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Chapter 9


Perhaps one of the biggest barriers and injustices in the world is racism. Judging others by the color of their skin isn’t fair, but it continues to be done. Even in the countries such as the USA that have anti-discrimination laws, racism is still taking placed on a daily basis.

When there are events in the media that unfold such as a person being beaten where racism is believed to be a factor, it further adds flames to the conspiracy theories surrounding all of it.

Holocaust Denial

Most people know the basic history of Germany and what happened to the Jews. It was a very sad time with so many lives tragically lost due to racism and the desire for power and control by Hitler. That is why this particular conspiracy theory is so insulting to many.

The theory known as Holocaust Denial is the belief that the Holocaust simply didn’t happen. It was created by Jews in order to justify the creation of the State of Israel. There are just too many survivors with similar stories of what they encountered and what happened to their families.

There are also remains of concentration camps that have been identified in some regions. Videos of those camps circulated at one time as well. Of course they tried to give the impression that they were a good place for Jews, where they would work and have their basic needs met for them.

Even Nazi SS soldiers have talked about their role in the Holocaust. Many of them very ashamed about what they had done under the orders of the military they were a part of. This is one conspiracy theory that just isn’t going to be able to be proven true.

The truth of what occurred during the Holocaust is very dark and a lesson about what can happen when any one person is given too much power and control over others. It is estimated that by the end of World War II, more than 6 million Jews had been killed.

Anti-Racism Conspiracy

Extreme racism is hard to fight, and there are those that worry it will get enough support that at some point, they will take control of the world. This conspiracy theory involves the belief that there are anti-racism groups out there that are infiltrating various entities so that when the time comes, they are in position to take control. These entities include:

  • Central banks

  • Media

  • Political arenas

  • Religious sectors

This level of racism is very controlled and it involves recruiting and brainwashing others to follow their lead. The conspiracy theories out there believe that there are groups in many regions that continue to grow in size and power. They have a plan of action to overtake the world at some point, and they will wipe out anyone that doesn’t fit their mold of what a person should be in terms of skin color.


The Ku Klux Klan, better known as the KKK, is a group of white men that have a hatred for people of other races. They primarily target African Americans and do what they can to keep them segregated out of positions of power and wealth. The history of them being in court for their actions dates back to 1869.

The Federal grand jury stated that the KKK is a terrorist group as of 1871. It was created by confederate soldiers who wished to limit the economic growth and education of African Americans.

Today, the KKK has memberships all over the USA. People that you would never imagine are part of such groups. They wear white robes and hoods to remain anonymous. They are less open about what they do, but in some areas they still burn crosses in the yards of those they target.

Many people feel there is a deep seeded conspiracy theory behind the KKK. They believe that the US government looks the other way and allows them to do what they want as long as it stays away from media attention. In fact, there are those that are bold enough to identify certain political figures that they believe have ties with the KKK.

The KKK is able to get their funding from many sources. Part of the ongoing conspiracy theory is that in many regions they are paid monthly stipends to leave African Americans alone. Verifying such information though can be virtually impossible as there isn’t a paper trail or anything in written form.

There have been some previous members of the KKK who have come forward to talk about their ties with government, with businessmen, and even with celebrities on a personal level. They have talked about their leadership, their executions, and even their partnerships at times with the mafia in order to meet a common goal.

The KKK is one of the most well-known racist groups around the USA. In some areas, they have tried to offer a better front for their bad behavior and unethical ways. For example, sponsoring certain community events or funding various causes. The law says they can’t be banned from such contributions even if people aren’t always fond of where they came from.

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