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Chapter 8


Nothing generates a debate among people like politics. This particular sector isn’t exempt either when it comes to conspiracy theories. There are many of them that circulate about various figures and their roles in society. Here are some of the most common ones that continue to be in the spotlight.

JFK Assassination

At the very top of that political list is the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. He was the 35th President, and killed by Lee Harvey Oswald as his car went down the street for a parade in Dallas on 11/22/63. There are endless questions to this particular conspiracy theory.

Many don’t think that Oswald acted alone in his actions. They believe there was a hit out on JFK. Some of the theories on this vary about who was at the core of making this assassination occur. They include:

  • DIA

  • FBI

  • Jacqueline Kennedy (later Onassis, she was his wife at the time)

  • Mafia

The majority of individuals that feel there is a conspiracy theory believe the USA government was behind his death. They wonder about what JFK knew that he was going to share with other officials or with the rest of the world that they considered him an enormous threat.

President Obama Citizenship

It seems that no matter what he does, President Obama just can’t get a break. Some don’t like his approach at all. Others simply don’t like the fact that an African American is in office. He gets the blame for the economy, high unemployment rate, and even crime in some areas. One of the conspiracy theories surrounding him is that he isn’t actually a citizen of the USA.

This is one conspiracy theory that may one day be proven to be true. Of course, that all depends on who you are asking and what information you look at. According to CNN, they believe they have done sufficient research to prove he wasn’t born in the USA.

The Obama team offered a certificate of live birth for him that states he was born in Hawaii on 08/04/61. There are some state officials that state they have seen this particular document. Even though it isn’t an actual birth certificate, it is valid for obtaining a social security card and a driver’s license.

The Obama team also states that two different newspapers in Hawaii announced his birth. However, they also state that those newspapers are part of the Department of Health archives, and they aren’t available to the general public.

President Zachary Taylor

The death of the 12th USA President, Zachary Taylor, has never been explained. At the time of his death, there was no such thing as DNA testing. Many of the medical tests we have now for autopsy were also not available. According to his death certificate, he died of natural causes.

There are conspiracy theories that believe he was poisoned. Some say by his wife and others say by his own Cabinet members that no longer wanted him in a position of power. In 1991, some DNA samples were processed. They did show signs of some arsenic. However, it is believed it would not have been enough to cause death.

Corruption and Tyranny

The layers of the USA government are very deep, and when there are concerns over corruption, an investigation is done. Yet there are often rumors of cover ups and that someone takes the fall for what many were involved with. There are tons of conspiracy theories in place revolving around the concept of corruption and tyranny in the USA government.

Scandals that involve Congress taking bribes, killing their mistresses, and so much more make for juicy conversations. Several Presidents including George W. Bush and Obama have spoken out against such conspiracy theories. They warn that the government is there to protect and help citizens, but if they are divided due to distrust, then it can create problems.

In several speeches, Obama has urged the citizens to disregard conspiracy theories about corruption and tyranny in government. He feels the USA has amazing leadership. He calls the current government very unique and very brave. However, he seems to be rubbing some the wrong way. He gives the impression that he believes anyone putting stock in conspiracy theories isn’t looking at reality.

President George W. Bush

When President George W. Bush waged war on Saddam Hussein and Iraq, he said it was because he had weapons of mass destruction. The US was ready to do all they could with their troops to offer protection and to take Hussein out. However, many believe that there was a conspiracy in place from the very beginning.

It was later revealed that Hussein had no such weapons in his possession. Of course there are those loyal to the Bush administration that say he could have gotten rid of them or hid them well. The conspiracy theory here is that many believe Bush knew from the start that Hussein didn’t have any such weapons.

The idea was a way for them to get the backing of the general public to go to war because they thought it was for their own protection. However, the documents that are officially given on the subject state that the President did all he could to get Hussein to give up the weapons from the start. They also state that the US intelligence had every reason to believe at that time such weapons of mass destruction were in Iraq.

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