include:

  • U.S. Air Force

  • U.S. Navy

  • The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA)

  • The University of Alaska

This program is a type of research and observation that helps with predicting weather patterns. However, the conspiracy theory here is that HAARP actually is a tool that is being used to create havoc. According to the theory, they are able to manipulate the weather using devices. They used them to trigger floods, hurricanes, and other catastrophic events.

Another theory is that HAARP using radio waves to send mind control messages to people. They use this resource to manipulate the human brain patterns to get people to complete tasks that a personal ordinarily wouldn’t take part in. There is no evidence really offered by those that believe this particular conspiracy theory that they have shared with the general public.

Dishonest Media

John Swinton was once the Chief of Staff for the New York Times. He stated in a very prestigious speech that there is no such thing as the press being independent. He stated that while they could write, they couldn’t write their honest options about many topics. He was bold enough to say most journalist are paid to NOT share their own opinions.

This particular conspiracy theory is one that many people are taking a closer look at. We are conditioned from a young age to believe certain things about our culture, our government, and even our religious sectors. There is an illusion that exists too when it comes to the media. There are several noted conspiracy theories about how we are told what the government wants us to believe.

Many times you will hear your family and friends exclaim “I heard it on the news!” and now you hear “I read it on the Internet!” Folks … that still doesn’t make it true.

Operation Mockingbird

A big conspiracy theory that quite a few believe in is Operation Mockingbird. This information follows the belief that since World War II, the CIA has been undercover in the top management positions of all media sources. This allows them to have control over all we see – the good and the bad – to evoke certain emotions.

Dark Alliance

One reporter who was bold enough to share this information, and he was banned from most media jobs because of it. No one would dare hire him. Gary Webb wrote about the conspiracy theory that involved the CIA in the media and their control. He talked about how they had been covering up the Iran-Contra connection.

He also had facts in place that talked about the CIA being the main source of all cocaine that was found in California in the early 80s. One of his sources had been a pilot that smuggled the cocaine in for the CIA, Barry Seal. However, Seal was killed before he could go public with any statements or documents.


There are plenty of people out there that feel the media has to be very carefully watched. They may think they are being clever by offering around the clock coverage of a given story. It may not even be anything really significant, but you will see they plan it again and again.

This is when conspiracy theory believers of the media often think that there is something very big being hidden. They are using this method of misdirection to get the attention of citizens. If they are paying attention to what the media is currently sharing, they don’t have a chance to be digging around regarding other types of information.

The use of misdirection by the media as a type of conspiracy theory is hard to prove. There are those that feel they are an expert on the topic though. They have put together some really amazing time lines of information. They have documented stories that were big in the media and also events that occurred at the same time that weren’t disclosed until later.

Faith Sloan

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