Everytime I see what OTHER folks are doing and their trials and tribulations and their lack of playing the blame game, I get freakin pissed off at Black Folks … oh yeah.. pardon me… “African Americans”.

UH OH! I am gonna get in to a lot of trouble from ‘Black People’. LOL! Read this you Negroes that i dearly love. Did I insult you with the Negro reference? Okayyyy you are Black People or African Americans.

I will write an article about why I think we should be using the Negro reference cuz all the others are totally distractions re: where you think you originated, reality, or excuse-laden crap … Whateverrr…

I am like soooooo tired of the little brown people’s facebook INBOX messages and blog comments that I BLOCK from my “brothers” and “sisters” of some shade of my color. I don’t know you. Don’t know if I would invite you to watch “Married With Children” or a Denzel Washington movie, but you say you and I are connected somehow. <cough cough>. … Like I am connected will all people who fits the category of short, brown, amateur bodybuilder, network marketer, with a degree in Quantitative Methods and a degree in Systems Management who had a daughter at the age of 14 who ended up a genius and who writes run on sentences and doesn’t give a red cent.

Find another one. I dare ya! GIT OUTTA HEAH! I am more unique than the prints on your fingers and can make a lasting memory by making you laugh!

Next time you come to me with a tired complaint about your life, I am going to throw this in your face. 85% of you will tell me some lame crap like this “Foreigners get more advantages from us but the USA government or the MAN keeps us down and won’t give us a break.” I say this to that “SHUT DA HECK UP LYING TO YOURSELF” cuz you ain’t lying to me. YOU ARE YOUR OWN “DA MAN”! Get YOUR foot off of YOUR neck.

Go tell that to Rumplestiltskin, the Fairy God Mother, or even YOUR MOTHER who wants to believe in you. I say POPPY COCK and HOGWASH!

Oh for those of you who skimmed this .. I didn’t write “Republican”… I wrote “Rumplestiltskin”.
Black folks (wait.. i have NEVER met a person who was the color of my combat boots) … okay for you politically correct folks who are focused on irrelevant self-made categorical scattalogical terms such as “African-Americans” (you have never been to Africa and you think Africa is a country AND you can’t  find the LARGEST CONTINENT IN THE WORLD on a freakin toy globe or in the World Book Encyclopedia or Encyclopedia Brittanica if it bit you in the eye like a mosquito), I say this… Nyah Nyah Nyah.

If you don’t like what I am saying, I live in Chicagoland and you can call me at 1.800.670.3202. I’d be delighted to meet you for lunch.

Our ‘race’ of people are like the freakin TOP spenders in terms of demographics but we don’t own crap in terms of assets. We OWN LIABILITY.  YAYY! We are in debt up to our ears! Shut the crap up. Sue me if you don’t like what I am saying. Look in the mirror, Mr., Ms., and Mrs. DEBT HEAD!

TAG! That’s on you. STOP the BLAME GAME! I ain’t gonna identify with ya just cuz you are somehow remotely the same shade of brown that I am. I may as well identify with an ant cuz he has freakin legs. Even ants collaborate and work together towards a common good.

HOLY CRAP! I think a group of folks are going to try to shut me up by assassinating me soon. You will fail cuz ANTS are at my front door.

Black folks! Or whatever we call ourselves in this decade … STEP UP YOUR FREAKIN GAME! We’re centuries into this thing for Heaven’s Sakes! Oh yeah. Do NOT INBOX ME or COMMENT with yet another excuse… I have collected enough crap from you  and expect my book to become a best seller before 2018. Yeah… your silly, lame excuse-laden crap will be one of my hundred headlines.

I love you all cuz God told me so … but y’all getting on my last freakin nerves. Stop freakin whining and build the darn LEGACY that your African, Irish, German, Egyptian, Clorox, Crayola, Italian or whatever … ancestors built when they were alive. Yeah… yo butt ain’t a pure race.  No one is. Get over it!

Awwww mannnn… Queen Mother is going to kill me when she reads this. She hates it when I am controversial. But I love her unconditionally forever. But you? uhhhh… God is working on me still!

p.s. Media folks… stop trying to interview me so you can twist my words. Money is not my driver and you ain’t my master.

Faith Sloan 1.800.670.3202 Dolton, IL   skype: faithsloan Primary Business: http://losefatmakecash.com Passive Wealth Generator: http://theonlygamechanger.com – id: 8861

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