Faith Sloan Speaks About Nuclear Weapons

Chapter 14

Nuclear Weapons

Faith Sloan

Faith Sloan Speaks Nuclear Weapons

The fear of the world as we know it coming to an end due to nuclear weapons and nuclear war can be very scary. So many movies and documentaries show that it would be a world with a very scarce population that remains. It would also be hard to survive due to the exposure and the limited resources left.

There is no question that nuclear weapons can be very dangerous. They can be sent at the touch of a button too, along with some codes. That is why so few people in a position of power have that information. There is the fear that such information may fall into the wrong hands.

While we do have some defenses in place to help counter nuclear weapons, there is no guarantee that they could be stopped or destroyed before causing havoc when they hit a target. Many conspiracy theories out there surround the risks involved with nuclear weapons. Some say they are a necessary evil – we need to have them so we aren’t at the mercy of those countries that do.

One of the biggest issues is that there have been so many stories about the USA government trading money for such weapons or even giving such weapons to other countries in exchange for hostages. Protecting the USA from such risks is very important. Remember, at one point, the USA almost went to war with the Soviet Union (USSR) due to the nuclear weapons they had in place.


Is Iran secretly creating nuclear weapons of mass destruction? This is a common conspiracy theory. It isn’t new, it has been around for quite some time. The Islamic Republic is a very poor population, and there are rumors that this is where those dangerous weapons are created. It offers jobs and a better way of life for the people that live here.

Yet there isn’t any evidence that has been really identified to prove this. What is frustrating to those that believe the conspiracy theory is that they feel the only people that know for sure are the USA government and Iranian leaders. They feel that the USA government and military could be covering up what is going on there. They also feel the media is very careful about what information they share.Why of course! But I do in deed believe so. My name is Faith Sloan and I approve this message.

Nukes Don’t Exist

At the higher end of the spectrum with the conspiracy theories and nuclear weapons is that they simply don’t exit! The concept of them has been created by the USA government and other leaders around the world. It is a scare tactic that helps to keep the citizens under their thumb. It also encourages citizens to back military funding.

There have been quite a few deaths that many feel are due to conspiracy theories. They believe that these individuals were involved in issues that the USA government wanted to keep secret.

If nukes don’t exist, then there would also be a financial loss on all of the items people buy in order to be prepared for nuclear war. It isn’t cheap to build nuclear shelters or to put supplies in them that a family could live on for months.

Yasser Arafat

Was the Palestinian leader, Yasser Arafat, poisoned or did he die of natural causes? Those that believe in this conspiracy are the same that also believe Russian leader Alexander Litvinenko was poisoned in 2006. Arafat has high levels of Polonium in his body, up to 18 times more than normal.

It is believed he may have been poisoned because he was opposed to the creation of more nuclear weapons. He wasn’t interested in seeing them created and hidden in the Palestine areas.

Dr. David Kelly

In July of 2003, Dr. David Kelly was found dead in his home. The official story is that he committed suicide. He had recently been exposed by the government of Iraq as being involved in sexual misconduct. He was a biological warfare expert and very few seem to by that he was involved in such misconduct, or that he took his own life.

This conspiracy theory involves the belief that he was murdered at the request of Iraqi officials to keep him quiet. However, the suicide report autopsy stated that at least 29 pills were swallowed by him. There were no signs of a struggle or of someone forcing him to consume them.

Hilda Murrell

Another conspiracy theory about nuclear weapons involves that of Hilda Murrell in 1984. She was 78 years old, and she was very vocal about her protests of the nuclear program by the MI5. Her body was found in her home, she died as a result of injuries from a brutal beating.

In 2003, Andrew George was arrested for her murder. This conviction was the result of DNA that had been collected at the crime scene. When he was convicted in 2005, he claimed that he had tried to steal from her and she came home early. Still, there are plenty of people that don’t feel this labor contractor worked on his own. They believe her death was intentional to keep her quiet.

Faith Sloan

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