Chapter 13

0911 Truth Movement

Faith Sloan

Does the 0911 Truth Movement supporters have a point?

Faith R Sloan 911 Truth Movement

Most people recall with great clarity where they were and what they saw the morning of 09/11/01. It is considered to be the greatest act of terrorism on USA soil in history. However, not everyone out there is convinced 19 terrorists were able to do that much destruction on their own. They don’t believe they were able to plan something so elaborate without more help.

The 09/11 Truth Movement is in action to get people to take notice that there are discrepancies in the story that has been shared. They feel that many USA officials in law enforcement, pilot training programs, and even military branches were paid off to remain quiet about what would be taking place. They may not have actually helped the events to unfold, but they didn’t do anything to stop them.

The US government hasn’t released details about any such individuals being investigated or charged based on these allegations. They continue to be a part of conspiracy theory topics surrounding the events of 09/11.

The collapse of the World Trade Center towers remains a huge mystery. They collapsed almost like a building would that had been intentionally set up with various explosive for demolition. One theory by the 09/11 Truth Movement is that the US government allowed such explosives to be put into place so that the buildings would be destroyed. The plan was to offer a quick death to those inside of the buildings.

The USA government states that it could have been due to the intense heat causes by the fires. It could have resulted in the structure collapsing the way that it did. Another possibility that they have come up with for an explanation is that somehow, the terrorists were able to get such explosives into those buildings in the days leading up to the attacks.

One of the conspiracy theories that continues to be tossed around is that the USA government was a part of the tragic events that occurred on 09/11. It sounds bizarre to think that they would. However, the reasons that those that believe give have to do with the USA military and the Department of Defense. The 09/11 Truth Movement supporters believe that the citizens of the USA were pushing for cuts in these areas.

Therefore, the conspiracy belief is that the USA government wanted the citizens to feel a huge need to be protected. If there was a terrorist attack, they would once again get behind the military and the Department of Defense. One of the biggest pieces of evidence the 09/11 Truth Movement feels they have is that the US Air Force didn’t get fighter planes in the sky quickly.

During various training exercises, the US Air Force fighter plans were to get to the skies and take down planes that may have been high jacked by terrorists. They feel that this should have been done to shoot down the second airplane before it hit the towers, after seeing that the first one had hit.

However, the government states that they didn’t know the first plane had hit the World Trade Center intentionally at that time. It wasn’t until the second plane hit there too that they realized there was a terrorist situation in motion. They thought the first plane was a pilot error or a problem with the airplane. That is why they didn’t send those fighter planes out.

If the conspiracy theories that the 09/11 Truth Movement supporters express are true about the government controlling and manipulating the media, then what we saw on TV of the second plane hitting the World Trade Center was intentional for viewers to see. At least that is the direction that those believing this conspiracy theory point.

They also feel that stories that have been shared about heroes on other planes and with rescues are also part of manipulating people. It helps them to deal with a tragic event and to see that there is still hope out there for a better tomorrow. This is what promoted stories about firemen bringing people out of the rubble.

It is what promoted stories about people offering food and clothing to those that came into contact with in the area. The USA as a whole seemed to come together after 09/11 in a way that they hadn’t done for a very long time. People seemed to stop fighting over the trivial things and took a very long look at what mattered to them. On a side note, there was a boom of new babies born about 9 months after 09/11 occurred.

So where does Osama Bin Laden fit into all of this? Those who believe 09/11 was a terrorist attack believe justice has been served. He was hunted down and killed along with many of his men.

The 09/11 Truth Movement and those who think there is a conspiracy theory feel that Bin Laden took the blame placed on him by the USA government and that he was killed to ensure he couldn’t speak the truth about all of it.

Is it possible that the attacks to invade Iraq and Afghanistan were already in motion in the months leading up to the 09/11 attack? If so, then that adds some credibility to the conspiracy theory that the 09/11 Truth Movement believes … that this was all set up in order to get the citizens of the USA to agree to the War on Terrorism that was put into motion.

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Faith Sloan

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