Faith Sloan Leaning in White

Hi there! My name is Faith Sloan and I approve this message …

Faith Sloan says: Life is grand!

Praise and Prayer are Key. Believe and then Receive in Abundance.

Let us get married today in change.

I have been Micro-financing entrepreneurs in many countries  since 2008. See

I am plugged in to my life and have a pretty solid business network … ahhhhh… laughing and whistling. Making money is not a privilege… It is a RIGHT.

Do I sleep? Not much but trying to do better. No sleep means no daily rejuvenation and recovery which won’t bode well for my longevity here on Planet Earth.

Speaking in the 3rd person … lol! Faith Sloan has 35+ years experience in various industries as a Technologist, CEO , CTO,  and network marketer.

Built a profitable company which delivered cutting-edge software solutions to solve real-world business problems. As one who has endured trials/tribulations of being CEO of FRS Associates back in the late 1990’s and in the capacity of co-founder/CTO of in the late 1990’s, and life in general,  I am generally rounded but not overweight. <that was supposed to be funny. Get to know me. I have an insane sense of humor!>

Communicator, Mentor, Motivator, and Learner.

Will Smith: Motivation, Success and Greatness. This will get you going in the morning!

Out Of The Box and Off The Wall Thinker with an Aversion for Analysis Paralysis

My Facebook home

Since I am an Open Networker who evangelizes collaboration, feel free to invite me to collaborate. LOVING IT!



Go to and order your DVD. This is a must-see for those who do not know anything about network marketing, for those who THINK they know about network marketing, for those who are new in network marketing and for those who are established in network marketing!


*Dale Carnegie Course in Effective Speaking and Human Relations

*School of Life and Hard Knocks, Honorary Degree, Planet Earth
*MS System Management, University of Southern California  (USC)
*BS Quantitative Methods, University of Illinois, Chicago (UIC)


  • Faith Sloan

    Yes. Life is Grande. Testing new commenting system.

  • Rex

    Enjoyed the rambling…continue on!

  • Tiara

    Hi Faith, I’m deaf and want to know more specific from RE 247365. RE 247365 don’t have close caption for deaf people to read and understand of this company presentation. I’m thinking of want to join into this company.

  • Nebojsa

    Hey thee Faith… Only for US?

    • Faith Sloan

      Yes. But BigShot Millionaires have 2 other deals that are international. Contact me in skype: faithsloan or send email to or find me in facebook, faith.sloan.Godschild (Faith Sloan)

    • Yes, Contact me at 1.800.670.3202 or skype faithsloan or bigshotmillionaires @ for the 2 global deals BigShotMillionaires are involved with.

  • Paul-Robert Rogers-Webb

    Hey faith glad I found your site again , followed you when ….. came around .
    It was a dream , they come and go we move on wish you well …always. Paul

    • Hi Paul! Great to hear from you. Yes. time to get down to REAL business and WORK for long-term residual income in a product-based company. No more messing around. Time to retire PERIOD!

      • Paul-Robert Rogers-Webb

        Yes I’m in such a product based system now sadly they haven’t hit the U.S./CAN yet but I’m sure it won’t be long before they do I will give you a heads up then

        • I am in a product-based business already. Total Life Changes and we are doing extremely well. I found my home and will focus 100% or else I will dilute my success. All the Best, Paul!

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