GoDaddy Shuts Down the blog of BehindMLM Scammer Oz and silenced its anonymous cowardly owner, who goes by the pseudonym Oz. Oz is rather fitting since those of us in the USA are all too familiar with the Wizard of Oz. When you revealed the idiot behind the curtain he was a little impotent man who was plain and simply a “SMALL” excuse of a man.

Oz of BehindIdiocy / Belindmlm dot com just didn’t learn his lesson when he was forced to stand in the closet for 3 days. Oz’s website was shut down by Google because he insists upon repeatedly violating copyright laws. We call that copyright infringement in the USA and no corporation such as GoDaddy will tolerate such blatant disregard for the

Digital Millennium Copyright Act


Oz Shut Down by Godaddy  for DMCA Copyright Violation

Oz Shut Down by Godaddy for DMCA Copyright Violation

I see that Oz, the boy who quickly left Australia and moved to Taiwan to teach English to youngsters  is back at it again. As you probably are aware of, Oz of BehindMLM  is allegedly guilty of child sexual perversions. I guess Oz has plenty of time to escape the Australian authorities while he exercise his disgusting bad sexual habits with Taiwanese little boys. I only hope that they catch his sooner than later.

Oz of Behindmlm has moved his server from GoDaddy to Hostgator (I just have to laugh) because GoDaddy found his violations unacceptable. Oz your other blog is still down and on punishment by GoDaddy. You have to move that blog over to your new hostgator host too.  Yeah that soapbox blog where you spew venom at anyone who disagrees with your point of view. More of the same …  I am just trying to HELP.

Let us be very clear. I can point out so many  inaccuracies and sensationalistic venomous gossip that Oz spews out, but I will just focus on his RECENT lies.

First of all Oz of BehindMLM puffed out his chest and wrote that he would counter my DMCA copyright violation claim.  Via Oz’s childish and immature spoutings in his blog at behindmlm, he stated he would be countering my claim. Obviously he did not. He took down the images and photos in question by order of Godaddy. Either he abide by the LAW or GoDaddy would have ensured the DMCA TAKEDOWN was permanent. …. unless he moved of course. Behindmlm domain registrar is still godaddy but his web site is being hosted with hostgator. Hostgator also treats infractions the same way Godaddy does.  So be careful little boy Oz.

Here is just one of THOUSANDS of examples of why Oz of behindidiots … oops … behindmlm credibility is questionable to say the very least ….

Here is just one of thousands of quotes that he continue to just get wrong … He writes “Sloan is also currently facing clawback litigation for her involvement in Zeek Rewards, an $850 million Ponzi scheme shut down in 2012”

Hey little fairy tale boy! Are you listening?  Turn around… OVER HERE! I am not and never was a promoter in Zeek Rewards. WRONG AGAIN! STRIKE 42thousand!  You have Pie on your face AGAIN.  There is NOT any clawback litigation involving Faith Sloan and ZeekRewards. Shucks! You are so clueless in that the clawback list is available to everyone in the world and there is nothing indicating that Faith Sloan  is involved in any Zeek Rewards clawback litigation.

One day you and your self-righteous, devil worshipping, no life, blogging friends will start reporting the truth… not the truth turned upside down. I do believe that you guys can provide a well needed service. But not at this time in your lives. You guys need to sit in the closet a bit longer.

On that note, let me tell you about another self-appointed egotistical holier than thou ANONYMOUS (i.e. COWARD) individual on the internet who goes by Patrick Pretty. But from what we have with me about him, he is anything but ‘Pretty’.

Patrick Pretty Ugly likes to use that sad blog of his to create lies and ATTEMPT to wreak havoc so he can beg people to give him money. He cannot even afford the upkeep of a simple blog.  EVERY year, Patrick Pretty Ugly begs his readers for money. Just how much does it cost anyway to host a low end unpopular blog? lol! DONATIONS? REALLY?

Here is an example from Don Ryan who is a member of the evil cabal of self-righteous bloggers.

