Cicret Bracelet – Huh?

Mobile phones have come a long way since it’s inception 03April1973, When Motorola employee, Martin Cooper stood in midtown Manhattan and placed a call to the headquarters of Bell Labs in New Jersey. The first mobile phone call was made about 40 years ago.

Technology today is light years way ahead of what most people could have imagined back in the 70’s, 80’s or 90’s. Apple’s Steve Jobs, an American entrepreneur, marketer, and inventor took the cell phone to a whole new level that few would imagine and created a brand that is stamped in history.

There is a new bracelet  called the Cicret Bracelet which is really cool.

Check out the short video and tell me if you think this is wayyyyy cool or not.

The Cicret Bracelet allows you to always have your personal information available on your arm!  Pundits say the putting all of your valuable and private information in the Cloud is like asking for trouble. So why not just keep your data with your at all times? Digital Privacy is key here, ladies and gentlemen!

You can check your email, play your favorite games, place phone calls … all from the Cicret Bracelet you wear on your freakin skin. FOR REAL! SERIOUSLY???

I wonder how it would look if your skin is blemished … but I digress.

On  September 1st 2014, the Cicret Bracelet was launched via a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo since it needed a boatload of cash for research and development.

Stay tuned for more information on the development of the Cicret Bracelet! WOW!

Faith Sloan


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