Throwing shade at Michael Jordan Legendary Chicago Bulls Player – Really?

Some folks just love controversy and sticking their noses in other folks’ business.

Haters love to dig into the recesses of their gray matter and come up with fantasies based upon their perception of reality. Yawwwnnn…

Nonetheless, I just feel like addressing this because I am taking a much needed break from productivity. LOL!

Y’all throwing shade at Michael Jordan because Michael says he is going to stop selling his high priced gymshoes until Black folks unite.

I must admit my first reaction was “HUH? Who give a crap about your gym shoes?  And why do you think you can tell folks what to do?” 

Then I closed my eyes and started snoring again. LOL!

Folks are ragging on Michael Jordan, Legendary Chicago Bulls Player with silly comments like “He White”! 

I’m not gonna address the grammar component at this time. That’s another blog article.

I’ve read some of his haters venom filled comments based upon some magical fantasy assumption that they  know everything about Mr. Michael Jordan.  They go on and on about the “fact” that Michael Jordan has never been socially active nor political blah blah blah. 

Haters Gonna Hate - Keyboard Gangsters Bums

Keyboard Gangsters Have Arrived – Haters Gonna Hate

Well he has made a deliberate conscious choice to keep his politics to himself. How do I know this? Well he said so!  Shucks!  I wish more people would keep their political leanings and opinions to themselves. <chuckle>

Now let us talk about the Truth about the legendary  Bulls Basketball player, Mr. Michael Jordan.

Michael Jordan has done a LOT for charitable organizations, local communities etc. Just cuz it ain’t in the media doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. You folks are probably the same folks who believe that if it is in Google, then it is true. STOP THE INSANITY!

I believe if one is truly charitable, one should not “give”, then climb a mountain and scream to the top of one’s lungs about it! Right?


Here is just one example of what Michael Jordan, the awesome Chicago Bulls basketball LEGEND has done. Read all about it in this Chicago Tribune newspaper article.

Michael Jordan Legendary Chicago Bulls Player - Dominick's Jewel Osco lawsuit

Michael Jordan exits the Dirksen U.S. Courthouse after testifying in his lawsuit against the former Dominick’s supermarket chain Aug. 18, 2015, in Chicago. (John J. Kim / Chicago Tribune)

No I don’t believe everything in media is true. Shucks! I am of the OPINION that the majority of media crap is manipulative mind-bending crap that drives mankind into a mind-numbing state of confusion on red pill / blue pill tip. But I digress…

I am more prone to believe this than the fantasy ramblings from some of y’all.

What do you haters have to say about this? Jordan has actually done a LOT for many communities and social causes. He doesn’t do political work but that’s his prerogative. And yes I don’t care anything about a pair of high priced gymshoes just like I dont care about Gucci products or Hilfiger’s. Here’s another example of Jordan’s generosity and charity.

Michael Jordan Gives $2million for community and for NAACP Legal Defense Fund Michael Jordan Legendary Chicago Bulls Player - Dominick's Jewel Osco lawsuit

Michael Jordan announced Monday that he was donating $1 million each to the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund and the Institute for Community-Police Relations. Credit Chuck Burton/Associated Press

Keep Hating! Free Publicity is better than No Publicity. Besides only the unknowing believes haters. And I just shed some light on the shade!

Michael Jordan, Legendary Chicago Bulls Player keeps keeping on!

Faith Sloan





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