Michael Jordan Gym Shoes? Really? Seriously?

I am like sooo up and awake this morning working on a joint venture with 7 other like minded individuals. Although they may be sleep, I am still here. I keep the stupid idiot box on as background noise as I work. Channel 7 – ABC News is on. And SHUCKS! I hear that folks are freakin camping out for Michael Jordan gym shoes. These are the same people who watch the Empire drama or back in the day the  Dynasty hit show . I almost bust a gut when I looked up from my computer to hear about this ‘thang’.
REALLY? You will spend over $650 for a pair of Michael Jordan gym shoes …  freakin shoes but when it comes around to building a legacy, you will barf and eek out scattalogical oral nonsense as to why you can’t spend $134 to build your very own empire so you can generate wealth and create a legacy for your generations to come? I ain’t got much more to say. Y’all Tripping. Shhhh.. I won’t tell anyone you are drinking the Koolaid. But at least pontificate and contemplate and smack yourself in the privacy of your homes.
Oh yeah, they will go for much more than $650 in the after sale market. SERIOUSLY? Get a big ol’ “I AM GULLIBLE AND CLUELESS” sign across your forehead. I can get you those shoes for like $120 in the black market and no one would know the difference and you may still get laid! LOL!
“The limited supply Air Jordan 2 Retro “Just Don” hit shelves Saturday for $650. Kids’ sizes retail for $350.
Don C grew up on Chicago’s South Side at a time when the Chicago Bulls, number 23 and Air Jordan sneakers were taking over the city, according to Nike’s website. Don C created his own label in 2011, and has become known for his unique designs that blend the line between sportswear and luxury fashion.
‘Dateline’ Special on ‘Making a Murderer’ Airs Friday on NBC
Shoe enthusiasts brought lawn chairs, sleeping bags and comforters to wrap the side of the 32 S. State St. storefront this week, braving below freezing temperatures at times. The line started Monday, a full six full days before the shoe’s release, and continued to grow by the hour.
Sorry, my friends, I don’t get it. And you probably don’t care what the heck I GET. Whatevvvs…. LOL!
You won’t pay $135 to build a legacy and generate wealth for decades to come but you will spend $650 for some freakin Michael Jordan gym shoes. And spend $350 for your child shoes even though she/he is still growing?  You’ve been HAD! I mean REALLY? SERIOUSLY? So who is better off tomorrow? Michael Jordan gym shoes and his brand are becoming gazillionaires and you are still   broke as a joke when 2017 smacks you cross yo head! I am like so ashamed of my people on this tip. Actually nopers… I ain’t ashamed… I am rolling around on the floor begging God to stop tickling my funny bone.
You don’t know me and may not even care what the heck I say…  But I know this. Your  Michael Jordan  gym shoes ain’t building your empire! DANNNNG! Shucks! You may get Shot! … just being real… yet he still lifes. Stupid is… as Stupid does.
Contact me if you want those shoes AND you want a 7 figure income. Sheesh! Don’t hate! Just don’t respond if you are not hearing what ahm talkin bout.
Lord help my people! The are slaves to the shoe. LOL! I am soooo like amazed and appreciae Jordan’s PR and marketing guys. He’s eating Kobi steak … You are eating spaghettios, on section 8,  and have expensive DISPOSABLE shoes. <chuckle> I guess the joke’s on YOU, YO! Just like my friend FUBU (For Us By Us). Y’all made him a multi-gazillionaire and still buying his stuff and can’t even buy a Hoopty with cash. They are laughing at y’all… all the way to THEIR Banks.
WHEN WILL YOU GET A CLUE?  That was a rhetorical question (look up rhetorical at http://qkadoo.com if I went over your head) YOU’RE BEING HAD! LOL!
Call me if you want the shoes AND you want to become wealthy. OR NOT!  It’s up to you!
White kids, Black Folks! DON’T DO IT! BUY THE STORE INSTEAD! LOL!
I am like soooo taken aback at y’all. OMG! A Pair of gym shoes. Hope you all get laid and it’s worth that $650… LOL! You’d do better paying for the service. Cuz you will only get satisfied once and tomorrow you go back to your boring J.O.B. 
It’s cheaper to pay. Cuz your new found fame will last a month at most and then there is another Gym Shoe Craze waiting for your hard-earned money, YO! Next time, it will be $750 and your fame still won’t last any  longer than 1 month. I mean REALLY?
Faith Sloan
http://elitelegacycreators.com PRIVATE and you can’t even join unless you know someone who knows someone.
So call me OR keep making ol’ boys wealthy.. rolling my eyes… !
Just trying to share my way to millions to others. STOP spending your life consuming and become a CREATOR. FOLKS!
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