Chapter 4

Conspiracy Theories that have been

Proven to be True

Faith Sloan

Nothing adds more fuel to the fire on the various conspiracy theories out there than when one is actually proven to be true. It puts a new spin on things and gives it lots of credibility that the “what if”thoughts out there may not be so far-fetched after all.

It also reduces the overall credibility of the people or the entity that were involved in the conspiracy theory that was proven to be true. For example, when it is a branch of the military or the government, everything else they do is closely scrutinized.


Just about everyone realizes the health risks involved with asbestos exposure. It can result in serious respiratory problems and also cause cancer. Claims of this outcome were started in the 1930’s with the first claims against the John’s Manville Company. It is now known that many manufacturers between 1930 and 1960 knew the risks to health of those around asbestos.

They did all they could to prevent that information from being discovered so that they didn’t have to pay money or face penalties in a court of law. In 1962, testing completed by Epidemiologists were able to confirm beyond any doubt that asbestos was dangerous. They were also able to prove that the bosses for several of the company’s had gone to great lengths to try to cover up that information.

Iran Contra Affair

It was discovered in 1987 by Congress that certain White House officials had authorized the trade of weapons with Israel in order to get USA hostages back from Iran. The government had always held to the statement that they do not negotiate with terrorists. This conspiracy theory really upset people who had always believed that from the USA government up to that point.


Today, we all know that the mafia does exist, and it has for quite some time. There are plenty of movies about it, including a few that are reality TV. The mafia was unknown to really exist as a secret society until the 1960s. There were plenty of speculations though.

It was often concluded that there were members of the mafia involved in brides among law enforcement and even judges. There were theories that mob members were involved in backing financial elements of various businesses. Even laundering money through those businesses was often talked about.

In the 1960’s, Joe Valachi told officials about the Mafia. What was discovered is that they worked with people from all over the world in the business sector. They were indeed in business with drug dealers, the CIA, and even linked to various politicians.

Even though we do know that the mob exists today, many of their actions are still underground and low key. They have their outer edges so that when something does go down, it isn’t the upper members that get caught and taken down. Those lower members are easily replaceable.

Manhattan Project

During World War II, there was a secret project in place to create an atomic bomb. It was called the Manhattan Project. For many years, this was quite the conspiracy theory. However, it has been determined to be a true story.

Even though the USA was in charge of the project, there were scientists involved from the UK and Canada as well. A USA physicist by the name of Robert Oppenheimer was the main research person on the project. This was no small project though as more than 130,000 people turned out to be employed with it in some capacity.

The cost was about $2 billion USD. The information that was uncovered showed there were numerous research and production sites that were secretly operated. In some locations, small towns were created where the work took place. 30 sites were found in the USA, UK, and Canada.


The CIA was believed to have operated a type of mind control project that would create a truth serum. They were trying to develop it for use on spies. This was a conspiracy theory for a very long time. However, it was later determined that it did take place between the 1950’s and the 1970’s.

The subjects in these projects were given a variety of drugs and testing. Some of the subjects consented but many did not. For example, various prisoners that were used in the testing. They were given drugs including LSD and there were methods of torture implemented on some of the test subjects.

The Rockefeller Commission exposed this conspiracy theory after plenty of years of investigating. One of the biochemists, Frank Olson, mysteriously died when he was agreeable to talking to the Rockefeller Commission. It is believed he was a key player in conducting such experiments for the CIA.

Here is a short video to watch about this conspiracy theory that is very interesting:

Operation Mockingbird

The CIA was involved in another conspiracy theory that was proven to be true, involving the media. It was discovered that from the 1950’s through the 1970’s, the CIA was paying many journalists in the USA and foreign locations to publish what they wanted. This is referred to as propaganda. After plenty of investigating, it was revealed in 1975.

Some of the journalists that were involved worked for big name newspapers including:

  • The New York Times

  • The Washington Post

  • Time

Operation Northwoods

A conspiracy theory was circulating in the 1960s regarding USA military leaders to offer support to wage war against Cuba. The goal was to get Fidel Castro out of a position of power. Some of the tactics involved included:

  • Blowing up a USA naval ship

  • Hijacking airplanes

  • Innocent civilians and soldiers killed

  • Sinking boats with Cuban refugees on them

  • Terrorism in USA cities

It took almost 40 years after these events unfolded for them to be proven. The good news is that Operation Northwoods never materialized to that level. There were plans in the works by the CIA and they were approved by the Joint Chiefs of Staff. The events weren’t carried out.

Operation Valkyrie

There have been so many discussions about various ploys and conspiracy theories to assassinate Hitler. Part of the problem with getting it proven is that there were different facts circulating. When it was all put together, there were over 20 attempts on his life. Many of those involved were so called loyalists from within his own inner circle.

Many of the Nazi officers were willing to do what it took to step in and overthrow Hitler and his form of government. In 1944, Colonel Claus von Stauffenberg joined that cause. Operation Valkyrie involved assassinating Hitler and blaming it on the Nazi SS.

As a result, the entire government could be overtaken. The plan was uncovered at the last minute. Many men were executed for their role in it. They knew going in that would be their fate if they got caught, but felt the cause was worth putting their own lives on the line.


President Nixon will always be remembered for his downfall due to Watergate tapes. This conspiracy theory stated that the Democratic National Headquarters were spied upon by officials in the Republican party. They did so in 1972 from the Watergate Hotel.

The dealings that took place where continually denied by many in the political arena, including President Nixon. However, in 1974 there were tape recordings that were leaked from the White House that left no question about his involvement. As a result, he resigned from the Presidency.

World Series 1919

Sports shouldn’t be taken too seriously, but that isn’t always the case. When it comes to the major leagues, there is plenty at stake. There were 8 players from the Chicago White Sox who were accused of throwing the series to allow the Cincinnati Reds to win.

This conspiracy theory was very controversial, and even the details of what really occurred continue to be a debate some will engage in. In the latter part of the 1920 season, this scandal began to unfold. The 8 players were all banned from organized baseball, even though criminal charges couldn’t be pursued against them for their role in the loss. This story is often referred to as the Black Sox Scandal.

This is just a small sample of all of the type of proven conspiracy theories out there that have been documented.

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Faith Sloan

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