Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370

– Faith Sloan

Chapter 20

Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370

When we think of all the technology out there, it is unsettling that a flight could just disappear. Yet that is what occurred with Malaysia Airlines flight MH370. It was on track and then nothing. While there are reports that some remains may have been found in the ocean, nothing confirmed yet.

Quite a few people feel that there has been some type of conspiracy theory in regards to Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370. After all, if the plan was in trouble, wouldn’t the pilots have made contact with the towers?

Not a single report has been made about any text messages, phone calls, social media posts, or audio from the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 flight either. There are experts that feel this points out that there was nothing out of the ordinary that the crew or the occupants of the plane knew of. If they had been hijacked or other problem they were aware of, it is believed that people would have tried to get messages to the outside world.

As time goes by, more information is sure to be shared through the media regarding Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370. Hopefully, such information will shed some light on what happened. The bottom line is that so many people lost their lives who were aboard that aircraft, and that is the real tragedy.


If aliens are real, they may get their feelings hurt that they seem to be blamed for just about everything! Yet those that believe in alien conspiracy theories are quick to point their figures this particular direction. The fact that the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 was so quick and there are no real clues is what makes them think so. They believe a UFO opened up and put the entire flight MH370 inside.


20 passengers on this flight were part of the Freescale Semiconductor firm which tests various types of technology. One theory is that this flight was used for a cloaking experiment. That would explain why it seemed to be invisible to the radar and unable to be detected after a certain point in the air. If such a theory is true, maybe the cloaking didn’t work exactly as predicted?


The most common conspiracy theory circulating is that the missing flight MH370Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 is the result of a hijacking. This has been sensationalized with the media reporting on a few of the passengers using fake passports. Could they have been part of a larger entity with some plans in motion?

If the plane was hijacked, where is it? Many believe it is hiding in Western Asia as collateral. They also believe that those aboard have been killed or they are being interrogated for their knowledge. Remember, there were some very intelligent business people on that airplane with plenty that could be useful for another country to learn about.

Popular media identity, Rupert Murdoch think that the Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 plane is somewhere in Pakistan. He thinks that followers of Bin Laden have a very orchestrated plan in motion to take over more planes, and that is just the tip of the iceberg for all of it to soon unfold. Fox News is quick to state that while Murdoch works for them, his opinion is that – not fact.

Shot Down

Those that feel North Korea is on the heels of other countries to start a war believe that they may be responsible. They think that North Korea shot down the airplane and it landed in the ocean. They feel this is just the first of many that this will happen to.

However, experts state that if the Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 airplane was shot down by anyone at all, then it still should have shown up on the radar. The biggest mystery is that it was completely off the radar. Which is why so many that do think this is a conspiracy theory go back to the hijacking concept.

Faith Sloan

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