President Barack Obama – Say Whatttttt?

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I’m going to really get crap thrown at me here. Events in the last few days … the last few months .. the last few years would have been laughable if only they weren’t.

Someone wrote a leader is only as good as his followers. I beg to differ big time!

In terms of our dear President Barack Obama (who is really waiting to get the heck on with his life after his term), let us stop eating the dog food … stop sniffing the glue … stop drinking the bitter koolaid … It ain’t sweet! The Emperor has no clothes on, folks!

Let us start out with this self-evident shortie …”Color is irrelevant.” Don’t be so vain that you think this song is about you… IT AIN’T! Now that we got that silliness out of the way….

President Barack Obama simply didn’t deliver on anything he promised. Not one iota. NADA! Sorry poor folks. Sorry middleclass loving the charmer folks. Sorry the yuppie looking for a cause for celebration and empathy laden livelihood.  Don’t even try to dispute me on that cuz you can’t and don’t try to throw excuses at me cuz I am one who never believe excuses are worth a bag of snap peas. You know it but you want to pretend and perpetrate when you know I know that you know that I know that you know I know. SUCK IT UP.

…And the excuses President Barack Obama speaks upon day after day after year afte year about lack of cooperation is indicative of the traits of a non-leader. Reminds me of the dude complaining about the system holding him down on one hand and in another breath he claims to be a MAN. My retort is always “So you are telling me you are manly MAN AND telling me something/someone has you out for the count on the ground with its knees on your jugular as you whine?”  What a oxymoronic crap of doo-doo. Get up and change the freakin course with your innate gray matter intellect or with your fisticuffs.  LOL!

One of the traits of a leader is the ability to negotiate, compromise, never freakin whine in public like a “mitch” (uhhh.. that is a male #itch), and simply get the job done.  That is what real leaders do. NEWS FLASH President Barack Obama! Your adversaries are ALWAYS in opposition towards you unless there is something in it for them and their public dicky wickies. Mike Tyson bit off Evander Holyfield’s ear. Why? Because he  acted to save face and not let this guy piss on his territory. Yeah it was a bonehead move. But boy I bet he felt good doing it.

Now i ain’t advocating violence but just SHADDUP and DO SOMETHING?  Shucks! My daughter would never whine when she is losing a fight. She sees there is still light there somewhere. And there is a road to the promised land

Now we have that out of the way. LOL!

President Barack Obama! Where are your leadership qualities? Oops! I forgot. The President is NEVER in power … yesterday, today, nor tomorrow. They all are puppeteers at the hands of their masters. Has nothing to do with color or height or charm. They aint for y’all so stop latching onto emotional brou ha ha during the elections. When you pull back the curtain, my friends, they are all the empty Wizard of O.Z.

President Barack Obama isn’t in control. Bush wasn’t in control. Kennedy wasn’t in control. LBJ was not in control Go get some knowledge and come back to me so we can have a healthy and intellectual dialogue about REALITY. Why freakin bother. After you get the knowledge … you will say “What the hey?” President Barack Obama … dude… how much cash or life security did you reel in? Do you believe he sold himself to the devil? That’s your call. I don’t claim to know that. <cough cough> Let us not go illuminati up in heah!

The Truth is The Truth.

Oops! I forgot Truth isn’t Reality … it is Relative (except when it comes to God). So whatever I just said is MY TRUTH. My name is Faith Sloan and I approve this TRUTH INSPIRED MESSAGE.

Yes! I said it. Now what?

What do you purport to know?

Faith Sloan

go to and get edumactated. <chuckle> Okay that was a fake link. What else did you expect… I didn’t click it. Maybe it is REALITY???

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