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(Photo: Chris Craymer via Instagram)

(Photo: Chris Craymer via Instagram)

It’s hard to feel sexy when you’re on your third month sleeping in thermal socks, but winter doesn’t have to ruin your love life.

We’ve got tips to help you turn things up (cue Fifty Shades of Grey?)—from how to tell your partner what you really want in the bedroom to the ways your yoga class can make a surprising difference in your sex life.

Now all you have to do is get to work on that body heat. —Molly Gallagher

1. Why your orgasms are nothing like your friend’s (and why that matters)
Stop listening to your friend who has “like seven orgasms” every time she has sex and keeps telling you to “just loosen up!” Here’s why.

2. How aloe can give your sex life a boost
A few brands have discovered yet another use for the miracle plant—making cleaner, healthier lubricants.

3. How meditation can give your sex life a boost
Meditation can boost your libido and seriously intensify your orgasms, according to sex and fertility expert Jill Blakeway. Um, what are you waiting for?

4. Two new (healthier!) condom brands that you won’t hate These condom brands are on a whole other level of healthy. All the better for getting down.

5. Adult education: 5 things we learned at a sex salon
Eric Amaranth is a New York City-based sex-life consultant who approaches passion with the same erudition as an English professor. Here, he spills where the bulk of your sex efforts should go, and how improving your diet can improve your sex drive.

6. What yogis learned about sex…from yoga
Sharon Gannon, Sadie Nardini, and Kate Artibee dish on how yoga has affected their bedroom behavior. And how it can rock yours.

7. What your yoga practice says about your love life
To a yogi, chakras—or energy centers in the body—matter, and if they’re effed up because of your effed-up love life, that can manifest itself physically.


Source: Cheat Sheet: Your Best Sex Ever

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