Social Retail ?

While researching what “The NEW Economy” was about and looking at trends, I came upon an unexpected surprise.

“Social retail” is the buzzword now. Not only is it a buzzword, it actually works.

With conventions such as the “Social Retail Summit” 15January2015 in New York popping up, with emphasis on “Customer Relations Strategies for next-generation omnichannel retail brands” and the transformed social retail network marketing company, Modere, coming fast out of the gate, Social Retail is a force to contend with.

When customers Share The Love of the products, more customers will be created. Modere will care for these new customers and in turn, the profits from their purchases will continue to be connected to the qualified Social Marketer — YOU.

Together, Modere’s partnership with their Social Marketers is creating the greatest customer volume possible. The more sales, the more referrals, the more referrals, the more sales—it’s a continuous cycle!

Retail can’t compete with companies like Modere because they don’t have a team of Social Marketers out in the field. Direct Sales can’t compete with Modere because they don’t have a genuine retail offering. Modere saw a unique chance to do something disruptive by combining the speed of social shopping with the power of the $167 Billion worldwide direct sales industry. They’re pioneering an entirely new industry called, Social Retail.

Robert Conlee Modere CEO, Robert Finigan Modere CMO,  and Justin Serra Modere General Manager are on to something BIG in the industry with the Modere Try Before You Buy Model.

Modere and its social retail model is innovative and disruptive. An example of a disruptive model which is killing the taxicab industry is Uber.  Typically the industry that is smacked by innovation and disruptive models are overconfident behemoths who don’t believe they can be toppled. Then once they realize it, they start with lawsuits rather than adapting to the new trends and paradigms.  See TechCrunch

Cycle of Disruption TechCrunch - social retail , uber taxicabs

Cycle of Disruption TechCrunch

Disruptive Technology Innovation Giant Killer - Modere Uber social retail

Disruptive Technology Innovation Giant Killer – Modere Uber

 Change is indeed in the air. Check out Modere’s Try Before You Buy Beauty Box product.
Modere Beauty Box

Modere Beauty Products – Try Before You Buy

This takes the risk away from the purchaser and forces companies to produce/manufacture QUALITY products that are Hot, SexyTry , Safe, and in High Demand!
Faith Sloan, Modere Social Marketer and Blogger –
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