Chapter 21

Global Warming

Faith Sloan

For decades, we have heard about global warming. This is the fact that due to destruction to the ozone layers, the ice is melting in places such as Antarctica. The changes are creating problems for animals that survive there. The rippling effect is also going to create havoc down the food chain.

In some locations, shark attacks in the water have also been blamed on global warming. Experts promote the idea that the sharks are moving due to the changes in the water temperatures. They have to follow food sources and that they don’t have a desire to kill humans or a taste for human flesh.

Many people have donated time and money to helping promote the harmful effects of global warming. However, there are many that feel this is all just a hoax. They think there is a conspiracy theory in place that involves the government taking the money that is put aside for such programs and using it as they wish.

They believe that the problems associated with global warming have been created or at least inflated for financial gain. Some of the top scientists that have been involved in global warming research have come forward to state the problem isn’t really as bad as it has been made out to seem. So why did they continue to research it? The money was there and they needed a job – simple as that.

Some of the experts feel that the Earth goes through temperature changes on its own. They believe in the Medieval Warm Period and that was a time when the temperatures were much higher than they are today on Earth.

Politics not Environment

At the center of the blame about the global warming conspiracy theories is politics. There are those that believe the problem is with the political arena and not one that stems from an environmental point of view. Scientists aren’t opposing because millions of dollars are given in grants annually to science from the government for global warming research to be conducted.

Patrick Moore was the co-founder of GreenPeace and he has spoken up about this link. He resigned from his position in 1986, and made it known that it was due to the political agendas that caused him to always have to move the scientific plans aside.

Journalist James Delingpole is also a head figure in this type of conspiracy theory. He has written a book called Watermelon’s, The Green Movement’s True Colors. In it, he says he shows an honest look at the fraud around the issue of global warming. He says it has to do with more than the lost millions annually from our government.

Delingpole feels that this level of fraud takes away our liberties. It also takes away the strong foundation that our government has been built upon. He says global warming has nothing to do with environment but everything to do about power and illusions.

He was one of the investigative reports in the Climategate Scandal. He was able to use emails from political figures to show that there was some truth to them manipulating certain data and removing scientists from the peer review process.

Those that do believe in global warming continue to strive to make the world a far better place. They are trying to reduce the negative effects so that they can make the world a better place for everyone to enjoy tomorrow. The issue of global warming is one that will be interesting to follow and see what is proven or discredited along that path.

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