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(For JBP and most other deals, keep this at ‘no’. For traditional investment instruments like CDs or Mutual Funds, check ‘yes’)

HYIP Compounding Calculator
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*** WARNING: Use of this Calculator May cause Dizziness, Loss of Breath, Lack of Sleep, or Total Euphoria After Viewing the Results ***


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What does it all mean?

I entered 1500 as my principal.

I entered 0 as my daily purchase.

If you are using this for HYIP or other investment instrument, just enter the daily percentage.

CLICK ‘CALCULATE’ and you will see that on a $1500 outlay of cash , compounding for 75 days, you will have an account value of $6,623.75 – $1500 = $5,123.75 on Day 75. On traditional investment instruments like Mortgages, Loans, CDs, Stocks, REITs, etc, you DO get your principal back on maturity on day 75.

Now where was I …

An account value of $5123.75 at Day 75 will earn me $102.475 each and every day!

Just because you don’t have $1500, do the math with $200 or whatever is convenient for you. There are folks putting in $10,000 and more into these deals! The compounding factor is out of this world! Choose your own strategy!

Faith Sloan