TelexFREE March 29 2013 Updates


When you look at the massive growth with this company there comes challenges you have to overcome. Be patient. Telex is aware of most of the challenges we face. They know the software system has glitches. They know the server migration afftected the binary pay time. They know we are delayed in payments. They know bank deposits are not being populated quickly enough. Be patient. Let the grass grow, before we play football! There are 3 IT departments working on fixing the issues that come up. There were many issues with the binary payments the past week. They had all 3 IT companies working on this. They had to go in and go line by line code by code to find the problem. Some contracts were working on and some contracts were not. So they had to figure out why. The database was correct but the program was not working correctly. So this affected the commission payments being made this week. So the commissions have been delayed this week, but it is fixed now so you should get the funds on Saturday and next Monday.

Right now the company is getting ready to purchase a 4 or 5 million dollar building in the US to staff for customer service. Thank Goodness!

There was a Special Guest on the Call:
Originally from Brazil. Now lives in US. Went to Brazil for the latest event. There were only 400 tickets sold for the event. They were sold out in 20 minutes. He visited the office in Brazil. Was very pleased to see the operation there. Thought they were very professional. Met some of the corporate team. Thought they were all very friendly and nice people. The event was great. Showed the video from Celso Freitas. Learned a lot about TelexCOMMERCE.

There are around 700,000 Promoters now in Brazil. Company website is now around 44 or 46th on Alexa in all of Brazil. TelexCOMMERCE will focus on local market in Brazil. Will make TelexFREE an even larger company. Will have companies advertise on the TelexFREE site. You can talk to a restaurant who wants to advertise on TelexCOMMERCE. If they sign contract with TelexFREE, you will get a commission of 30% based on the advertising contract and 10% on an ongoing monthly basis.

Will let business advertise for relatively cheap to over 700,000 people in Brazil. Team Builder bonuses could be going up and up. We will be able to make purchases from our back office. If you want to go to a restaurant, you can pay for experience from your back office and get a voucher and use it to pay at the restaurant. So you will be able to go to TelexCOMMERCE, search by city or by item, find something you want to buy and buy it from your back office account. So it will be like a Shopping Club, but better. It is a viable business model where other international companies are attempting to launch, but are failing. We have a system that will influence all of South America and into North America and Europe. You will be able to get a TelexFREE discount on items you want to purchase!

So everyone will be telling people, go to TelexCOMMERCE and buy this or buy that. Will let all of us propel our business even more. Will infuse even more money into TelexFREE. Even now, if you know a company in the US that wants to advertise in Brazil you could sign them up. The contracts are available and ready for all. If someone is not a Promoter for TelexFREE they can still go to your website and make purchases and you will get commissions. And maybe they tell someone else you will get commissions from them also. Will be on a 5 level unilevel plan. Enhancing the compensation plan for those that get engaged now.

If you click on the Brazilian flag at the Main Website there will be an area for you to sign up like an agent for TelexCOMMERCE and you can go to businesses and have them sign up to advertise. They will be able to post pictures, maps, information etc. TelexFREE will become huge advertising / purchasing site in Brazil. Everyone in Brazil knows about TelexFREE and soon the world.


Faith Sloan
+1 800 670 3202
skype: faithsloan