Faith Sloan scam? LOL! You have to read this. Grab a seat.

Nicole Court or Courtney Nicole or whatever her REAL name is … she wrote in facebook that I, Faith Sloan”you drag people into your scams”.

Is she protected by Freedom of Speech or Is it under the umbrella of Speech of Freebird? <chuckle>

I normally make snide, humorous and sarcastic remarks about such unfounded allegations since they are ALL made by either anonymous people or people who embrace gossip and hearsay and have never worked with me. If they had worked with me, I would suspect they would come to me about it instead of running and anonymously whispering into someone’s ear about it.


Here we go again with anonymous people on the internet puffing out their chest, saying things to people they would dare not say in “real life” with an ulterior motive.

I was in facebook today writing some positive thoughts with people enjoying what I write.

Then suddenly someone who is NOT even my facebook friend decided she wanted to direct her wrath at me.

I cannot believe some people.  Nicole blah blah  person comes onto my facebook page, reply to one of my wonderful posts and wrote “you drag people into your scams”.  I thought to myself “Is this someone from the idiot court or what? Who is Nicole Court and why is she trying to mess with me?” Then I laughed. She looked familiar but is not a facebook friend.

Her facebook picture is below. Her profile is

Nicole Court Facebook Scammer Crack Head(Photo: Facebook/Nicole Court)

But I said, “That child looks familiar. hmmm…” I went to my skype and there was no Nicole Court but there was a Courtney Nicole. Why do people hide themselves like cowards when they start their weak attack attempts! LOL! I FOUND HER IN SKYPE!


Courtney Nicole Skype Facebook Crack Head(Photo: Skype/CourtenyNicole)

The 2nd photo is her Skype profile photo. She did indeed bleach the life out of her hair. For her, blondes don’t have more fun, because I’m calling her out!

Here is what she told me…
I had to go to WCA and profiatble sunrise if you come across things please let me know I’m all about diversifying now and making money I just got so frustrated with bidify I had to say something

So obviously she was in WCA which took the money and ran. She was in ProfitableSunrise, who took the money and ran. And she was in Bidify, who took the money in run.

I didn’t introduce her to WCA nor PS nor Bidify. They all took her money and ran. Sounds like she is kinda bitter about the deals she got in and is looking for a scapegoat. I don’t know you and I definitely didn’t introduce any of those 3 deals to you.

How about looking in the mirror, Nicole Court or Courtney Nicole or whomever you are. Take responsibility or blame it on the goat you ride.

But let me continue. This conversation started the latter part of 2012.

She had the utmost respect for me as a “leader” as she wrote here.
Hey Faith did you want to help me open a bidify room by any chance with great leaders like you and some of the founders and loyal people who have worked our tails off with this company or would you want to wait until they actually deliver us in

I replied back “there is already a room“.

I really didn’t want to be bothered with doing any work for her and I definitely wasn’t feeling Bidify at that time.

Shucks! I don’t even know you and you are already soliciting me to WORK a skype room.

But I was nice to her. I sent her a link to my blog article about Bidify so she can stop hoping that Bidify was going to give her a red cent.

She wrote “Here’s to keeping it real Faith anyone has to respect a leader like you.”

Then she asked me “Any other companies you recommend ?”

At that time, I wrote blog articles on deals that were out there. So
I wrote back: “ you keep asking me the same questions, lady.”

She kept going on and on about GoFunRewards and how she wanted to join. <rolling my eyes>  I’m thinking is she looking for me to make her feel comfortable about the risk of getting involved in anything new or does she want something from me.

Whoda thunk, 2 years later, she would come back to me and say “you drag people into your scams” even though thus far, I dragged her into absolutely nothing.

After I gave her my blog link, she wrote: “You never gave me this link though ! LOL nice page I’m going to look through it now thanks

She seems pretty happy and not pissed off at me right? I’m trying to find the turning point in her attitude towards me.

Then she started asking me a lot of questions about ProfitableSunrise (PS). And she was in already as she stated before.

