I just love the days when I get those phone calls informing me that Total Life Changes products have somehow changed someone’s life. This woman saw my car magnet 2 weeks ago and finally called me last week. She lives 2 blocks from my house. She came by and purchased 1 week supply of tea. I heard her story. I listened. She is extremely obese, high blood pressure, want to see major changes in her life and is willing to do something about it. She is doing that thang and wanted to hear about more TLC products. I believe she needs NRG and Chaga BUT … she has to get her Blood Pressure down first. So I gave her 14 days of Gano. She is going to check in with her doctor after 2 weeks to make sure her BP has decreased. Then I will put her on the Tea, NRG, Chaga, and NutraBurst regimen. Then we will discuss the Resolution regimen. Oh yeah. She will be attending an opp meeting with me Saturday morning.

Remember this, my friends, you ain’t going no where while holding onto the same bagagge and hanging around the same people. You can keep talking to me til you turn blue in the face while I keep staring at you with this crazy smile on my face. Keep talking … LOL!

A Crab in a Bucket Story

There is a story. Once there was a young man on a beach, watching people catch crabs. A young man put a crab in a bucket, with a tiny bit of water on the bottom. The crab promptly scurried out of the bucket and jumped back into the ocean.

He caught another crab and put that crab in a bucket…and the same thing happened. It escaped and happily returned to the ocean. A wise old fisherman came up to the boy, and put his hand on the boy’s shoulder.

A wide smile crossed his weathered, bearded face and he said, “Son, you have to put two crabs in a bucket…that way…when one tries to get out…the other will pull him back in. Then, you won’t have to worry. They’ll keep each other in that bucket. They’ll be trapped…without you having to do anything else.”

The boy thought that was crazy. Then he did it. He caught one crab and then another. He put the first crab in a bucket, and then quickly put in the second crab. He was amazed. When the first crab tried to get out, the other one pulled him back in. And when the second crab tried to get out…the first one pulled him back in.

Does any of this sound like your life? Have you had the same kind of experience?

Eventually the crabs simply STOP trying to escape their DISMAL LIFE’s EXISTENCE and it becomes their NORM!

Definitely NOT my BUCKET of TEA! There is a BETTER WAY!


Total Life Changes is a COMPLETE SOLUTION for your health, your mindset, AND your financial situation!


Click here to Get Away from the CRABS!

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