You know, I have almost 5000 Facebook friends

So what does that mean?

Are Facebook Friends REALLY Your Friends? Don’t make me laugh!

I post my business opportunities and I understand some will say yes but MOST will say no. I am alright with that.

But I met a young man standing outside the Whole Foods store in Chicago who was very personable.

He was running for street vendor of the year. I promised him that I would post his photos and ask my Facebook friends to support him. All they had to do was to take 5 minutes out of their lives and vote for him at and look for his name Louis Hale.

I got 5 likes and 1 comment over a 7 hour time period.

THAT SUCKS! So Are Facebook Friends Really Your Friends?

But when I post a positive mental attitude photo (everyone loves it yet they never ACT upon it in their OWN LIVES!) or  I share a video about cops beating the crap out of someone or if I share a photo of a big arse check I made in my business, the support comes flowing down the pipeline. Oh GET THE FREAK REAL!

I met Louis Hale as I was going into Whole Foods in Chicago. …Really nice personable guy selling StreetWise publication. They buy them for 90 cents and sell them for $2. I asked folks in facebook to vote for him as street vendor of the year.

Vote for Louis Hale, a hardworking guy trying to make ends meet LOUIS HALE at Can we do something so IMPORTANT and VALUABLE to him and COST US NOTHING besides 5 minutes of our day? Really? It’s just a freakin VOTE!
I will give my FB friends a week to do better than what they are doing. Then I am getting a whole bunch of new facebook friends. I don’t care if it takes me 50 hours to delete all of the non-responsive friends, I’m gonna do it any way.

If you can’t support your fellow human beings, then SHUCKS! Why are we on this planet? And why am I still your Facebook friend?

Yeah… I say ask it again … Are Facebook Friends Really Your Friends?
Then I asked the same people to support Qkadoo. It’s just a platform where we hope to get away from the NON-SOCIAL Networks who make a gazillion dollars from our participation and give us a big FAT ZERO while intruding upon our privacy and collecing demographics on us to make another gazillion dollars.

Join Qkadoo for FREE:

Qkadoo Tutorial:

We’ll see who steps up to the plate. I am so tired of NON-SOCIAL NETWORKS. Everyone wants to promote something to you or ask you to DO THEM but not many want to open up their hearts and do for others.

This is toooo sad. Some of our requests take 2 minutes or 5 minutes or even 20 minutes out of a day. But… people are too busy inside of themselves to HELP and LOVE GENUINELY and SUPPORT.

And the Social Networks are whistling to the bank not giving a crap about our social interactions. I am going outside because inside SUCKS! You need to go outside and meet real people, too. The farce is OVER!

I ain’t giving up on the Human Race but I AM going to change my virtual address and only be available to those who are on the same page as I am in terms of helping people … supporting people. I ain’t giving up on the human race because I BELIEVE there are a LOT of good people in this world and I just have to surround myself by the same.

Faith Sloan’s rant for the day…

Hi. My name is Faith Sloan and I approve this message.

I will keep you posted on how many of my uhhh Facebook Friends Really Are My Friends

Are Facebook Friends REALLY Your Friends?

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