Patrick Pretty needs donations !

Posted by ASDUpdates on January 28th, 2012

Our friend Patrick is still having income problems, having lost some income due to an antagonist. I have already sent in what I can and am apparently the only one to send anything in.

I know that times are tough for most of us but the information Patrick supplies is virtually priceless, if only his bills were also. He needs help with the hosting bill, anything you can afford to help will be much appreciated.





And another example of Patrick Pretty Ugly BEGGING to eat. Every month he is begging YOU to pay his bills? Sounds like a blatant scam to me!

Patrick Pretty Scammer begging for Donations

Patrick Pretty Scammer begging for Donations

What I don’t understand is why Patrick Pretty is begging for $550 particularly since his web site is sitting on a cheap shared server with over 100,000 other sites. Patrick PRetty’s site isn’t as popular as he would like you to believe it to be. Same with Behindmlm.  I have REAL traffic reports. Maybe Oz of BehindMLM should be paying for PatrickPretty rent and DSL bills. DSL? DSL? Really?

But I digress.

Here is the domain and website hosting information for patrickpretty website. Little scammer trying to steal money from his visitors.

Patrick Pretty Scammer Begs Visitors for Donations

Patrick Pretty Scammer Begs Visitors for Donations

Be careful about those who purports to champion your best interest. There is much more to this than you know. More coming soon…

Interesting .. I see Patrick Pretty also is embracing GoDaddy according to the nameservers he is using.  Shared server and asking for people to pay $550. NEWS FLASH! Shared server for such a small, low traffic site as his costs from $8 to $30 a month. Smells like a scam to me.

The two of you, Oz of BehindMLM / BehindIdiocy  and Patrick PrettyUgly of somewhere out in the stratosphere, love to create scenarios which develop from the recesses of their small brains. I do understand where they are coming from. Their ways of communicating and operating is boringly non-creative and typical of anonymous persons on the internet who want to stroke themselves and APPEAR superior and BIGGER than LIFE itself. Remember the Wizard of Oz? You get my drift …

The truth of the matter is that their lives are lonely and miserable. So it is okay. I GET IT! I understand why you guys do what you do. Sad … but I do indeed understand, Oz and Patrick Pretty.

Before signing out to watch the daily news, I want to give you an example of the lies Oz creates out of his gray matter daily. Oz of behindmlm states that Faith Sloan is  facing “…zeek rewards clawback litigation…”  REALLY? How can that be possible when Faith Sloan was NOT a Zeek Reward Promoter and she is NOT on the list of net winners and she is not in any of the court documents for Zeek  Rewards? LOL! See? There Oz of BehindMLM  goes again. I believe Patrick Pretty Ugly wrote that on his internet rag as well.  Both of you guys must live together. You spend all day stroking each other.  I better not take that any further.

Another lie is in a recnt article by Oz the idiot of BehindMLM. He insists that because my team member is making a lot of bonus money that somehow I am making commission from it. Listen up, buddy boy! LEARN HOW TO READ THE COMPENSATION PLAN. NO COMMISSION ON THOSE BONUSES! OOPSIES! STRIKE 52million. You just keep striking out with your lies, innuendoes and idiocy. Keep up the GREAT WORK over there at behindmlm Oz (the boy with strange and illegal proclivities).

Is the Google AdSense income you earn from driving visitors to your sensationalistic rags not good enough? Maybe you should try Burger King. I hear they are hiring… yes even in Taiwan…

Oh I forgot to thank you, Oz of behindmlm. Thank you for following the dictate of GoDaddy and taking down my photos. Lesson learned? Believe me … there are more lessons you will be learning. Call it Continuing Education… the HARD WAY!

Good night boys. I am truly looking forward to communicating AT you. I think I will create a special place for you guys…. Titled … “As the BehinndIdiocy and PatrickUgly World is Revealed” … nahhh… gotta be more creative than that. That was rather staid and boring…

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