She then go on to write: “I’m going to join I have a bank loan being deposited into my NY bank account thats why I was askin ya about the other companies you’d recommend too I want to be a bit diversified after being slapped by Zeek I’d rather diversify and be smart.. I’m liking Go Fun Places alot

Well why in the world anyone who knows what they are doing as she claimed, get a bank loan to get into the stuff she was talking about. And shucks! She was in Zeek too and lost there as well?

Contrary to idiot anonymous bloggers like behindidiocy and patrickprettyugly, I was NOT a “leader” in Zeek. I laugh everytime I read that. My downline in Zeek was a big FAT 0. I looked at their auction. I saw nothing there that remotely looked like they could pay out millions so I kept my $1000 in. Made $3000 or something like that. I forgot. The receiver sent me a 1099 and I paid my taxes on it. STUPID BOYS and GIRLS! See? Never believe everything you read on the internet. They pat one another’s backsides long enough and they start drinking their own koolaid … eating their own dog food. WRONG AGAIN!

But I digress as usual… Back to thhis Nicole or Courtney crackhead or candidate for gambling anonymous.

Sounds as if she was just losing all over the place. So far she lost in 4 deals (ProfitableSunrise, Zeek Rewards, Bidify, and WCA) and I definitely didn’t “drag” her into ANYTHING.  She should have stopped her bank account bleeding at that point.

hmmm… So why is she hating on me 2 years later? I really don’t know.

Let me continue. It has to be in our conversation somewhere. Again thus far she has lost in 4 deals WITHOUT me.

She then write: “Some of my money is showing now in Solid trust I thought I saw AVO on your page are you no longer working wirh them?
I decided not to do AVO and I went back to see what people were saying about it to help her out. Not sure why she couldn’t do her own footwork …
So I came back and wrote: “Avo is NOT paying. Do NOT go there!”

Then she wrote: “K thanks Faith .. I ahve my own business and I’m over 30 lol Sometimes I have blonde moments I’m really usually more with it I’m blaming my cold/flu I have I’ll look through everything though I know you know what your talking about a few people have said very good things about you

So at this stage, she is loving on me.

Well she said she has blonde moments. I love my blonde friends but I tell ya, she ain’t one. And on that day in history, she must have been having some kinda drug-induced moment because I still don’t see where I even once proceeded to “drag people into scams”.

Looks like I helped her dodge AVO as her FIFTH loss. Let me keep going. She should be thanking me.

Maybe I did something later on… let me keep looking.

Now, she goes to my blog, saw an old link to a deal called “Felmina”. She joined and told me AFTER the fact. Then she asked me if it was a good deal.

She wrote: “I’m doing a bank wire to felmina too Monday they seem pretty solid I appreciate your help. I used your Felmina link too

I loved that movie “Desperately Seeking Susan”. It appeared that after 4 straight losses and how I helped her dodge her 5th one, she would play another game. Because Basketball ain’t treating her well. Baseball would have been more suitable. It is a slower game.

Huh? What did I just say? She must be rubbing off on me. I just got scatter brain syndrome.

Nonetheless, I didn’t “drag” her there either.  And I sure didn’t have anything to do with her getting a bank loan in NY. She must have had a long night when she put in that loan application. Next time she should sleep before making such a decision.

Now she starts asking me questions about Felmina.
“But your thinking Felmina is pretty solid still and for a bit”

Does it look as if I am an Oracle or a Prophetess?  I wanted to say that, but I didn’t. I get tired of telling folks I can’t predict the future.

So I wrote: “i know that felmina has been around since 2010

That was the end of the felmina conversation. Most likely I was multi-tasking as usual and was getting rather bored with our conversations.

Then suddenly out of the blue, she is trying to introduce a deal to me!!!

Look who’s trying to “drag” me into a scam. LOL!

She wrote: have you looked at perfect finance? I havent even signed up yet but they looked good
I replied: “rolling my eyes …. no. they are having difficulties”

Looks as if I saved her from yet ANOTHER bonehead move she would have taken because she doesn’t know how to find the answers hitting her in her forehead on the internet. Took me 20 seconds to find that answer.

