Fake Hair Weave: How To Tell if Your Hair Weave / Hair Extensions Are Real

Wigs and hair weaves can cost you a whole lot of cash money. But be advised against bargain hunting for hair extensions. You will regret it.

Remember the saying: “You get what you pay for”? Well I tell ya, when it comes to hair extensions, that saying is right on point.

“It makes you feel beautiful,” said the certified cosmetologist and self-proclaimed Queen of All Weaves, Brandi Covington-Windom. “If you’re on a budget, you want to make sure you’re purchasing the right hair.”In this case, the right hair is 100% human hair.

Blonde Quality Human Hair Weave / Extensions

Blonde Quality Human Hair Weave / Extensions

Most QUALITY human hair extensions fall into two categories: virgin hair, which is completely unprocessed, and Remy hair, which is processed with the cuticles intact.

So watch out for the Fake Hair Weave! Do your homework and go with a reputable supplier such as Luxury Hair Direct independent representatives at ChicagoLuxuryWeave.com.

I have heard so many nightmare stories about buying hair online at Alibaba from China and in African American communities where the Korean suppliers sell their low quality Fake Hair Weave Extensions.


Yes it is Cheap! And it sure looks cheap. In a couple of days, you will get the nappy matting and shedding.  Seek out a garbage pail!

Remy extensions are considered the gold standard and prices start at more than $100 a pack and Luxury Hair Direct Remy Extensions can be found at ChicagoLuxuryWeave.com online.

You can find many Instagram ads offering Remy hair extensions for less than half the price. STOP BEFORE PROCEEDING!

According to WMAC Action News 5…

Armed with a hidden camera, the WMC Action News 5 Investigators visited several beauty and wig stores to see if Remy hair extensions could really be purchased for a fraction of the cost.

In one store, a package that was labeled “Remy-quality, 100% human hair” was found for less than $20. When asked, the clerk admitted to us it was not human hair. The clerk said anything under $20 is anything but Remy. The clerk said the package was actually a blend. He also said customers can become confused.

The clerk said it could not be human hair despite what the packaging said on a Wink weave purchased from the Vivica A. Fox hair collection.

When it was put up against a curling iron…

“It’s not 100 percent human hair. The hair has melted,” said Covington-Windom.

In an email to the WMC Action News 5 investigators, a spokesperson with the Vivica A. Fox Hair Collection wrote:

“Vivica’s Wink is a blend. Meaning that it is not 100% all human hair. It is mixed with 100% human hair and protein hair. To avoid confusion, we changed the packaging a year ago to reflect that more clearly. We do consider Vivica’s Wink to be ‘Remi Quality’ regarding the texture. Also, Vivica’s Wink can be curled upwards of 365 degrees. If the hair burned while you were curling it, it means that the heat was too high.”

So listen up, ladies! If you find some really inexpensive cheap hair extensions, just walk away. It is Fake Hair Weave!

Start Your Own Hair Extensions Business for $4.99

Start Your Own Hair Extensions Business

Here are some clues that experts says will help you avoid fake hair weave:

  • The hair extension / weave is too shiny or plastic looking
  • Smell the hair extension. If it smells plastic, then it is synthetic
  • Touch and smell the weave if you can.

Fake Hair Weave can mat and nap up after two days and start shedding as well.   Fake hair weave melts. Quality 100 percent human hair does not melt.

So stop looking at that $20 or $50 bundle. It is usually a blend and not 100% Remy or Virgin Human Hair.  I know … I know … 100% Remy weaves can go for more than $100, but you will spend much more on throw away fake hair weave in the end. Treat yourself right. Don’t short change yourself when it comes to looking beautiful!

Faith Sloan
Luxury Hair Direct Representative
Retail – http://ChicagoLuxuryWeave.com
Wholesale – http://BestHairExtensionsChicago.com/

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