WHYS GUYS Largest Total Life Changes Team Build

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WHYS GUYS Total Life Changes Team Build - Faith Sloan Team Leader

WHYS GUYS Total Life Changes Team Build – Faith Sloan Team Leader


TLC Video Overview: https://youtu.be/ulty35oXGWU EXTREMELY PROFESSIONAL

Great Video about the IASO Tea: https://youtu.be/Wg_Jn0U_jU0

Go to http://whysguys.club for team build info.

TLC Training: http://whysguys.club/training/ So much value here to get you encouraged and excited.

FREE WHYS GUYS Marketing System and Retail System:
No you don’t have to pay for it when you join the WHYS GUYS TLC Team Build. Just contact me for your free system.

Total Life Changes Products

First of all … remember that TLC is not just a TEA company.
There are so many products and I can tell you that I personally take many of the products on a daily basis.
I wake up and with my breakfast, I take
1. Gano – 1 hour before breakfast
2. IASO tea with breakfast (yes. I have been drinking the TLC IASO tea every day since 25January2015)
3. NutraBurst (everyone should make this liquid super food a daily requirement)
4. Chaga (Gano attacks the bad stuff in your cells and beat them down, Chaga sweeps the bad stuff out and starts repairing your DNA) Research Ganoderma Lucidum and Chaga. You will be amazed!

5. Techui (an addition to my protein intake)

Special note: For those of you serious about weight loss
1. Delgada weight loss coffee with 1-2 NRG capsules is Better than the tea (Remember the tea is primarily a detoxification product!)
2. HCG has a very strict weightloss regimen
3. RESOLUTION is what I recommend to my Weight Loss Club ladies at http://lose30in30.club
You can hear my ramblings about the products right here.
Watch the video in the middle of the page.
http://faithsloan.com/total-life-changes-products-review-discussed-by-faith-sloan/ and also go to http://losefatlookhot.com for detailed product information!

So come on board the Largest Total Life Changes Team Build TODAY!

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