Now let me recap. She “DRAGGED” herself into 4 deals where she LOST tens of thousands of dollars. I had nothing to do with that. Shucks! I saved her from losing a FIFTH and SIXTH time.

But she kept coming back to me like a drug addict looking for a fix.

A couple days later, she wrote: “Made my felmina deposit today via bank wire (2500)  can you let me know when you find out if trading coalition is ok or not please. Thanks!

She is Begging for a freakin hit of crack cocaine. It’s not even pretty.

Now notice, that she went to my blog and signed herself up at felmina and it was her decision to get a BANK LOAN and put $2500 into felmina. Desperate. Now asking me about trading coalition.

Do I look like I’m your employee or servant for the year? But I helped her any way and did some research. Sheesh!

Right now, Faith Sloan is looking like a weak, lame, lazy scammer, pimp, drug dealer. If I was a scammer, pimp, drug dealer, I would fire myself. LOL! Cuz I ain’t even selling this drug addict any dope. Faith Sloan must be sleeping on her scammer job cuz she is rather ineffective. lol
Let us keep going on. I am looking for my responsibility here.

NOTE: She is still loving on me and NOT ONCE am I initiating these conversations.  So she can’t say,  Faith, I randomly found your blog and I saw a few deals and talked to you and you “DRAGGED” me into them.  That would be a big ol FAT LIE!

Remember she got into the first 4 deals BEFORE she met me. Felmina is the ONLY one she signed up for from my blog on her own accord. She got the Bank loan BEFORE she met me. She took it upon herself to wire them $2500 with the hope that she can beat the odds on her gambling addiction. …all I said was they have been around since 2010.

She then asked me about Trading Coalition. I told her they, too, were “Dead meat”

Boy oh Boy.

Then she writes me “I was trying to get in new gni today being as its the last day but it says bad gateway when I try and click on your link

I wrote back: “yesterday was the last day. they went private today”
She wrote: “So there is no way?”

Girl stop acting like a drug addict. MY GOSH Nicole Court or Courtney Nicole. No I didn’t say this. That wouldn’t be nice, now would it?

Then the conversation ended this way..

I wrote “nope. no way sorry”
She wrote: “Ok if you find a way eventually please let me know i had 1000 i wanted to put in
I wrote: “there is no way. closed”

I am quite sure if Faith Sloan was a greedy, scamming ponzi pimp daddy mack, she would have found a way to take this poor desperate addicts cash. Yawnnnn…

Now guys, ya gotta see a pattern here. This is normally my conversation with folks. I am NOT a sales person. I don’t cajole or “DRAG” anyone into anything. She is just pushing it and pushing it like she needs gamblers anonymous on her side right now.

One month later she comes back in January 2013.
I’m like, NOW WHAT?? No, I didn’t say that… <chuckle>

She writes: “Hey Faith we can still buy distributors for 10$ with the weight loss program right?

WOW! She is interested in a lotion and potion type MLM deal where she has to WORK and build a team and sell products? What happened to her? Maybe she made new years’ resolutions and got off the drugs.

Not really… She wanted to get into a MLM and BUY distributors. This deal is called EPX. They are still around but not my cup of tea because THEY LIE too much. That’s another story.

So she writes: “I dont like products but this one is a winner and too good to pass up”


People who say they don’t like products, really mean, they want to make money without building a sales force and without selling products  to earn commissions. That’s what they REALLY mean. So I rolled my eyes…

It’s a winner because you are lazy and think you can buy your way into network marketing / MLM riches and glory!

Well guess what? EPX did indeed tell everyone they can buy distributors. But after they made a gazillion dollars from selling bogus leads where we all got hung up on, cussed out, or never even heard of EPX, we realized we were had. They then did a bait and switch and said “No. those were leads. Not distributors” LIARS! If they would have told everyone like Courtney or Nicole Court that they were leads, 80% of the people would not have spent hundreds or even thousands of dollars on leads they were AFRAID to call.

Digression again… I’m back to Ms. Thang Girlfriend here…

I am NOT kidding on this …

FIVE months later in May 2013, here she comes again…

She wrote: “I built my accoiunt up to 7000 and requested 3 weeks ago bank wire and havent gotten it … I figured since you usually know when stuff happens in companies you knew one way or another if they were still ok”

Felmina crap this time.

