Leadership is an attitude that is built, trained and improved. So, those who want to be a leader or be in a leadership position must analyse, in a daily basis, their role within their organisation.

To carry out an exercise of self-analysis does not require much time, and every leader, at the end of the day, should take a break to ask her or himself these 5 questions to polish their leadership strategy:

Faith Sloan - Leadership

Have I fulfilled my goals today?

To set daily goals is essential to know the overall result of the activity of the whole team and you as a leader. Always check whether it have been achieved the goals set.

What have I done or said to motivate my team today?

You  know that a leader does not reach the top without her team, so it is of great importance that you support and persuade and motivate your colleagues as to why it is in their best interest to accomplish their goals and meet objectives.

Have I had difficulties or mistakes throughout the day?

To acknowledge errors or difficulties you have come across doesn’t mean you have failed. In every adverse situation you are in, you can learn lessons for the future, that will make you a better leader.

What do I seek: success or excellence?

A leader who aims to make her work with quality and achieve effective interaction between the whole, don’t need to worry about success, it will come by itself.

How will I face my day tomorrow?

To be prepared for the next day is what the good students do. A good leader will do the same, planning tasks and goals that will be part of another work day with good results.

If you want to become a good leader, do not be afraid to question your role and actions. Ask yourself these 5 questions and get valuable information that will help you become even better.

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