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Talk about the Myth Around Techui, Blue Green Algae, Steak and Protein? YES!

TLC is making big time headway in all of the wonderful products they have today and all of the products we see TLC launching every day!

I want to debunk some of what is going around about Blue Green Algae capsules and its protein quantity vs. the amount of protein we get from steak and other sources.

Dig this, ladies and gentlemen of Total Life Changes who is loving on that IASO Techui…

Total Life Changes Techui Reality

Total Life Changes Techui Reality

One capsule of Techui does NOT equal to 1 pound of steak.

One capsule of Techui blue green algae has about 1/3g of protein. I am a bodybuilder and I eat about 40g of protein of day. I would have to eat 120capsules of Techui to get that type of protein.

In the above photo, Total Life Changes says absolutely nothing about a capsule of Techui being equivalent to a 16oz steak! Come on, my fellow TLC’ers!

The Aztecs used to take the blue green algae and make cakes with them. they used a lot of powder. So if you have access to the powder form of blue green algae and make cakes, or bread, etc, then BAM! You have a protein power packed meal! But one Techui capsule ain’t gonna cut it.

Total Life Changes Techui capsules and other blue green algae capsules on the market have wonderful healthy nutritional properties. LOVING IT!

Here is the deal about Techui and other blue green algae products. Techui has 64% protein compared to just 22% protein found in animal protein like steak! So if you eat 16 oz of steak, depending upon the type of steak, you can get 40-90 grams of protein. So if you eat 16oz of Techui, then you will get MORE protein and a BETTER source of protein. But who is going to eat 16oz of Techui? That is 448gms of Techui! So that is a LOT of bottles of Techui in one sitting! LOL!

The statistics about meat vs. Blue Green Algae is actually for the Blue Green Algae that is sold in POWDER form. We take the powder form and dump it into a blender with a lot of other deliciousness or make CAKES to get a LOT of protein.

But you won’t get that from 1 or 2 or even 30 capsules of TLC Techui. Each Total Life Changes Techui capsule has 278mg of protein. That is about 1/3 of a gram. So to get 1 gram of protein, you have to swallow 3 Techui capsules. So to get 40gms of protein, you have to throw down 120 Techui capsules!!

Listen to what the handsome, buffed, hunk of a man, Clark Bartram (fitness spokesperson for Total Life Changes) has to say. He ain’t lying, y’all!

Around minute 5, Clark Bartram confirms what I am saying …

My name is Faith Sloan and I approve this message. I just say no to the Myth Around Techui, Blue Green Algae, Steak and Protein

TLC IASO Techui is a GREAT supplement but don’t stop taking protein powders and/or other forms of protein.

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Debunk the Myth Around Techui, Blue Green Algae, Steak and Protein

Be responsible in what we say about our wonderful products, TLC IBOs / Reps / Distributors!

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