Qkadoo Bridges the Gap between Online Users and Advertisers

Qkadoo is the next generation Search, Social, Advertise, and Monetize platform which brings businesses’ ads and Qkadoo users’ content together so that everyone is a winner.  Qkadoo users are seriously excited to see ads.  That’s because users who create content earn real life changing revenue from their content.  The better the content, the higher the engagement, the more ad revenue is earned and the more times the ads are actually happily viewed. It’s simply brilliant!

Qkadoo is Creating Real Change Around the World

Daring to be different, Qkadoo is leading newly empowered masses to economic freedom. The Qkadoo mission is to change lives for the better on a global scale by bridging the gap between consumer and advertiser.

Qkadoo has tremendous potential to become an integral part of stimulating the economy worldwide by providing an income for all who are willing to participate.

Qkadoo Proof of Concept

Qkadoo began its proof of concept July 27, 2015 and 3 months later is happy to announce that the average user on Qkadoo is earning $15 to $25 a day creating content, sharing, rating, and commenting.

Qkadoo’s platform is interesting, fun, engaging and profitable. Qkadoo users love to spend time creating, reading, rating, commenting, posting and sharing content. They spend an incredible average of 58 minutes and 17 seconds on the site daily.  Qkadoo’s bounce rate of 10% (50% better than some of the most popular social networks) proves that people find value in its social platform and choose to stick around.

Qkadoo Platform

The Founder and CEO, Lynette Artin, writes:
Through my own challenges in life and watching other people struggle, I am determined to make a difference in the world. I created an online platform that not only gives people from all walks of life the right to earn revenue generated from the very content they contribute to the Internet every single day, but also helps the advertisers get the attention of their target market.

Qdat! App Is on Its Way

Qdat! is an all-in-one app which allows you to snap pictures, create videos, share news, chat and post your favorite thoughts, videos, music and activities. Turn your mobile devices into money making machines by publishing something, checking the sponsor box and clicking submit, even while on the go. Imagine the money that could be made when something you create goes viral!

Closing the Digital Divide

Hungry, homeless, jobless and hopeless people still find a way to get online and participate in the global wave of congregating, contributing, and creating content with no financial benefit to them whatsoever – until Qkadoo!

Qkadoo continues to close the digital divide between those who have access to technology and social networks and those who do not, by providing the necessary tools like computers and fundraising platforms which will bring significant financial freedom to the worldwide masses.

Teens, College Students, Moms, Dads, Seniors

Everyone including the hungry, homeless, disadvantaged, and disabled will find that the Qkadoo’s platform is the key, capable of unlocking the door to prosperity which only a few were able to enjoy during the Internet boom of the 1990’s.

Qkadoo is launching a Crowdfunding Campaign to the Public on 27October2015.

You are perfectly poised to be a part of this! Your financial support will give us the leverage we need to continue our steady chain of improvements in our platform’s technology and in our user experience. Qkadoo is finalizing its beta phase and our platform is working smoothly with a solid base of committed users. We are experiencing explosive growth and have laid a solid foundation ready for the next level which includes among other milestones, adding to our user base and securing major advertisers.

CONTACT Indiegogo CrowdFunding Profile Lynette Artin qkadoo @ qkadoo dot com

by Faith Sloan

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