Google Deletes Naked Photos – Is This the End of the WildWildWest?

With hackers and evil minions doing whatever they want on the WorldWideWeb, can this be an indicator of things to come?

Will FINALLY people become accountable for what they post on the internet?

Is it finally time for mean anonymous bloggers and their evil followers to be revealed and exposed?

I will answer YES!

It appears as if the tide is turning.

Google rarely succumbs to demands to remove anything from their search engine or from youtube.

Many of you know that behindmlm trash rag with fake visitors pretends that they are popular and in demand.

When the truth of the matter is that Oz from behindMLM creates fake users. He talks to himself incessantly.

Where he makes his money is from Google Adsense ads. That may dry up for him because Google doesn’t like
liability. With the libelous, incorrect (JUST PLAIN WRONG) information he creates from his twisted mind …

Oz of behindmlm is probably shaking in his boots. He will now have to find a 2nd JOB.

The article titled “Google responds to letter from 4Chan celebrity victims demanding $100m in damages for allegedly failing to delete nude images” is an eye opener for Google.

Entertainment lawyer Marty Singer wrote to Google with a demand that the company pays damages for ‘knowingly accommodating’ the photos.

I can see it now. Google’s terms and conditions WILL change.

A good example is what happened when I issued a

Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA)

complaint to GoDaddy against behindmlm, a trash blog owned by Oz. He thought it was okay to take copyright photos of my family members and I and weave some sick untrue libelous story around it. Well it turns out that GoDaddy did not like that. Behindmlm is using Godaddy as a domain registrar and as a web host. My DMCA complaint brought him a DMCA takedown for breakfast! After 4 days down, Oz of behindmlm decided he didn’t like that. Besides .. as long as behindmlm was down, Oz (fake name. anonymous blogger) could no longer pay his bills since the Google Adsense banner ads were out of commission on his site.

So what did he do? He moved his behindmlm site to HostGator. Well I have news for him, HostGator makes it a point to be in strict compliance of the USA Federal DMCA regulations. You can’t run from it unless you go with some rinky dinky web host. But they too are governed by the service providers they are using and cough … most likely they are serviced by the big guys who don’t want your liability on their businesses.

The lawyers for the entertainers, Marty Singer, wrote that Google: ““knowingly accommodating, facilitating, and perpetuating the unlawful conduct” of the 4Chan thieves. The 4Chan thieves are the hackers who stole the naked photos of the entertainers and posted them on the internet.

hmmm.. That is similar to a hacker whom Oz of behindmlm knows and have communicated with on his blog. This anonymous silly child hacker hacked into a business that I am participating in. He put the information on Oz’s site. Oz kept it there. It contained my social security number, address, phone number, backoffice statistics, email addresses and names of those who are on my team and more. Oz of behindmlm must have slept on it because he awakened and deleted the private information. BUT … Oz of behindmlm chose to keep the rest of the hacked stolen information on his blog in order to create a sensationalistic blog post filled with lies and innuendos.

Well it looks as if he is liable and complicit with the hacker. You can’t communicate with a felon, allow him to write on your blog, and use stolen goods, buddy boy.

Looks like you had better clean up your act OR ELSE!

I have never been a fan of government regulation when it comes to the World Wide Web. But I have always been a fan of the TRUTH based on FACTS. The Wild Wild West has created a monster where any boy with one leg in his pants and his other hand elsewhere can spew out venom about anyone while remaining cowardly anonymous.

Yes… times are a-changing

Faith Sloan

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