Facebook pays Nothing Qkadoo Pays You for Your Content So Get REAL!

Now, here is another post about helping out your fellow woman …

For you non-networkers and those who refuse to recruit. I use a platform to promote my primary business, TLC and to ramble on with controversial topics.

You can make some bucks and here is what you do. The owner is one of the few best friends I have, Lynette Artin. She put in a lot of her own money … I won’t even tell you how much … you may faint. But it is now coming to fruition after more than a year. Her heart is golden!

What am I talking about?


First join here for free and become my friend in this social platform where you get paid for ‘stuff’ you do here on facebook



Now how to get earning at Qkadoo, follow this:
How To Qkadoo!
1. Browse Newsfeed
2. Comment, rate and share posts that take your interest
3. Click the ad to the right of the post
4. View the page the ad takes you too, our advertisers thank you very much smile emoticon
5. The person whose content you just engaged with just got paid.
6. Close the ad page and click on the boosted content below it.
7. Comment, rate and share the boosted content.
8. You just got paid.
9. Click on the ad at the top of the boosted content.
10. The person whose boosted post you just engaged with got paid.

How To Qkadoo Part 2:

Post great content that stimulates discussion. This can be a video, a picture, or a link to an external site. Invite responses, ask for opinions, respond to comments on your thread. BOOST EACH POST for extra exposure throughout the Qkadoo network. The more eyeballs see your content, the more money you will make from the advertising on it, and the more people have the opportunity to earn from engaging with your boosted content. Win win all round smile emoticon

For a little tutorial, go here: http://myqkadoo.com/video-tutorials/

Facebook pays Nothing Qkadoo Pays You for Your Content

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