‘Oz’ Pedophile Hacked My Re247365 account…

As soon as I wrote my previous article in facebook which can be found here, Mr., Oz from Australia and now in Taiwan, hacked my RE247365 account. LOL! I guess he thought that it would make me as angry as he. Not on your life. I also received a phone call this morning from a PRIVATE number and the caller said nothing so I hung up. Who cares if he has my phone number and address? I am so transparent, I am like Scotch tape. Yawwwnnnn…. Who doesn’t have my information? LOL!

In his infinite wisdom, he changed my photo to a photo that he created and had on his behindmlm blog at least a month ago, I was told. Not a smart guy. He also changed my name to Ponzy Pimp, changed my number to 911 and changed my email address to It did make me laugh. <chuckle>

Here is the photo of my RE site at that he changed if you want to join me in a comic minute. It will be corrected soon but thought it would be great to stamp it in history for all to see. Click the image below and notice the handiwork of Mr. BehindMLM dot com, Oz, childish works. LOL! Hacked My RE247365 Account Hacked My RE247365 Account


I am still wondering why a grown man would have over 600 references to penises on his personal blog at ozsoapbox. Actually I am not wondering why Oz would have those references because we already know about his perverted sexual proclivities.

See you on the other side of RIGHT.

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