Never once have I given her any secret agent man guru tips and techniques from the thirsty underground sea otter.

When she asked me questions in the past, I researched online and gave her answers based upon my gathering of information from multiple source to make an informed decision.

Unlike her who reads crap from fric and frac over at anonymous blogs and coming at me like she is going to do something to me with her silliness about me DRAGGING people into scams. LOL!

Nothing here thus far shows I dragged her doped up butt into anything. She must have been sleep walking in a cloud when she came at me today. It is okay. I do understand people in your situation. So I am not hating on you. Trust me … you will laugh at this when you come down off your pills, booze, and crack.

She comes back weeks later and continue to ask me to be her research slave re: felmina… of course I remained nice to her.

She wrote: “Well if you can dig up anything on them and blog about it because ive sent countless tickets emails tried calling, phone stays busy and there is no more live chat..”

Eventually, I told her I can’t keep working for her. Remember she keeps contacting me. Loving on me. Using me.  Also remember, the ONLY deal she got in with my link is Felmina. And I didn’t “DRAG” her delusional tail into Felmina.

We’re in October 2013 now. Keep in mind, I never made a dime off of her.  ALL of her losses were because of her. She had 4 losses that I know of BEFORE I even spoke to her. I saved her from 2 losses and another move she was gonna make. And she DECIDED to do Felmina.

She writes: “I lost 2500 in felimina is there a way to sue or recover from them?

DANG! That girl is losing money as if she is a gambler on a mission looking for an adrenalin rush and now wants to litigate?

I told her I have moved on with my life because there is absolutely nothing I can do about them not paying us. I didn’t even care at that stage. And I don’t do those type of deals any longer.

So she wrote: “I wont either.  I am working with healthy habits with the healthy coffee”

She asked me what I was doing. I said TF.

I didn’t ask her or DRAG her to get in with me. I didn’t even discuss TF with her.  Then she fell off the face of the earth.

That was the last time we spoke in skype. That was 28October2013. A whole year of nothingness conversations…

Either she was sent to me to set me up or she is the most mucked up person I have ever met in my dealings online. And believe me! I have encountered some doozies.  Well maybe she had too much money for her own good. I don’t know. But nothing about her was quite right.

That was it.

The next time I heard from her was today. I wrote a facebook post about “Sheeple” and she replied with something to the effect “You mean sheeple like how you drag people into your scams”.

HUH? You LOST Tens of thousands of dollars because you were like a crackhead looking for a hit BEFORE you met me. You got into one deal using my link from my blog. I saved you from losing in 2 other deals. And you come back a year later and insinuate that I dragged YOU into some bad deals?

Girl, crack is whacked!

Nicole or Courtney is indeed a “sheeple”. Sheeples are people whose minds turn to mush and they start believing in the crap they read from 3-4 people on the internet. Then they take it as the holy grail and worship that ‘word’ while at the same time losing track of REALITY.

The REALITY is that Nicole or Courtney, girlfriend, you need some big time help.

Maybe Prozac will bring you down a tad. Does it bring you down or up? I don’t know. But find a remedy before it takes the lifeblood out of the rest of your grey matter.

Ahhhh.. the writing of this was therapeutic and a form of release …. ahhhhhh ….  the humor of it all

Nicole Court or Courtney Nicole, I really feel for you. I hope you seek some big time help.

Faith Sloan, Nicole Court / Courtney Nicole’s scammer and ponzi pimp.




Wait my toll-free number is ringing. Nahhh… I am not picking it up.  They can leave voicemail. It is probably her ‘detective husband;.

She is LIVID! She is angry at me! Can you believe that. She took down her photo on her facebook page and took it down in skype. That is her prerogative.

Now read this mess. Her admission by ommission that I NEVER Scammed her. All she did was mention Felmina. She says I said “Oh well. you lost so get over it.” That was NOT our last conversation. Our last conversation was her being all nice and asking me about EPX MLM. So something happened between that time and a year later.

