Chapter 15

New World Order Scam Conspiracy

Faith Sloan

In recent years, the information about the New World Order and those conspiracy theories continue to escalate. Many believe it has to do with President Obama and that it is just a hoax. He is just a means for the New World Order to work though, as a puppet type of design.

The theory indicates that there is an International group of controllers out there and they have their hands in all areas of the government. They are able to manipulate the government as well as media and large corporations. The New World Order principals are able to do this through the central banking system.

According to the conspiracy theory, the New World Order has phenomenal amounts of money. They are said to be the people that have funded most of the major wars in the past two centuries. They are believed to strategically set up terrorism and other acts that will cause countries to go to war with each other.

The New World Order is also accused of manipulation when it comes to the economy around the world. They are getting the blame for depression and inflation issues that occur. They do this though the high positions that their New World Order members hold. Many of them are believed to be in the banking sectors and they can control who borrows funds.

The conspiracy theory states that with so many of these hands in the Federal Reserve System, they are able to control organizations around the world. They are believed to be fully operating the following:

  • European Union

  • International Monetary Fund

  • North American Union

  • United Nations

  • World Bank

The conspiracy theories surrounding the New World Order aren’t new though. They have been around since the early part of the 1990s. President George W. Bush talked about a New World Order when he gave his speech in 1990 to the US Congress. This fueled the conspiracy theory that leaders out there around the world are trying to create a one government for all with absolute domination.

The number of conspiracy theories on this are very lengthy. Several of the so called reports indicate that the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 and even the rise of the Nazi Party in Germany have been the result of the New World Order. There is no doubt that corruption among the government has been found on all levels, but the full extent of it may never really be known.

Those not familiar with such conspiracy theories about the New World Order, though may be puzzled about the connection with wars and the banks. Studies show that during times of war, government spending is higher and that means more money for the bank systems. It often means more jobs too and that can boost the economy. As a result, citizens don’t seem so upset with war as it offers them a way out of the financial hardships. Anything for money eh?

Denver International Airport (DIA) is part of many of the conspiracy theories too. It is stated to be the headquarters in the USA for the New World Order. The airport is very large, and there are those that speculate underground there is a city where those people meet. They go to DIA as a regular traveler to avoid detection and then they are able to access the secret city. No data has been found to back up such claims.

Of all of the conspiracy theories that most people worry about, the New World Order is one that has them stressed out. There are movies out there about people having to conform to a certain way of life. These shows depict people being segregated in various living areas.

They also show them with the “eye in the sky” watching them at all times. It would limit the freedom of speech and free movement. Some people believe that China is a driving force behind the New World Order. They seem to have more control over their citizens about where they live, where they can work, and even limiting households to only one child.

So what do you believe?

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Faith Sloan

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