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Hi there! My name is Faith Sloan and I approve this message …

Faith Sloan says: Life is grand!

Praise and Prayer are Key. Believe and then Receive in Abundance.

Let us get married today in change.

I have been Micro-financing entrepreneurs in many countries  since 2008. See

I am plugged in to my life and have a pretty solid business network … ahhhhh… laughing and whistling. Making money is not a privilege… It is a RIGHT.

Do I sleep? Not much but trying to do better. No sleep means no daily rejuvenation and recovery which won’t bode well for my longevity here on Planet Earth.

Speaking in the 3rd person … lol! Faith Sloan has 35+ years experience in various industries as a Technologist, CEO , CTO,  and network marketer.

Built a profitable company which delivered cutting-edge software solutions to solve real-world business problems. As one who has endured trials/tribulations of being CEO of FRS Associates back in the late 1990′s and in the capacity of co-founder/CTO of Lenos.com in the late 1990′s, and life in general,  I am generally rounded but not overweight.

Recently, Faith Sloan has re-assessed her involvement with network marketing or MLM. Why? The main reason is that it is not for everyone.  The sobering statistic is that 90-95% of you will FAIL. There are many reasons for that. BUT … Everyone has their innate talents and gifts. The most successful ones are those who embrace learning new things, accepting rejection, have the willingness to continue to do the things most people won’t do in order to become successful.  BUT Many people choose not to develop themselves further because they deem learning new skills and new ways of living much too difficult or painful to try. In addition to that, in MLM you work and work and work building an enterprise for someone else. Regardless of what is told to you, you are still working for someone else.  In addition, you end up working more hours than you did when you were a full-time employee drone. And on any given day, it could be taken away from you by the principals of the company or even by government agencies. My advice? Tap into your PASSION. I will be rambling more on this subject in this blog.

Faith Sloan is an independent thinker w/the discipline to set long-term goals and the adaptability to veer yet stay on course. She also doesn’t change course simply because fric and frac choose to keep her in the forefront of their weak minds and like to yap on about her. Faith Sloan - Don't Like Me?One thing Faith Sloan has learned is this. If you have no haters, you aren’t doing anything worthy of attention. Those who hate you and those who love you are equally wonderful. Why? Because both have you on their minds constantly. BOOYAH!

God is her provider and orders her steps. If you have an opinion about Faith Sloan’s life, raise your hand … Now put it over your mouth. There! You look much better!

Highly accomplished public speaker who enjoys taking the mysticism out of technology for the lay person, C-level execs, and children.

Communicator, Mentor, Motivator, and Learner.

Out Of The Box and Off The Wall Thinker with an Aversion for Analysis Paralysis

My Facebook home

Since I am an Open Networker who evangelizes collaboration, feel free to invite me to collaborate. LOVING IT!

INTEREST: Don’t solicit me with network marketing nor MLM deals. Faith Sloan will only entertain charitable partnerships and new business startups partnerships or co-founding deals. Let us partner and create something which benefits the world … or at least our communities!

*Dale Carnegie Course in Effective Speaking and Human Relations

*School of Life and Hard Knocks, Honorary Degree, Planet Earth
*MS System Management, University of Southern California  (USC)
*BS Quantitative Methods, University of Illionis, Chicago (UIC)

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