Chapter 6

Do Aliens Exist?

Faith Sloan

Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) and <h2>aliens</h2> are common when it comes to conspiracy theories. There are plenty of people out there that feel they have seen something in the sky that couldn’t be explained away. There are plenty of documentaries, films, and movies that talk about all of this and really does bring up some good questions.

After all, if there is life on Earth, and we can travel beyond it, why it is so far out of reach to think that nothing else exists? Some believe that in the early 1960s there were calls for help from Mars. However, we didn’t have the technology we have today to be able to explore it. Was this a lost opportunity? A hoax? Or communication from another source that got crossed? We will likely never know!

Alien Abductions

There are numerous accounts from people around the world that talk about being abducted by aliens. They speak different languages, they are different ages, and they come from all backgrounds. Some are professionals and some barely get by. Some are very wealthy and others are homeless and poor.

Yet they all share a common bond of stating they were taken by an alien. They talk about a force that was unlike anything they have ever known. They talk about bright lights and creatures with large eyes. They also talk about being taken into a spaceship.

Many of the alien abductions involve them being carefully examined on tables and with various tools. Blood and other fluids may be extracted from their bodies. Many pregnant women talk about being abducted and their babies being examined while still in their bodies. In most situations, the aliens are reported to be curious and not meaning any harm.

Yet the government says that these people all have a subconscious awareness of the alien abduction. They blame it on movies they have seen, books they have read, and talk about conspiracy theories. It is all chalked up to their mind playing tricks on them.

Alien Reptiles

It is a creepy thought to think there are aliens disguised as humans all around us. That is at the core of the alien reptile conspiracy theory. They look like humans and act like them. Yet they have a desire from time to time to consume blood. Others believe they must ingest the human blood to keep the human form.

One of the biggest promoters of the alien reptile conspiracy theory is David Licke. He believes some of the most prominent families out there actually fall under this umbrella. He has identified several including President Bush and his family as well as the Royal Family.

Brain Chips

One conspiracy theory that isn’t as prominent, but it can be very in depth to those that believe, is brain chips. They feel that sometimes, aliens abduct people to insert chips into their brains. It allows them to monitor thoughts, to be able to read their minds, and to have control over them.

The government assures people that there is no such thing in motion. Yet there are people that believe the government covers it up. That they allow the aliens such liberties in order to keep the peace. Some individuals have gone as far as to cut themselves open to try to dig around and remove a chip they feel has been embedded under their skin.

Crop Circles

One of the really fascinating things about conspiracy theories with aliens are crop circles. They can make an amazing designs in the crops. There is no start and no end which means that a machine didn’t drive in there and make them. Many people believe they are a sign from aliens with hidden messages for other spaceships to see from the sky.

The crop circles appear out of nowhere, usually they are put in place at night, then seen the following day. They are very precise and accurate, and it is puzzling how such care can be done so quickly.

There have been plenty of theories in place to discredit crop circles including the wind and special tools. In some instances, humans have been caught trying to create them and when they got busted, it really affected the credibility of the conspiracy theory about crop circles.

Project Blue Book

The USA government was involved in a project designed to categorize all instances of aliens. This included reports of:

  • Contact

  • Visitation

  • Spaceships

The project lasted for many years, and at the end of it, they released reports that there wasn’t any substantial evidence to verify the presence of aliens on Earth at any time. Those that believed this was a cover up though started a conspiracy theory network about it.

They stated the results in the studies were merely what the government wanted people to think. The Project Blue Book data was all falsified according to those that feel it is a conspiracy theory. They feel it was nothing more than a ploy by the government to cover up the reports from people about aliens and to cast a shadow of doubt on those individuals.

It is believed there was an International squad of experts called Majestic 12 that were involved in finding aliens and their spaceships. They were required to kill or capture the aliens and to destroy all other evidence.


Perhaps the most well-known of all alien related conspiracy theories is that of Roswell. It dates back to 1947 at the Roswell Air Force base in New Mexico. They issued information to the media that they had located a metallic disc on a ranch in the area. They said it was very mysterious, but within a few days they said it was only a piece of a weather balloon.

Before they could do so, the town was buzzing with people talking about the alien spaceship that had crash landed. The press was also printing such information in the newspapers. Since that time, information has been told from different employees of the Air Force base that there were several crash sites, cover ups, and autopsies conducted on alien remains.

There are plenty of people that believe the USA government has plenty of information about aliens from the Roswell locations. That they have hid remains of spaceships, aliens, and much more. It is all top secret military related operations.

Area 51

If it is true that the USA government is hiding alien related materials, they have to have a place for them. Many that believe in a conspiracy theory feel that Area 51 is the place where it is all kept. This area was a very private and closely guarded area since the early 1950s. It is a no fly zone and there are signs around the parameter, warning trespassers that they will be shot!

Is this just paranoia that has gotten out of control? Or will we one day confirm there are really underground labs, tunnels from one area to the next, and even alien related technology?

Those that believe in the Area 51 conspiracy theory often base those thoughts on the details from two people that used to work there. Both state that they worked with an alien called J-Rod and that they were involved with cloning alien illnesses and viruses.

The government continues to state that there is nothing about aliens taking place at Area 51. They also state what does take place there is top secret classified and they can’t disclose such information to the general public.

UFO Sightings

There have been plenty of UFO sightings. They often seem to be the same, round flying objects in the air. Experts try to rule this out, stating that people are seeing a weather balloon or other object. The USA government continues to claim there is no such thing as a UFO that has been confirmed.

Those that believe in UFOs feel that there is a conspiracy theory. They feel that there have been plenty of UFO reports and crashes that the USA government, as well as other governments around the world cover up and hide.


Here is a link to the top UFO video sightings from around the world:

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