Is Klaus Bardenhagen BehindMLM Oz Blogger? Is there a connection between the ‘anonymous’ Behindmlm blogger, Oz with Klaus Bardenhagen?

Klaus Bardenhagen BehindMLM Oz? Really?
Klaus Bardenhagen is a German reporter in Taipei. He has a facebook account touting his ideas and expertise.

I deal in facts and facts only. That is where I, Faith Sloan, differ from the Oz character and his few followers.

There were many who related Oz of BehindMLM to some chap named Michael Turton. I didn’t write on that because there were not enough FACTUAL EVIDENCE in that regards. Even though, I do remember writing about How Oz of BehindMLM was accused of being a boy pedophile. I’ll tell you the story behind that at another time… Since it has no factual bearing on this article, I will leave that alone.   I digress…

Well lets see what we have in the form of speculation vs. facts to get down to the bottom of this.

Google’s Intention was NOT for you to Turn OFF Your Brain – THINK!

Anyone can read something on the internet, bow down to their Google god and spread their so call findings throughout internet-land. It appears that many well-meaning (and destructive) people tend to do just that. “Well I found it in Google so it MUST be true!” Insanity… For those of you who don’t know … Google indexes everything you write,  I write and what any of the over 3 billion people on the internet writes. That is all Google is … A GREAT BIT OL’ INFORMATION GATHERER IN THE SKY! Google isn’t TRUTH EVERLASTING, Folks! <chuckle>! It’s just a big dumpster so you can find ‘stuff’.  THEN You have to do your own research…

Faith Sloan is just full of digressions this evening.

Now back to Oz from BehindMLM and Klaus Bardenhagen.  Yes … Klaus Bardenhagen BehindMLM Oz anonymous blogger.

Ted Nuyten of Business For Home posted some FACTS. Anything that is non-factual I won’t bother about mentioning. For example, Michael Turton being a co-blogger of BehindMLM with Klaus Bardenhagen, a German citizen, freelance reporter living and working in Taipei (commonly known as Taiwan). There is no REAL evidence of that. All we have is that Michael Turton is facebook friends with Klaus Bardenhagen. Big deal…

Now for the FACTS

Once upon a time I did read OzSoapBox because I KNEW for a FACT that is was owned by Oz and he admitted it.  Since we know that Klaus Bardenhagen owned OzSoapBox and specifically wrote that he would start up an MLM blog with the same wordpress template as OzSoapBox, then yes Klaus Bardenhagen created BehindMLM. After Ted of  BusinessForHome revealed this information, OzSoapBox was taken offline! WOW, after 7  years! It was a rather popular blog too. Why oh why did he suddenly take it offline overnight like a thief caught red-handed. His fans must be really jonesing and missing his blog big time.

Ted Nuyten wrote “After intensive reseach we have found that a couple of years ago Behind MLM comments were edited through A website offline since yesterday… however still available through the Internet Archive.” This was written back in March 2016 when Oz of BehindMLM was revealed to be Mr. tainwanreporter, Klaus Bardenhagen.

Ozsoapbox Klaus Bardenhagen BehindMLM Oz Blogger

Klaus Bardenhagen takes down Ozsoapbox when it was discovered he owns BehindMLM and is the anonymous Oz

I actually enjoyed his mean ramblings and his fascination with the topic of food, drink, and penises. Don’t ask. I wrote about that a few years ago .. I believe there were over 300 references to penises. That struck me as odd but most of his ramblings were related to politics and social issues he found necessary to share with the internet world. The writing style was definitely on par with Oz’s writing style. Attack! Attack! Attack!  Insult! Insult! Insult!

Quite frankly, I believe that Oz .. uhhh. Klaus is an intelligent guy. The problem is that he could use his intelligence and knowledge to teach and train others rather than tear down the very fiber of most people’s existence with the  scatological , vitriolic writings. Even though it makes me yawn, others take serious offense with his blog behindmlm. I do remember an older lady who asked for his advice as to how she could recover her money back and he called her stupid and basically told her to go back and crawl underneath a rock!  His response didn’t surprise me … par for course …

Klaus Bardenhagen

Klaus Bardenhagen owns ozsoapbox and behindmlm. He is the anonymous Oz

Klaus Bardenhagen owns ozsoapbox and behindmlm. He is the anonymous Oz

What is ironic is his tagline “because criticism isn’t an armchair sport’. Well with Behindmlm, criticism is an anonymous cowardly sport since he censors and edits guest posts. I believe if he allowed it to be an open forum where people can freely discuss issues, he would be more respected and he will gain the attention of many people. Right now, it simply isn’t happening for him. But he can eat dinner from the money Google pays him for Google Ads on his biased blog. lol

Below is where Klaus Bardenhagen name is associated with username taiwanreporter. Note: this is one of his ozsoapbox posts. Hold on… Hold on… I will get to the FACT that he is indeed the owner and blogger, Oz of Behindmlm. Patience… Klaus Bardenhagen owns both ozsoapbox and BehindMLM Klaus Bardenhagen owns both ozsoapbox and BehindMLM

The Connection – Klaus Bardenhagen IS BehindMLM Anonymous Blogger, Oz

Now that Faith Sloan has presented to you the owner of ozsoapbox, taiwanreporter as Klaus Bardenhagen, what does this have to do with the Anonymous blogger, Oz over at behindmlm?

I am not going to talk about Michael Turton but he and Klaus Bardenhagen do indeed know one another … at least online. They also have similar hobbies including cycling. They could be friends or even lovers, I don’t care one way or the other. If you want to read about this Michael Turton guy, then have fun over at Ted Nuyten’s Businessforhome site.

If you want further proof that Klaus Bardenhagen is the blogger at ozsoapbox, then hear it from him directly. Yes indeed!  Klaus Bardenhagen BehindMLM

In 2010, Klaus Bardenhagen makes an announcement to his blog followers that he will start up an MLM related blog. by the name of BehindMLM. So how much more proof do you need? Klaus Bardenhagen (taiwanreporter) owns Ozsoapbox .  Thus Klaus Bardenhagen is Oz of Behindmlm. This is why he destroyed his ozsoapbox website when this was discovered. Poor Baby! We now know who the wizard is behind the curtain. It’s the ANONYMOUS OZ! Klaus Bardenhagen BehindMLM Oz is the REAL deal based in FACTS!

Klaus Bardenhagen BehindMLM Oz Blogger

Klaus Bardenhagen makes an announcement to his blog followers that he will start up an MLM related blog which is BehindMLM

I’ve been busy living my life. I haven’t even been writing any blog articles regularly. Ahhh… the life…

But when Faith Sloan found out this information about Klaus Bardenhagen BehindMLM Oz, Faith Sloan fell out laughing her hiney off. So she couldn’t help herself… spent 20 minutes out of her life posting this blog article.

Some of you may find this newsworthy and informative. I sure did. It also tickled me.

So there you are!  Mr. Klaus Bardenhagen is the infamous Oz of BehindMLM.

Maybe someone should create a viral campaign letting the internet world know exactly who Oz is. I would hate to be Klaus Bardenhagen right about now.

My name is Faith Sloan and I approve this message…

Fearless Faith Sloan (a scammer according to Oz or Klaus Bardenhagen)
Network Marketer, Senior Software Engineer, CryptoCurrency and BlockChain Trainer, and Sarcastic Babe
One who believes critical thinking is lacking in the world… A world where people turn off their brain and embrace Google as their God Almighty! Ahhhh… what a world


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