I know what happened… someone whispered in her ear, made her bold and fearless, and she dropped a lie bomb on my facebook page. … while thinking I’m some type of punching bag and wouldn’t reply back and call her on her crap.  Girlfriend, punching bags have actually punched back at times. Ask a few boxers.

Nonetheless: listen to this crazy insane stuff


SKYPE LOG of an angry wild woman and my hilarious response to her.

** In any case, she went on about how husband is a detective and she will find me. Still waiting for her. It should take 5 seconds to find me. I am one of the most transparent people online, whacko nikki!

I decided not to put that dialogue here. It is too embarrassing for her.

Yes even more embarrassing then the proof up there about her blatantly lying on me and not taking responsibility for her mess.

Signing out!

I’ll keep the skype conversation in its original unadulterated form just in case she really wants to go crazy.


Update: late Friday night, 19December, Nasty Nicole phoned my toll free number thinking her call is private and left one nasty voicemail. I laughed, saved the voicemail and yawwwnnned.

Update: The morning of 20December, she called again and hung up.

Update 21December2014 late evening:

Sit down ladies and gentlemen as this is TOTALLY WHACKED! Nicole GIRL GONE WILD!

Well Courtney Baby, Nikki Wikki  left a voice mail on my toll free number and called me all kinds of bad names. She was like an evil devil lady that came up on earth with her fangs out and her pitchfork in her hand.  …Nicole Court or Courtney Nicole from New York. Well in Skype she says she is from Atlanta. I’m proned to believe she is based in New York as indicated in her since removed facebook profile and the fact that she wrote that she got a bank loan from some bank in New York.

Mother called me and asked me did I know someone named Nicole. She says this lady claims that I am harassing her. And she asked my Mother for my address so she can send me something. I proceeded to tell my Mother this insane story of a woman who lost touch with Reality, LIED like a limp snake, and Put her foot into her own mouth just to show out in front of her facebook friends.  Maybe it was a truth or dare game and she chose the “dare”.

Really? You think you can call a member of my family, introduce yourself and ask them to do something against me? Girl, you have some balls but on the other hand, your approach is bordering on harassing innocent people. …Kinda like how you harassed me in Facebook and Skype, right? I see a pattern here.

Did you take your lithium and vodka cocktail today?

So she phoned my Mother AGAIN and I was on the line.  LOL!  She was laughing like a deranged woman on LSD and said “I got you! I got you!” blah . I said “Girl don’t call my Mother again. LOL!”  I must admit … I did scream at her for disturbing my Mother on a calm Sunday night.  I remember screaming to the effect of “I will  kick the crap out of you if you phone my Mother again!” Then I hung up on the banshee.  My Mother is in her mid-70’s. My Mother is by no means senile and helpless but imagine if she was. Well.. we don’t want to imagine that. My Mother was like “REALLY?”

Then she called my Mother AGAIN! Can you believe that?  Well I have something for her. It won’t come in a pretty wrapped box either.

She used her “nice voice” and said “Your daughter is harassing me. Can you tell her to stop?” LOL! Really? My Mother said “Lady, I don’t know you.” That was the end of that conversation.

I mean really? You are phoning my Mother to tell her Daughter to leave you alone as if we are in High-School or something. Seriously? I am floored! You think somehow she would empathize or sympathize with a complete whacko stranger harassing her while she relax?  I am laughing so hard, my shoes fell off. Let me go get them. Okay… I am back.

Ya know my Mother could make your life even more miserable for you if you keep it up. LOL!

Nicole Court, feel free to call me back and leave more nasty messages. I can take it. So, WOMAN UP!

The saga continues. To be honest guys. This woman sounds rather deranged and off the deep end and I am concerned that she may go psycho or something. Because every time she writes or call, she sounds quite whacko jacko. So if anything happens to me or my family … Remember Nicole Court or Courtney Nicole from New York. Her photos are on my blog. Should be easy to find. <chuckle>

Faith Sloan – 1.800.670.3202 Nicole Court’s / Courtney Nicole’s Ponzi Pimp and Drug Dealer according to HER Reality.


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